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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 420 - Yin Yang Delivery (26)

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Chapter 420: Yin Yang Delivery (26)

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Ling Yan cleared the surroundings of the coffin. A few boxes were placed around the coffin. Even though the boxes were closed, Ming Shu could still feel the Yin Qi inside.

Right at the end of the coffin, there was a box.

Ling Yan looked at it for a while and then replaced the soil.

He glanced at the coffin. After finding the lid and putting it back, he filled the entire hole.

“Are you not curious as to who did it?” The person dug the coffin out, but didn’t take anything.

Ling Yan clapped his hands and squinted at Ming Shu. “The hole was dug haphazardly. It must be someone who didn’t know about the coffin. An Ge, you were a smart person before.”

Ming Shu remembered the discussions at Da Qin Village. She smiled and said lazily, “I’m hungry. I don’t want to use my brain.”

Eat eat eat. All you know is eating. Are you a pig!

“What do we do now?”

“Wait.” Ling Yan left the stone temple. He stared at the ruined building coldly. “For the sake of these treasures, they will come back.”

“Oh, then let’s go down the mountain and have some food.” It has nothing much to do with me anyway. I better fill up my stomach and gain my Hatred Points.

Ling Yan: “…”

On a provincial road 100 kilometers away…

A man wearing a Chinese-style robe closed his eyes and rested in the pa.s.senger’s seat. The driver was a guy and dressed like a local.

“Master, why did you come all the way to our area?” The guy’s standard mandarin was not very accurate and his voice was very loud too. The entire car was filled with his voice.

In the backseat, Su Rou woke up from the noise. She slowly sat up and looked around. There was no sign of Gu Yi. She heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhao Desheng opened his eyes. He smiled kindly. “Brother, have you heard of Xi Chu?”

“Xi Chu?” The guy shook his head. “I have heard of the Chu Kingdom, but the location of the Chu Kingdom is not here. Judging by your attire, are you an archaeologist?”

“You know about archaeology?”

“Hah, of course. Although the Northwest can’t be compared to other places, there are many archaeologist teams that come over. However, they didn’t achieve many results.”

Zhao Desheng smiled mysteriously. “The Northwest is a good place.”

“What’s good about it? It’s so poor.”

“Mr. Zhao,” Su Rou called, “I want to answer nature’s call.”

Zhao Desheng turned around and glanced at her. He looked displeased, but he still asked the guy to stop the car. “Hurry up.”

Su Rou bit her lip and nodded. She got down from the car.

When she came back, Gu Yi was already sitting in the back. She didn’t know if Zhao Desheng saw him or not, but he just continued talking to the driver.

Su Rou felt chills run down her spine. She got into the car slowly.

The car started and continued heading Northwest.

Gu Yi was actually quite handsome. He was dressed smartly, had an impressive appearance, and emitted a gentleman’s aura. However, Su Rou knew that this ghost was a lunatic. He would not hesitate when killing humans or ghosts.

Why did Zhao Desheng wake him up?

Su Rou didn’t dare to go near him, but Gu Yi scooted over by himself. His cold hand landed on her legs and skillfully went up her skirt.

Su Rou felt as though a poisonous snake was slithering around her thigh. It made her blood freeze.

She bit her lip and didn’t dare to make a sound.

Due to the presence of Zhao Desheng and the driver, Gu Yi only used his hand to touch her and stopped there.

“Strange… why did it get colder.”

The driver rubbed his elbow and gooseb.u.mps broke out on his skin.

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Zhao Desheng looked behind him. Gu Yi was hugging Su Rou and his hand was still under her skirt. He looked to the front and appeared very serious.

“Ah, yes, I’m listening,” Xie Hui said to the person on the phone. “I still have some things to do. I’ll hang up first.”

He looked up. The people going up were already gone.

Why did he feel a weird Yin Qi just now?

When he pondered it, there seemed to be nothing.

Also, why was Su Rou here?

Xie Hui remembered that event last time. The man that was with Su Rou… Xie Hui slapped his forehead and strode up the stairs with his slippers.

However, after searching the entire guesthouse, he didn’t find them.

Zhao Desheng recognized Xie Hui. After going up, he came down from the other side and left the guesthouse.

He didn’t want to provoke any Taoist masters now.

Xie Hui couldn’t find them and felt that something was amiss. He left the guesthouse and went to Da Qin Village directly.

Ming Shu and Ling Yan were still at Da Qin Village. He met them when he went just now, but there was nothing much in the village beside a man dying and a child turning crazy. Thus, he left and went elsewhere.

Just when he returned to Anfeng County and was preparing to take a rest, he met Su Rou.

Da Qin Village and Anfeng County were 20 kilometers apart. There were no cars on the road at night so Xie Hui could only walk. Hence, by the time he arrived, it was already midnight.

The village was very quiet. He saw Ming Shu and Ling Yan floating outside a house from afar.

Ling Yan seemed irritated and pulled a long face.

“What all you all doing?” Xie Hui ran over and looked inside too. It was a pig sty. A sow was giving birth.

Xie Hui: “…”

Two crazy ghosts floated to the sty in the middle of the night to watch a sow giving birth. Such a unique hobby.

“Hey, Taoist Master Xie.”

Xie Hui: “…” Every time she called him Taoist Master Xie, he would feel like she was mocking him.

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