Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 406 - Yin Yang Delivery (12)

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Chapter 406: Yin Yang Delivery (12)

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It was already after midnight when Shen Xianyue and Ming Shu separated. Ming Shu floated in the quiet streets.

Then she suddenly stopped, watching the dark shadow appear in front of her.

He came out of the darkness, step by step, and went straight to Ming Shu before he stopped.

His eyes fell upon Ming Shu’s hand, and with a sullen face, he seized her wrist.

“What do you want?” Ming Shu drew back her hand and smiled tenderly. “Are you going to kill me one more time?”

Ling Yan didn’t answer. He took out a box of Yunnan Baiyao, squeezed her hand again, and applied the medicine to the wound.

Ming Shu stared at the Yunnan Baiyao. Why didn’t she know that Yunnan Baiyao made a business with ghosts? Do they have a license?

“Why didn’t you move?” After applying the medicine, Ling Yan spoke in a low voice. “You could have avoided it.”

“I wanted to see if you were trying to kill me.”

“I wanted to kill you, but I don’t want to now.” Ling Yan didn’t deny it. The more he denied it, the more it would irritate her, so he’d better just admit it.

Mostly it seemed there was something wrong with him then.

“Oh. Have you taken too much Yunnan Baiyao medicine?” So that your brain is affected?

Ling Yan’s expression darkened. “Whatever you say. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to be polite to a ghost from h.e.l.l.”

Yes, that’s right. He had no friendly relations with h.e.l.l.

So there was totally nothing wrong to suspect a ghost sent by h.e.l.l.

Ling Yan found himself a firm standpoint and suddenly turned hostile. He threw the medicine at her with a snort, then turned around to leave.

Ming Shu: “…”

This psychopath wants a beating now.

Ming Shu floated over and gave him an overarm throw conveniently.

Ling Yan: “…”

Perhaps he should just be bold and kill her.

However, Ling Yan had no chance to kill Ming Shu and was instead beaten fiercely. The Yin Qi around him began to gather ferociously, and he glared at Ming Shu with sullen eyes. Ming Shu was a little surprised and released him.

Ling Yan suppressed the Yin Qi. “Are you done venting your anger now?”

Ming Shu thought about it seriously. “No. Can I beat you more?” You tried to kill me. How will it be done with just a simple beating. It must be a fiercer beating.

“What do you think I am?” Ling Yan turned over to get up and kept a distance from Ming Shu.

“A ghost? Or an unknown species?”

Ling Yan: “…”

You’re the unknown species!

Ming Shu floated toward him again. Ling Yan gathered Yin Qi in his palm, but as Ming Shu rushed at him, he suddenly dissipated the Yin Qi and let Ming Shu press him down to the ground, accepting another fierce beating.

[Lord Nine, you’ve been having a lot of mood swings lately. You should take some time off.]

I’m fine.

Ling Yan kept repeating to himself that he was fine, his was in a normal mood, and there was nothing with him.

[Lord Nine… you should hide nothing from your physician.] The system tried to persuade him. [You know that a lot of people on missions have emotional breakdowns. Lord Nine, you have been really bad recently. After finishing this task, you’d better take a break.]

You’re sick.

I’m not sick.


Ling Yan refused to admit that he was sick, and the system could do nothing about it.

But Ling Yan knew it clearly in his heart that he was really out of form… and that was not a good feeling.

After giving another beating to Ling Yan, Ming Shu swaggered off. d.a.m.n it, I’d say snacks are cuter than him.

I’ll go love my snacks now.


Some stumbling footsteps came from far and near, and a girl dressed as a student ran over, tumbling, covered with blood, and wearing a frightened expression. As she ran, she looked back, but there was nothing behind her except the endless silence.

The girl lost her footing and fell to the ground. She reached out her hand to lift herself off the ground and climbed forward desperately. She screamed in despair.

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“Help… help me, somebody help me…!”

“They can’t see me.” Ming Shu searched in the bag with her small hands and didn’t seem to care at all. “Are you not a fool?”

Xie Hui: “…” Don’t think that because you are a civil servant in h.e.l.l, you can casually smear our Taoist masters!

Xie Hui looked around and lowered his voice. “There was another victim recently. Before it was one a week, then it was one in five days, and now it has shortened to one per a day. The dead are all male, with different ages and doing different jobs before their deaths. They were all cut open at the belly yet no internal organs were missing.”

“When they are all killed there will be no men to kill anymore.”

“…” h.e.l.l would be crowded then. Wait, no, those dead ghosts were all gone, she was trying to reduce the workload for them! Insidious!

“Now, seriously,” Xie Hui continued, “we don’t even know what the killer is. There was not much Yin Qi on the scene; if it was an evil ghost that did it, it shouldn’t have left with little Yin Qi.”

“Maybe it’s some kind of evil spirit of a thousand years?” Ming Shu said seriously. “A fox spirit?”

“…” What the h.e.l.l is she thinking. “A fox spirit would leave evil aura, what does that have to do with Yin Qi?”

Ming Shu thought for a while. “A dead fox spirit?”

“…” I really have nothing to say.

They indeed hunted evil spirits, but demons were not allowed after the nation was formed! So most evil spirits would either cultivate in forests or conceal their ident.i.ties to live in peace. Hence there were very little evil spirits out there. They wouldn’t meet even one evil spirit after catching a thousand ghosts.

“The only evil spirit you know is a fox spirit?”

Ming Shu smiled casually. “Right, it’s typical.”

When it comes to evil spirits, most people will think of fox spirits, with 99% possibility.


Xie Hui felt it was hard to talk to Ming Shu.

Man and ghost follow different roads.

“Whatever it is, it must be caught. Who knows what will happen if we allow this to continue.” Xie Hui took a deep breath. “According to the time estimation, late this evening, that thing will take action again.”

Xie Hui invited Ming Shu to take action by promising her snacks. She was at least h.e.l.l’s civil servant, so if the thing was a ghost, it would be easier for her to catch it.

Ming Shu asked absently, “So what’s your plan?”

I want to go back to eat braised pork leg cooked by our lady female protagonist, I don’t want to hang out with you in the middle of the night.

“The dead were all in the downtown area of Dong Hua City, so I have invited quite a few Taoist masters to scatter in the downtown area. If anything goes wrong, we’ll be there from the start. Just do me a favor and I’ll treat you to something delicious!”

Xie Hui was very good at this now.

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