Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 421 - Yin Yang Delivery (27)

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Chapter 421: Yin Yang Delivery (27)

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“Let’s go.” Ling Yan was rather unhappy to see Xie Hui, so he dragged Ming Shu into the village.

“Ei, wait for me, I have something to tell you.” Xie Hui followed in a hurry. “I saw Su Rou in Anfeng County just now.”

Ming Shu was stopped by Su Rou’s name. Ling Yan felt he was pinned and immediately turned angry. “An Ge, are you going or not?”

Xie Hui: “…”

Why do I have a feeling that he’s going to ask “Will you choose me or him?”

“Will you choose me or him!”

Ling Yan’s voice sounded almost at the same time Xie Hui’s thought came to mind.

Xie Hui: “…” I didn’t expect that one day I’d become the second male protagonist in an soap opera.

“Who would choose you, you don’t even let me eat pig trotters.” Ming Shu decisively abandoned Ling Yan, then asked Xie Hui with great interest, “What is Su Rou doing here? Where is she?”

Xie Hui glanced at Ling Yan, who was wearing a gloomy expression in the back, and felt a little awkward. Does this Mr. Unknown Creature have a misunderstanding here?

Xie Hui held high the mahogany sword and swore, “Well, man and ghost follow different roads, I absolutely have no evil designs on Miss An Ge.”


The thunder sounded overhead without warning.

It scared Xie Hui into putting away his mahogany sword immediately.

Ming Shu and Ling Yan looked at him almost at the same time. One held smiling eyes and a meaningful look, while the other was shrouded in a gloomy aura and held a murderous gaze.

“Coincidence, it’s just a coincidence…” He really had no other intentions toward An Ge, why did G.o.d suddenly send down thunder.


Bean-sized raindrops fell from the sky, crackling chaotically.

Xie Hui became a drowned rat in an instant.

The two ghosts and the human found an uninhabited house to hide in. Xie Hui wanted to take off his clothes and dry them, but was stopped by Ling Yan’s cold eyes, so he had to sit by the fire in wet clothes.

“What on earth are you doing here?” Before he just felt Ming Shu was here. She didn’t seem to find anything unusual in Anfeng County and also didn’t leave.

“What are you doing here?” Ming Shu held a sweet potato, nibbling on it.

Ling Yan stood beside her with one arm holding Ming Shu to him lightly, showing that this girl was his.

“Didn’t I tell you before.” Xie Hui wrung the hem of his shirt and complained, “Some Taoist masters said the Yin Qi in Anfeng County seemed abnormal, but they had no time to check, so I came to have a look. But I’ve searched the vicinity of Anfeng County, and except for several evil ghosts, I didn’t find anything strange. But those evil ghosts were not enough to startle other Taoist masters.”

Ming Shu handed the sweet potato peel to Ling Yan. Ling Yan took it with dislike, but then got a new one for her.

Xie Hui watched their interaction, but now he was more concerned about Ming Shu’s purpose in coming here. “What on earth are you doing here, then?”

“It’s none of your business,” Ling Yan uttered with an unfriendly att.i.tude.

“How is it none of my business. The Taoist master’s job is to protect the human world and keep it stable, which is the same as h.e.l.l’s will at some point.” Xie Hui was not convinced. “You should tell me, perhaps I could help you.”

He was actually curious.

Curiosity will kill a Taoist master—this sentence actually applies too.

Ling Yan sneered, “Have you ever heard of Western Chu State?”

Xie Hui was stunned, “What does it have to do with Western Chu State? The country was destroyed over 2,000 years ago… Did it really exist?”

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Ming Shu smiled.

There’s always someone who wants me to save the world.

I’m just too popular.

“Why don’t you save the galaxy?” Xie Hui rolled his eyes. But seeing the two ghosts’ serious looks, he paused. “Are you serious?”

Ming Shu said smilingly, “Do I look like a lying ghost?”

Xie Hui: “…”

I may need to take a fresh look at the situation.

Since Xie Hui knew about the Western Chu State, Ming Shu didn’t hold back and just told him everything. One more person, one more free laborer, so that she could stand by and enjoy the show with snacks. It was great to save her mental strength.

As Ming Shu finished, Xie Hui’s entire countenance was stunned.

He probably didn’t expect that Ming Shu was not talking irresponsibly. It’s really about saving the world.

“Well…” Xie Hui swallowed. “Do you know who did it?”

Ling Yan sneered deliberately, and that att.i.tude showed he clearly knew.

“Fine, even if you know who did it, why didn’t you go find that person but stayed here?”

Ling Yan’s disdain reached a peak. “If we knew where to go, do you think we’d just sit here and wait?”

“But how do you know for sure that the person who took your things will come? Maybe it was just someone who happened to discover it and took it out, then it ended up in that person’s hands? After all, the Northwest area flourished in the past, and there might be some grave robber abound.”

Xie Hui talked back.

“He will surely come.”

Ling Yan was very sure.

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