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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 42 - League of Poor Students (19)

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Chapter 42: League of Poor Students (19)

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Cheng Yan was ignored by Ming Shu. The corners of his mouth trembled. She ignored him again! Ignored him again! Ignored him again!

Was he so easily ignored?

She ignored him every time!

Cheng Yan threw the snacks to another girl nearby. Then, ignoring the girl’s excited shout, he followed Ming Shu to the shop.

“Cheng Yan!”

“Oh my G.o.d, I saw Cheng Yan at school today!”

As Cheng Yan went in, the shouts from the girls emerged one by one.

Carrying a shopping basket, Ming Shu threw snacks inside quickly. Cheng Yan watched her for a while, then walked forward to take the basket. “I’ll hold it for you, is that okay?”

“You don’t need to.” Ming Shu caught one side of the basket and refused to hand it over to Cheng Yan, smiling.

Should you dare to take away my snacks, I’ll hit you, you fool.

“It’s my pleasure to serve you.” Cheng Yan gripped the basket as well, not giving up.

“There are many people waiting for your servitude.” Ming Shu beckoned Cheng Yan to look at the other side where many girl students were watching him. Hearing Ming Shu’s words, all those girls looked forward to Cheng Yan’s servitude.

“But I only want to serve you,” Cheng Yan said seriously. “Can’t you consider my offer?”

Ming Shu let the basket go suddenly. “Liushui, please get another basket for me.”

“Okay!” Ye Miaomiao, browsing in another isle, answered.

Ming Shu forced a polite smile and left.

You want that basket? Okay, I’ll give it to you. I don’t want it.

“…” How do I pursue her when she’s so different from other girls? Are there any tips?

Not daring to take away Ming Shu’s shopping basket again, Cheng Yan followed her quietly. “Lu Meng, how do you view the oil paint case at school?”

“No opinion.” Ming Shu put several boxes of yogurt into the basket as she replied.

“Lu Meng.” Cheng Yan bent close to Ming Shu. “Don’t forget that you’re involved too. Although you’ve been removed as a suspect, this matter hasn’t been solved. Do you think you can escape it completely?”


Covering his eyes, Cheng Yan felt depressed. You hit me whenever you’re displeased. Can’t we have a nice chat?

Ming Shu took back her fist, her smile gentle and soft. “If you come close to me again, I’ll kill you.”

But her words were not gentle and soft at all.

Cheng Yan watched Ming Shu go to check out with Ye Miaomiao who smiled and chatted but turned to glance at him from time to time. It seemed she was talking about Cheng Yan with Ming Shu.

And Ming Shu smiled as usual, her true feeling unrevealed. She just replied to Ye Miaomiao occasionally, which prompted Ye Miaomiao to laugh heartily.

She is just a normal student when looked at from a distance. But why is she so fierce after close contact?


I failed N+1 times.

I need to change my methods.

The scores of the mid-term exams were released soon. What surprised them most was that Lu Meng, the straight-A student, barely pa.s.sed in most subjects and failed in Chinese, Politics, and History.

She! Had! Failed!

What was the matter with the straight-A student?

Ming Shu wasn’t the number one; Jin Yuqi took her place in their year.

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In the past, Jin Yuqi’s grades weren’t bad, but they weren’t very good either. Her ranking was almost the same as Ming Shu’s ranking as of now. But now she had become the number one.

“Bye, Headmaster.”

Ming Shu left the office as a beautiful woman walked toward it. She smiled gently at Ming Shu, then entered the office after knocking on the door.

The woman was called Shi Yaxin, the English teacher of the junior department. She was gentle and always spoke up for her students, which gained her popularity.

Ming Shu thought for a while. Then she found a place to squat down and eat.

Shi Yaxin spoke with the headmaster for a long time, then came out when were over. Ming Shu followed her to the junior department, where students always looked downhearted and the atmosphere was depressive.

Ming Shu moved her gaze between those students who walked together and those students who walked alone. Compared with the students who were accompanied, those on their own were more downhearted.

While she was looking at the students, Shi Yaxin had left.

Ming Shu felt strange and walked around for a while.

Today was the day when the mid-term exam results were released. The student rankings were posted in the corridor of the junior department. The grades of most students were extremely bad. Only a few got decent grades.

“Senior Sister?”

Ming Shu looked around. A thin, weak girl was standing behind her and looking at her fearfully. The uniform of the junior department was different from the uniform of the senior department in color, so this student could easily tell that Ming Shu was of the senior department.

Ming Shu smiled. “What’s up?”

The girl student relaxed at Ming Shu’s gentle and harmless smile. She looked around and swallowed. “Senior Sister, what are you doing here?”

Ming Shu chose a random explanation: “I’m lost.”

“Well, Senior Sister, go this way and you’ll get back to the senior department soon. It’s been a long time since finished. Senior Sister, go now.” The girl student showed Ming Shu the way.

Ming Shu looked in the direction the girl indicated. It was a side path through which Ming Shu could return to the senior apartment, but she couldn’t know the exact place she would end up at. It wasn’t the same path she came from.

“Senior Sister, how about I lead the way?” Seeing that Ming Shu didn’t reply to her, the girl made this suggestion, head tilted.

“Lu Meng.” Cheng Yan showed up suddenly. He caught her arm with a tight grip and said to the girl, “Thank you, we’ll go back together.”

Seeing a boy student appear, the girl was surprised. She looked at Cheng Yan for several seconds and then ran away.

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