Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 414 - Yin Yang Delivery (20)

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Chapter 414: Yin Yang Delivery (20)

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“What is the use of putting her in a mental hospital? She will come out soon.” Ling Yan scorned Ming Shu’s method.

“I just want to anger her.” I have no other intentions. Really.

Ling Yan: “…” Crazy. Will she feel uncomfortable if she doesn’t anger someone for one day?

Ling Yan wanted to walk toward Ming Shu. However, the next second, he stopped and disappeared on the spot.

Ming Shu: “…” Why did you run away so quickly? I didn’t say that I wanted to hit you.

Ming Shu tilted her head and looked at the place he stood at. Ripples appeared in her eyes. They vanished really quickly.

Ming Shu took out some candies and ate them while slowly floating out of the alley.

The alley resumed its peacefulness.

After a few minutes, Ling Yan appeared again. What was different was the Yin Qi around him was heavier and kept swarming around his body, wanting to break away from him.

When he appeared, the alley became a different environment altogether. It was eerie, scary, and sinister…

Ling Yan clenched his hands tightly. The Yin Qi was suppressed a little, but the next second, it exploded and consumed him totally.

At this moment, all the Taoist masters looked at Dong Hua City.

In h.e.l.l, the king of h.e.l.l, who was leaning over his desk and writing furiously, looked up into the air. He seemed to be able to see Dong Hua City from the s.p.a.ce in front of him.

The whole of Dong Hua City was engulfed in Yin Qi. The Yin Qi came very suddenly. No one was prepared for it.

Normal people would think that the sky changed and it got colder.

For the others, their faces changed. How can such a scary Yin Qi appear without any warning?

Okay, it was not without any warning… It appeared once before, but only for an instant. Everyone investigated it and found nothing amiss.

Ming Shu stood among the crowd and answered a call from the king of h.e.l.l.

“Find Ling Yan and bring him back to h.e.l.l no matter what. Don’t allow him to fall into the hands of any human… or ghost.”

The king of h.e.l.l’s voice sounded very serious. Based on An Ge’s memory, she never heard the king of h.e.l.l speak like this before.

Ming Shu looked in the direction she came from.

That way?

“An Ge?”

“Why do you think that I can bring him back?” Based on this situation, it was not an easy job. What did the Host have that made the king of h.e.l.l have such high hopes for her. Most importantly, there were no snacks given as payment.

Such a shame.

“You are the closest to Dong Hua City. No matter what, you must give it a try. If you really can’t handle it, no other ghost can do it.”

The king of h.e.l.l expressed himself clearly. He only put faith in her powers.

“… Okay,” Ming Shu answered and hung up. She turned around and walked back.

Yin Qi was wreaking havoc in the alley. Ghost shadows would flash past in the Yin Qi and they screamed and floated inside. They looked as though they wanted to escape this place, but were restrained by a certain force.

She could vaguely make out a shadow standing in the middle.

The ghost shadows swirled around the black shadow as if they hated the black shadow and wanted to tear it apart.

The world inside the alley was totally different from outside.

Ming Shu took one step into the alley.

Even though she was a ghost, she still felt a shudder from within her when she stepped into the alley. All the ghost shadows floated around her with evil intentions, looking for a chance to strike.

Luckily, she was a ghost and not their natural enemy, a Taoist master. Ming Shu still had the upper hand. She rushed toward the center of the alley.

When she got near, she saw what what happening inside clearly.

Ling Yan was not standing. He half-knelt on the ground. Lots of ghost shadows were surrounding him. From afar, it looked like a man standing upright.

“Don’t come over!” Ling Yan shouted in a hoa.r.s.e voice. “Turn around and leave.”

“The king of h.e.l.l asked me to take you back.” Ming Shu smiled as though she didn’t see his painful state.

“Get away!”

Ling Yan suddenly looked up.

It was still the same face. However, Ming Shu saw the bloodthirsty look in his eyes. It was staring at her like she was an obstacle and must be destroyed.

He picked up his body. The ghost shadows laughed hideously around him in shrill voices.

Don’t go over.

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Ling Yan wanted to stop, but he couldn’t. He was forced to walk over. Every step he took, the Yin Qi got stronger. The ground started turning to ice.


Ling Yan sat up suddenly. His hands were bound and it prevented him from doing anything drastic.

He looked down. Metal chains were attached to all four of his limbs and he lay on his back. The chains stretched into the darkness and he couldn’t see where they ended. The only light came from above him. He didn’t know where the light came from, but it was hung on top of him.

He knew where this was.

The 19th level of h.e.l.l.

In this place, time stopped. There was no sound. There were no living things. There was only eternal darkness.

Ling Yan gazed into the darkness in a daze.

He killed her.


He killed her.

Ling Yan accepted the truth calmly.

After some time, he heard a sound. It was very light, just like the sound of metal objects clinking against each other, ding ding dang dang . In the quiet darkness, the sound seemed especially clear.

No ghost would come to the 19th level.

Ling Yan turned his gaze and looked into the darkness. What will come out? He smiled. No matter what it was, it would be a stepping stone for his escape.

“You seemed very energetic.”

A familiar voice. A familiar tone. A familiar figure.

Ming Shu walked out from the darkness with a ring of keys. That sound from before came from the keys. .h.i.tting each other.

Ling Yan suddenly deflated like a balloon. Internally, he was elated. She was all right.

“You…” Ling Yan opened his mouth. His voice was so hoa.r.s.e it seemed out of tune.

Ming Shu took the ring of keys and came closer to him.

She tilted her head and gave a harmless smile. “The king of h.e.l.l asked me to kill you.”

Ling Yan was momentarily stunned. He slowly looked down and then gave an acknowledgment after a while. “Okay.”

Ming Shu waved the keys in her hand. “Have you forgotten?”

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