Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 408 - Yin Yang Delivery (14)

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Chapter 408: Yin Yang Delivery (14)

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In a quiet alley, only Su Rou’s footsteps were heard. She looked from left to right and then changed her way into a turnout.

The vicinity was all old houses and alleys that looked the same.

Su Rou was clearly circling around, and after a long while, she entered a building of four stories.

“It’s him.” Little Red jumped around beside them. “I feel it. It’s the thing that instigated me.”

Ming Shu sent out a message to Shen Xianyue and made Little Red guard below, then she floated upstairs.

She saw Su Rou enter a family house on the left of the third floor just in time.

Xie Hui followed, out of breath. Can you think about your human companion’s strength!

Ming Shu approached the door and tried to get in, but she failed. Right, she couldn’t get through, but was blocked by something invisible, and she even felt a little uncomfortable.

“It’s a formation set by a Taoist master,” Xie Hui said. “I didn’t expect this place to have a Taoist master. Why did Su Rou come to the Taoist master… Even you can’t get in?”

The last sentence was asked to Ming Shu. He saw that she was trying to get in, but stopped as she approached.

Ming Shu thought about it, hand on her chin.

After a while, she raised her hand to knock loudly. “Open the door, checking the water meter!”


Xie Hui had never seen such an operation. His mouth twitched and he expressed his opinion: “Checking the water meter in the middle of the night, do you think they’re idiots?”

Ming Shu changed her expression calmly then. “Open the door, police!”

Xie Hui: “…”

Even if the people inside were doing nothing illegal, if you shouted like this, they would have run, okay?!

Can you be serious!


Little Red’s screams sounded from downstairs.

Ming Shu flashed and disappeared from the pa.s.sageway. Xie Hui was stunned for a while, then hurriedly ran downstairs.

Behind the building, Little Red was hanging in the tree not far. Shen Xianyue was fighting a black shadow.

As Ming Shu ran over, she picked up the fire extinguisher in the corridor pa.s.singly. She turned it on and aimed at the black shadow over there.

The black shadow’s vision was blocked by the foam, which was also mixed with Yin Qi. He had a bad feeling and wanted to back up; who knew a blunt object would hit the back of his head. He felt a little dizzy.

Then a second hit soon followed.

A third…

Which didn’t give him any chance to react at all.

“It’s a human.”

He heard a girl’s light and soft voice, but his body had begun to fall to the ground, out of his control.

The girl who fought against him just now showed up with foam in her hair, and she yanked his hands behind his back.

Ming Shu threw away the fire extinguisher and stepped on the man with one hand on her hips, panting and fumbling for snacks in her pocket with the other.

Xie Hui looked at the fire extinguisher like a monster. This is it?

Where are the three hundred rounds of fighting in my imagination?

You just swing it a few times and then it’s over.

It’s over?

“Master, it’s a dead man who occupied the body.” Shen Xianyue drew a conclusion soon.

“Get it out.” I’m interested in figuring out what powerful thing it was, that dared hijack h.e.l.l’s delivery.

Shen Xianyue used a strange symbol paper and stuck it on the body’s pale forehead, which showed some death spots. The paper instantly changed into Yin Qi and darted into the body.

Then the pale face began to grow grim, and a scream of unknown origin sounded.

A black thing was yanked out of the body by the Yin Qi. As soon as that thing came out, the body turned into stinking carrion.

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Ming Shu immediately stepped back a few meters; meanwhile Shen Xianyue reached out to catch the thing that wanted to run. She thought it would be a little strenuous, but she caught it very easily.

Go go go, we should stay away from her.

Xie Hui: “…”

Ming Shu went upstairs to have a look. Su Rou was already gone, perhaps she ran away during the chaos outside.

That’s okay, we have a lot more days ahead. Hatred Points should be gained slowly, or it will be boring.

Ming Shu stood at the door and smiled like a psychopath tyrant boss.

“Master, I’ve dealt with those souls that were locked up.” Shen Xianyue stood behind Ming Shu obediently.

“Go go go, eat pig’s feet.” Ming Shu’s eyes glittered.

Shen Xianyue sighed secretly and followed Ming Shu down the stairs. When they pa.s.sed a tree, Little Red cried from above, “Master, Master, get me down!”

Ming Shu thought pig’s feet were more important so she ignored Little Red and floated past lightly.

Little Red: “…”

Finally Shen Xianyue helped her down.

“Now you’re back! Your brother is in trouble, but you’re gone all day long… and now you’re bringing some strange people back. Shen Xianyue, what do you think the Shen family is?”

As Shen Xianyue entered the Shen family’s place with Ming Shu, she was welcomed by Shen Ying’s endless accusations. Apparently Shen Ying had waited for her in the living room for some time.

And clearly he saw Ming Shu.

Shen Xianyue clenched her hands, fearing that Ming Shu might get angry. “Brother, it’s all right now.”

Shen Ying was stunned. “How do you know…”

He just received a call and got the news. He hadn’t told anyone, and the police wouldn’t notify her, so how did she know?

His sister didn’t go to school all day long, and sometimes she would even disappear for a few days. Shen Ying thought his patience was almost used up…

Shen Ying then snorted. “The final exam is coming soon. If you still get a low score, I will send you abroad immediately.”

Shen Xianyue bit her lower lip and didn’t say a word.

Shen Ying was probably very angry and he went upstairs, throwing up his hands.

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