Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 415 - Yin Yang Delivery (21)

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Chapter 415: Yin Yang Delivery (21)

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Ling Yan only remembered that he stabbed Ming Shu in the chest. After that, everything went blurry and he couldn’t see what happened.

When he heard Ming Shu’s question, he looked up slightly without any expression.

“I hurt you. If you want revenge, just do it.” Ling Yan didn’t exude the coldness he normally did. He only said calmly, “But if you want to kill me, you might need to make some effort. If you could… wu…”

Ling Yan’s eyes widened. He stared at the face close to him and stopped breathing.


The chains moved and clanked. The sound faded into the darkness.

Ling Yan couldn’t tell if he was excited or what. Right now, he just wanted to hug and kiss her…

He suddenly realized that the mission seemed so sweet…

Ming Shu let go of Ling Yan and gave an evil smile. “If you beg me, I will release you.”

Ling Yan’s fluttering heart dropped and slammed onto the floor, shattering into pieces.

Hehe, sweet my head!

[Lord Nine, be content in your position. Think of your mission. Think of your points. Do you feel more composed now?]

Ling Yan didn’t care for that advice. He craned his neck and said sarcastically, “What would you do if I don’t beg you?”

Ming Shu shrugged. “There are pig trotters waiting for me outside.”

Ling Yan sneered. “You kissed me already!”

Ming Shu smiled innocently. “So? Let’s not talk about a kiss. Even if I undress you now, what can you do? Can you hit me?”

Ling Yan pulled the chains. The chains sounded: hualala . This small figure was smiling provokingly at him and there was nothing he could do.

d.a.m.n it!

If he could escape this stupid place once, he could escape again.

Ling Yan turned his head and looked into the emptiness with a gloomy expression. He obviously rejected Ming Shu’s offer.

I will not beg you!

The character setting was not allowed to be violated.

I want some face too!

“I will leave then.” Ming Shu meant what she said and left.

Pig trotters, here I come.

Ling Yan watched as Ming Shu disappeared into the darkness. The sound of keys clanking against each other faded.

Ling Yan retracted the gloominess on his face and stared into the distance without any expression.

He didn’t think that Ming Shu would just leave like that. He felt hopeless. He should have begged her. He wouldn’t die from begging her anyway.

“An Ge…”


Ling Yan jumped in fright.

He looked toward the sound, but there was only darkness. He couldn’t see anything.

“Do you want to beg me now?” Ming Shu’s figure slowly appeared from the darkness. She wore a slight smile, the same expression as when she left. Even the angle didn’t change.

Ling Yan looked down. “I beg you.”

Ming Shu took the keys and unlocked his chains.

“An Ge.”


Ling Yan watched her unlocking his chains. “Why did you come over that time?”

“My brain was fried. Now that I think about it, I kind of regret it,” Ming Shu replied seriously.

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“…” Ling Yan choked. His expression darkened. “Are you okay?”

She already…

Why did she regain control so fast?

The only reason Ling Yan could think of was that she was not interested in him. If not, how can she get herself together so easily as though she wasn’t the one who was enthralled just now?

Ming Shu raised her eyebrow. “Maybe both?”

Ling Yan: “…”

Give me back my kiss!

Ling Yan glared at her coldly. He walked out of the lit area and into the darkness. “An Ge, one day, you will be mine. Whether or not you like me, you will be mine.”

Ling Yan suddenly felt that this character setting was not bad either. At least he could threaten people.

“Oh, all the best.”

The sound of the girl’s composed laughter rang behind him. Ling Yan took a deep breath and controlled his emotions.

F**k, you just wait.

Anyone who doesn’t like me is blind! You need to get cured!

In h.e.l.l, Yin Yang Delivery headquarters…

Ming Shu sat in the office of Yin Yang Delivery and listened to the ghost below reporting to her about recent events. Yin Yang Delivery not only delivered spirits, they also delivered other things.

For example, those spirits that got permission from h.e.l.l to stay in the outside world could buy and sell things to and from h.e.l.l. Event the Taoist masters could use the delivery service and send a message to h.e.l.l or buy some equipment.

The equipment that ghosts made to deal with other ghosts were much better than those made by the Taoist masters.

Also, h.e.l.l was very big. Last time, they needed to float in order to send word or buy something. Now, they could just make use of the delivery service.

All in all, Yin Yang Delivery did many things.

Yin Yang Delivery was the big brother of h.e.l.l’s businesses.

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