Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 418 - Yin Yang Delivery (24)

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Chapter 418: Yin Yang Delivery (24)

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“I did ask you to leave.” Ling Yan squeezed out the words after a long time.

She walked over herself.

Is it my fault?

Okay… it is my fault.

Ling Yan got scared by his own thoughts. He was confused and startled. Why was he having such thoughts toward a target?


Calm down, calm down.

It must be the fault of this body.


“Do you mean that I deserve to be killed by you?” Ming Shu’s fingers slipped down his fingers and grabbed his hand.

There was no warmth in it, but Ling Yan felt really hot. “I don’t mean that.”

He asked with some difficulty, “Why didn’t you leave?”

Ming Shu let him go and tidied her hair. She looked past the mountains and gazed far away. “I wanted to beat you.”

Ling Yan: “…”

He stared at Ming Shu’s chest. Suddenly, he reached out and hugged her. There was a hint of gentleness in his voice that he didn’t even notice as he said, “Is it painful?”

“Still okay.”

Ling Yan opened his mouth and wanted to apologize. But, in the end, he swallowed the three words back.

“I can’t control myself sometimes. I never wanted to hurt you.”

Ling Yan said this after a long time.

Whether it was that time he stabbed her with the sword, or the last time when he killed her.


At first, she thought that Ling Yan wanted to kill her. However, she realized that something was wrong. Ling Yan didn’t seem to be in his right mind then.

After that, the king of h.e.l.l called her and asked her to look after Ling Yan. By then, she knew that Ling Yan was sick and he needed to be cured.

Ling Yan didn’t explain anymore. He whispered into her ear, “An Ge, I want you.”

Ming Shu seemed like she didn’t understand what Ling Yan meant and sighed. “This is the wilderness. Your taste is very unique. We are different. We are not from the same world. Goodbye.”

Ling Yan: “…”

I don’t mean that.

What is she thinking of everyday?

Ming Shu broke out of his arms and floated a few meters out. “Ling Yan, do you want to pursue me?”

Ling Yan thought for a moment and replied honestly, “Yes.”

If I didn’t want to pursue you, why would I be following you? I have a mission too!

Ming Shu smiled. Her gaze was bright and gentle. “Very well. Pursue me then.”

The moment she finished her sentence, she floated forward quickly and disappeared in an instant.

Ling Yan: “…” Hehe.

My heart is so tired.

Why is language so extensive and profound.

My “pursue” is not that “pursue”!

By the time Ling Yan caught up with Ming Shu, she was already at a village. She sat on a bridge on the outskirts of the village and munched on her pig trotter. A lifeless lady was crossing the bridge to enter the village.

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“Old Li’s family.”

Ming Shu put her hand down and smiled calmly. “It just looks like me. What is there to be scared about?”

“This is you.”

Ling Yan’s words caused Ming Shu the corners of her mouth to twitch.

Very well. My body.

It is a suspense story. Normal. Nothing wrong with it.

Ming Shu was still composed. “Oh, and why am I lying here?”

From the style of this bridal gown, she must have been dead for a thousand years?

The Host couldn’t remember much about the things that happened before her death. She only remembered that she had been in h.e.l.l for a long time.

She was curious as to how the corpse was kept from rotting. Is there some treasure? Can it be sold to get snacks?

“To guard me.” Ling Yan suddenly smiled.

Ming Shu tilted her head. Her eyes were clear.

Ling Yan looked at the person in the coffin. After a while, Ling Yan held his hand out for Ming Shu. Ming Shu considered for a moment and placed her hand on his.

Ling Yan brought her into the coffin. The two of them stared at the body in the coffin. Ming Shu felt weird staring at a person with her face lying in there.

Why do I feel like giving condolences to myself?

“In Xi Chu, Ling means sorcerer. A sorcerer is in charge of offering sacrifices to G.o.ds or ancestors. Hence, they are called priests too.”

Ling Yan’s evil aura seemed to dissipate and he became a superior and cold priest.

There was no complicated evil aura. There was only pure Qi from the snow mountain.

Ming Shu heart pounded slightly. This was the reason why she recognized him the first time. He would have such Qi around him occasionally.

She’d never seen such a pure aura on anyone or anything else.

It was too pure. So pure that it attracted people… and it attracted her.

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