Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 409 - Yin Yang Delivery (15)

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Chapter 409: Yin Yang Delivery (15)

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“What happened between you and your brother?” Little Red asked Shen Xianyue. Ming Shu glanced in the direction of the dining hall.

Shen Xianyue shook her head and didn’t reply to Little Red.

Pig trotters couldn’t be made on the spot. However, it was in the middle of the night. She called for food delivery and after looking at many restaurants, they finally found one.

Ming Shu gnawed on the pig trotters and asked casually, “How long have you been a spirit guide?”

“Five years.”

Little Red was curious. “How old are you?”


“You were only 13 then?” Little Red was surprised. “h.e.l.l is looking for child labor? So inhumane.”

Ming Shu sneered, “Why would a bunch of ghosts be humane?”

Little Red: “…” That is true.

“The criteria for a spirit guide is very strict. Besides external factors, there are internal factors too. Shen Xianyue fit the criteria for a spirit guide and that was why she was chosen,” Ming Shu said indifferently.

It was not easy to find a spirit guide. Also, they had to be changed every ten years. Hence, h.e.l.l would never let anyone go if they found a suitable candidate. As long as you pa.s.sed the test, they didn’t care if you were two or three years old. You would be placed in the position.

Little Red recommended herself excitedly. “Master, do you think that I can be a spirit guide?”

Ming Shu gave her a glance and smiled slightly. “You are too dead.”

Little Red: “..”

What does too dead mean?

“Spirit guides are chosen when they just died because they need to use their bodies in the human world. You’ve been dead for too long,” Shen Xianyue explained for Ming Shu.

“…” Little Red was not familiar with spirit guides. “Are you alive or dead now?”

“Alive,” Shen Xianyue said.

Spirit guiding was a job. There would be rewards for the job. To a human, the best reward is life.


Little Red looked at her and fell into deep thought. She floated into the living room and hung there.

Little Red’s mission was completed. Ming Shu needed to kill her.

Little Red cried and hugged Ming Shu’s leg. She screamed and shouted that she was forced and she didn’t want to be an evil ghost. She was innocent. She used to be a little ghost loved by everyone too and would even help old ladies cross the road as well as give money to beggars.

In the end, Little Red managed to fight for herself and earned herself a chance to live. She would continue to stay beside Ming Shu and run errands for her. She would only be killed when they went back to h.e.l.l.

Little Red thought that she would think of other ideas when she went back to h.e.l.l.

“Sister An Ge, Sister Little Red’s evil aura seems to be getting lesser.” Su Tong did her homework while talking to Ming Shu.

“Really?” Ming Shu looked up at Little Red, who was playing with her own head.

Little Red… was not a bad ghost.

“Yup, when I saw her before, she was always gloomy. Recently, the gloominess started fading,” Su Tong said. “Sister An Ge, can evil ghosts become good again?”

“I don’t know. When are you going to make braised pig leg for me?” I am more concerned about this.

“Ah.” Su Tong looked up from her homework and stared at Ming Shu. “My friend is celebrating her birthday today. My sister and I are going out to eat, so…”

Su Tong felt that Ming Shu’s smile was not friendly at all.

She said weakly, “Tomorrow will be the weekend. Bigsister should be going out and my parents will be going to work. I will make it for you. I promise.”

Why must a ghost find her for food!

Ming Shu left and went to find Shen Xianyue for food.

Little Red held her head and looked at Su Tong with a dazed look.

“Sister Little Red, can you put your head back?” It looked really scary.

Little Red hugged her head and floated out of the window, ignoring Su Tong.

Su Tong: “…”

Knock knock!

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Su Rou came in. She was wearing a white dress and she looked really pretty. She blinked at Su Tong and said with a gentle voice, “Little sister, let’s go.”

“What did you say?”

“I said that you are an idiot.” Ming Shu continued eating indifferently. She muttered, “The kind that looks like one from all angles.”

“An Ge!”

Ming Shu squinted her eyes. “Are you angry? That’s good. It makes me happy.”

If I can’t anger you to death, I lose.

Ling Yan: “…” Crazy!

When Shen Xianyue packed her last spirit, Ling Yan had left in a fit of anger. Ming Shu sat alone in the dark corner of the street.

Shen Xianyue stood opposite her. She looked at the young girl there.

From this distance, she couldn’t see her face clearly, but she knew that the young girl was smiling.

However, it was all darkness behind her. A helpless and dead darkness.

Occasionally, a car would drive past and its lights would shine over her. At that moment, the entire world seemed to lit up.

She would give an annual report in h.e.l.l every year. Over the past five years, she had seen her thrice. The young girl would always look at the ghosts indifferently without any emotion. The ghosts around her seemed to be used to her and wouldn’t talk to her if there wasn’t anything important.

But at that time, she didn’t feel such things from her. It was hard to explain.

Everyone has a past that they are unable to forget.

She must have one too.

Shen Xianyue took a deep breath and walked in front of Ming Shu. “Master, shall we go back?”

“Xu!” Ming Shu raised a finger at her. She smiled and looked in a direction. “Let’s watch a show for a while.”

Shen Xianyue followed her gaze.

It was at the door of a KTV. Two small figures were coming out. The girl in a white dress held onto a girl wearing pants. The girl wearing pants seemed to be unconscious.

“Are they the Su sisters?” Ming Shu was staying at Su Tong’s place so Shen Xianyue knew them.

Su Rou hefted Su Tong onto a car and said something to the person inside. After that, she placed Su Tong in the back and she sat behind too.

The car started and went onto the road. Then, it disappeared.

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