Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 410 - Yin Yang Delivery (16)

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Chapter 410: Yin Yang Delivery (16)

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Ming Shu stretched. She hooked her fingers at the tree beside her. “Little Red, let’s go. Time to work.”

“Master…” Shen Xianyue wanted to ask if there was anything she could help with.

“Go back.” Ming Shu smiled.

Shen Xianyue bit her lip. “Okay.”

The two ghosts followed behind the car. Little Red even went in to take a look.

“Su Rou is calling someone. She seems to be asking them to make it look like a kidnapping case. Humans are so evil. This is her sister.” Little Red went off-topic toward the end.

“What shows are you watching recently?” You were a human once too.

“Shows about the women in the Imperial Palace. The women inside are all so scary. They don’t even blink when they scheme against people and the other party even thanks them for it. These people should learn from them.”


Schemes are not as useful as logic.

[…] Your logic equals a fist. If you translate it, it means that schemes are not as useful as a fist.

This suits Guest’s style. Nothing wrong with it.

The car drove into the suburbs. The buildings were not so concentrated here. The car stopped outside a small district.

Su Rou got off the car. Someone came down soon after she made a call and brought both her and Su Tong up.

“Master, there is a Taoist master up there.”

Little Red went up to have a look and floated down bitterly. Taoist masters were familiar with ghosts and ghosts were familiar with them too.

Ming Shu made herself invisible and went up. The Taoist master didn’t place anything around the house and Ming Shu went in without alarming him.

“See, I didn’t lie to you, right?” Su Rou was sitting opposite a man. Su Tong was thrown on the ground.

“This is indeed a good vessel.” The man was very satisfied with Su Tong. “Tell me, what do you want?”

Su Rou gave a sinister smile. She leaned over and said something to the man. The man had no strange reaction and only nodded. “No problem, I will inform you when I am ready.”

Su Rou felt at ease. “Make it quick. My mother is very worried about her. If they realize that she’s missing, they’ll call the police.”

The man asked people to bring Su Tong into the room. The room was very dark and it was filled with symbol papers. Ming Shu felt a bit uncomfortable when she went in so she left the room.

The other people left the house too. The man stayed in the room for a while before leaving too. Su Rou was resting in the room opposite.

Su Rou must let Su Tong experience living h.e.l.l this time. Thinking about this, her mood got better.

“Su Tong, don’t blame me. Blame our parents for being biased.”

“You were not supposed to be born and now, you are blaming people for being biased to their real daughter? Do you think that you are an angel from heaven?” A clear voice sounded suddenly.

Su Rou looked back in surprise. She saw a smiling face and she was shocked. “It’s you!”

“It’s me. Are you happy to see me?”

Who is happy to see you!

Su Rou couldn’t control herself and stepped back. How did she come in? Is she already so powerful?

She glanced in the direction of the room. Then, she held her breath and ran inside.

However, before she could reach the door, Ming Shu caught her.

Su Rou widened her eyes in fear and wanted to scream. No sounds came out of her mouth. The next moment, she fell unconscious.

[Guest, why don’t we undress her and take some photos?]

“Let me give you a t.i.tle. The master of stupid ideas—the Harmony System.”

[…] You don’t use my ideas, but do you have to do this? I can think of more stupid ideas… no, good ideas.

Ming Shu took the chance when the man left and carried Su Rou into the opposite room. She bore with the effects the symbol papers had on her and swiped their clothes. After that, she left the room with Su Tong.

Luckily, there was no one in the living room. They didn’t alarm anyone.

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When they reached the ground floor, Ming Shu pa.s.sed Su Tong to Little Red. She looked at the burn marks on her hand. It was so painful she almost couldn’t maintain her smile anymore.

“I don’t mind being so.”

“My ancestors are dead.” Ming Shu smiled. “Please die now.”

Ling Yan: “…”

F**k, I can’t control myself anymore. It is easier to strangle this idiot.

You don’t want to come over, right!

If you don’t want to come over… I can just go over.

Ling Yan and Ming Shu were less than a meter apart. Ling Yan took a step with his long legs and landed in front of Ming Shu. He looked down and gazed into her eyes. She took out his Yunnan Baiyao once again.

Ming Shu: “…”

How much in sponsorship money did Yunnan Baiyao give you?

Although Ming Shu felt that this medicine illegally used the name of Yunnan Baiyao, she couldn’t deny the fact that it was very useful for a ghost. The wound she had the last time disappeared without a trace the next day.

Ling Yan looked down and carefully wiped the medicine onto Ming Shu’s burns.

The area immediately felt cool and not so uncomfortable anymore.

“Ling Yan, you wanted to kill me last time. Why are you treating me so well now?” Ming Shu casually reminded him that he had wanted to kill her.

Ling Yan’s heart dropped. He raised his eyes slightly and smiled with the corners of his mouth. But, his voice was still cold. “I suddenly found you quite cute. It is not a bad decision to keep you alive.”

Ming Shu smiled calmly. “I think that you deserve to get punched. Hence, I feel that it is not a bad decision to punch you.”

Ling Yan instinctively stepped back. However, before he could retreat fully, his wrist was grabbed and he was slammed onto the ground.

“An Ge!”

“Don’t shout. Shout later. I haven’t started.” Ming Shu pulled up her sleeves.

“An Ge, my patience has a limit.” Why is this idiot so irritating. This character profile is irritating too. Why is he always having mood swings? I feel like I’m crazy.

Can you let me be a normal person?

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