Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 417 - Yin Yang Delivery (23)

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Chapter 417: Yin Yang Delivery (23)

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Ling Yan finally found something that a ghost could eat. When he went back, he saw Ming Shu having a video call with someone. There were many snacks beside her.

“Sister An Ge, is it enough? If it is not enough, I will get more for you tonight.”

He heard a clear voice from the other end of the phone.

“Master, why didn’t you bring me along!”

“Sister Little Red, Sister An Ge had serious things to do…”

Ming Shu smiled gently and offered some words of concern before hanging up.

Ling Yan was burning with anger. “Are you fooling me?”

Ming Shu looked up. Her smile was still on her face. “I am fooling you. So? Are you angry?” If I can’t anger you to death, I will eat two more pig trotters.

Ling Yan wanted to explode. The spark was already ignited and it would burn any moment.

However, Ming Shu saw the anger in his eyes slowly being replaced by coldness.

Ming Shu felt a bit disappointed. Mister, I have already done so much to anger you, can you please hate me?

Ling Yan took a step forward and braced himself against the rock below her. He looked down and gazed into her eyes. He said slowly and seriously, “An Ge, if you want to use such methods to make me give up on you, let me give you a warning: don’t waste your effort.”

He stared at Ming Shu’s lips. Their color was slightly dark. He lowered his head and gave them a slight peck. Then, he grabbed the back of Ming Shu’s head with his wide hands and forced her to lift her head up. He took the chance and invaded her mouth with his tongue.

The wandering ghosts nearby were shocked.

You’re so shameless!


The wild ghosts covered their faces and ran away.

After a while, the wandering ghosts brought other wandering ghosts to look at them.

Wandering ghost number one said angrily, “Look, I said that they are shameless!”

Wandering ghost number two placed her chin on her hands. “This little guy is so handsome. If I can be kissed by him, I am willing to not be a human in my next lifetime.”

Wandering ghost number three was excited. “The girl is pretty too.”

Wandering ghost number four gave a look of envy. “If I can spend a night with the little guy, I will die with no regrets.”

Wandering ghost number one was furious. “You bunch of perverts!”

Number two, three and four looked at wandering ghost number one. “Who was the one who dragged us here?”

Wandering ghost number one: “…”

I dragged you all here because I wanted to show you all how shameless ghosts nowadays are. Who knew that you would say such things when you saw them!

Ling Yan pecked Ming Shu’s cheeks and looked in the direction of the wandering ghosts. The ghosts got a shock and ran away, disappearing into the woods.

Ling Yan turned back after a while. “Let’s hurry on our journey.”

Ming Shu licked her lower lip. “I want to eat food.”

Ling Yan looked at the huge amount of food she had and felt helpless. Maybe it was because Ming Shu didn’t reject him just now, he didn’t get angry this time and just urged her irritatedly, “Hurry up. We need to reach Anfeng County before the sky goes dark.”

Ming Shu ate her food elegantly. She was pleasant to look at.

Ling Yan stared at her in a daze.

She was very strange.

Although she didn’t take the initiative, when he got intimate with her, she didn’t reject him. However, during normal times, she always seemed to have something against him… as though she would not be able to live if she didn’t jeer at him.

She was crazy.

This was the only explanation Ling Yan had.

Although it was not a long journey for a ghost, Ling Yan felt that he walked for a month before they finally reached Anfeng County. He just turned his head, and she was gone.

There weren’t a lot of ghosts in Anfeng County. Most of them were in hiding.

Hence, it was not difficult for Ling Yan to find a ghost walking blatantly.

He was filled with anger, but when he saw Ming Shu standing in front of a fishball stall, staring intently at the fishb.a.l.l.s, his heart softened. He came out from the dark and walked toward the stall.

“Boss, five servings of fishb.a.l.l.s!” A man in short pants carrying a mahogany sword slammed some money down and smiled at Ming Shu.

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Ling Yan gave a cold smile. Why did his heart soften!

A lady was standing at the door of the shop. Her face seemed haggard and she was holding onto a young man’s arm. She told him something anxiously, but the young man shook his head profusely and pushed the lady out of the shop.

Ming Shu retracted her gaze. “She can’t live for long.”

Xie Hui was surprised. He just noticed that the Yin Qi on the lady was really heavy and there was death on her face. However, he wouldn’t be able to tell how long she would be able to live.

He thought about it. She was from h.e.l.l. The famous An Ge from h.e.l.l. She might have some new technology from h.e.l.l.

“Don’t follow me.” Ming Shu finished her fishb.a.l.l.s and kicked him aside.

“It is fate that brought us together. Let me follow you.” He saw nothing wrong with this place so far so he decided to follow An Ge. Good things would come if he followed her.

Ming Shu smiled and emphasized, “Don’t follow me.”

Xie Hui: “…” Kicking me away the minute I outlived my usefulness!

Ming Shu found Ling Yan on a road in Anfeng County. He walked casually along the tar road, but it looked as though he was walking on a red carpet.

Ling Yan saw Ming Shu floating in from the side and his expression darkened.

How dare she still come!

Wasn’t she very happy with the pretty boy just now?

Why is she looking for me!

When Ming Shu came close, Ling Yan suddenly reached out and grabbed her neck. He glared at her dangerously. “An Ge, if you dare to be intimate with other guys in front of me, don’t blame me for my actions.”

“Oh, what do you plan to do to me?” Ming Shu grabbed his wrist and tilted her head. She asked innocently, “Do you plan to kill me again?”

Ling Yan’s expression changed.

He didn’t know what happened at Dong Hua City. Neither did the king of h.e.l.l.

The king of h.e.l.l only knew that Ming Shu brought him back. When he arrived, the Yin Qi on his body was swarming everywhere. The 19th level of h.e.l.l could suppress the Yin Qi within his body and the king of h.e.l.l threw him down there.

He recalled the scene when he killed her. His felt really uncomfortable.

He purposely stopped talking about it, but the truth couldn’t be changed.

He once killed her.

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