Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 405 - Yin Yang Delivery (11)

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Chapter 405: Yin Yang Delivery (11)

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After several moves, Ming Shu found that this little goblin was probably trying to kill her.

She was a little surprised and confused, but then was calm again, feeling nothing.

Ling Yan took out a sword from nowhere, which was enveloped in Yin Qi, and swung it directly at Ming Shu. Ming Shu lifted her hand to hold the sword, blood dripping from her palm, yet she didn’t seem to feel it and just looked at him calmly with smiling eyes.

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

The voice sounded ethereal like it was coming from a remote place.

Ling Yan was a little stunned and he felt somehow uncomfortable. He clenched the sword’s pommel, then suddenly loosened his grip and stepped back.

What was he doing?

He didn’t know…

He didn’t even seem to know what happened just now.

He looked directly into her eyes. It was a pair of deep and quiet eyes, but he didn’t know what he was looking at.

In the end, he left directly without even taking the sword.

Dark clouds that had gathered in the sky dispersed, and the sun appeared again, shining light on Ming Shu. But she couldn’t feel any warmth.

Ming Shu opened her palm. The sword fell to the ground and collapsed into strings of Yin Qi, dissipating into the air.

Ming Shu smiled with closed lips.

F**k, I knew he had no good intentions.

Ling Yan floated all the way to the outskirts of town, then stopped. The Yin Qi around him was very unstable, like it would rush out of his body any minute.

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

This sentence kept lingering to his ears like magic.

What was he doing?

He didn’t know.

He didn’t know what he was doing, either.

Ling Yan suppressed the leaking Yin Qi and walked forward slowly.

Why did he want to kill her? Right… it’s for the task. If he killed her, he would complete the task. His body was very strong, enough to be unstoppable. He only needed to kill her so that he could complete the task, and he didn’t need to choose the long, troublesome conquest process.

But how did he develop such a thought?

It showed up in his mind all of a sudden…

No, wait.

He wasn’t thinking like this.

Ming Shu came back to Su Tong’s room. She seemed to look no different from before she left, still wearing a smile, but she sat before the desk in a daze. This made Su Tong a bit scared.

When there was nothing to do, she was rarely in a daze and would often eat something.

Now she suddenly wasn’t eating, why did this feel a little scary?

Little Red flew in through the window with haunting fear and hid behind Su Tong.

“What’s wrong with her?”Su Tong asked Little Red.

Little Red shook her head. “She had a fight with that strange man, and it felt a little scary.”

Su Tong also didn’t dare to talk to Ming Shu. She thought for a while, walked out to check that there was no one outside, and then cooked some noodles in the kitchen for Ming Shu.

She put the noodles in front of Ming Shu, then looked at her carefully. “Well… can you eat this?”

She didn’t know how a ghost could eat things in the human world.

But she ate the noodles very smoothly.

She could basically eat all food that human beings could eat.

Ming Shu patted a symbol paper conveniently on the noodles. Since there were many foodies in h.e.l.l, they had long studied how they could eat delicious food from the human world anytime and anywhere.

Ming Shu took up the bowl and began to eat. They were ordinary noodles, but they were very tasty. The female protagonist deserved to be called the female protagonist, and she was very right to save her.

“Any more?” Ming Shu was very hungry. She had a fight with that little goblin, so her entire ghost body was almost hungered to sickness.

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Did she meet a fake ghost!?

Ming Shu took out her phone and checked it, then suddenly said, “I have some business. Little Red, stay with her, and if she loses even one hair… you know what you’ll get.”

Little Red trembled. She didn’t want to lose any part of her ghostly body.

“Are your ghosts so advanced now?” Su Tong hadn’t recovered from the shock of seeing a ghost using a phone and so she asked Little Red this hesitantly.

“That’s nothing, but it’s a little expensive and I can’t afford one.” It was mainly because she was an evil ghost and had no proper channel to buy it through, and meanwhile it was sold super expensively in illegal channels.

Su Tong: “…”

Ming Shu left the room. She checked the message sent by Shen Xianyue and walked toward the central area of Dong Hua City.

Shen Xianyue waited for her outside a community, with a bag of snacks in her hand. Ming Shu really thought highly of Shen Xianyue and her voice even sounded tender. “What’s up?”

“My… one of my brother’s partners was killed, and now the police suspects my brother. I discovered some unusual places.” Shen Xianyue tried to speak in a normal tone, but Ming Shu could hear the tension in her voice.

Shen Xianyue’s eyes rested on Master’s hand. “Master, are you hurt?”

Ming Shu looked at her hand and said lightly, “Little cut. Lead me there to take a look.”

Since Ming Shu wasn’t willing to speak more, Shen Xianyue stared at her hand for several seconds and then averted her gaze, leading Ming Shu into the community.

There was only a police seal on the door. Shen Xianyue and Ming Shu got in. Blood was still everywhere on the ground and the body was gone, but Shen Xianyue got the picture.

It was the same as the previous body: Both were slit open at the belly and the victim looked horrible in death.

“I was originally thinking to find his soul, but didn’t manage it. I checked the system and found he was still in the human world, but I can’t find him in any way.”

“Why does the police suspect your brother?” Taoist masters had been engaged in this case and they knew it was not done by a human being. Is Shen Ying not a human?

Shen Xianyue frowned. “Because my brother’s blood was on the scene, and the camera video also showed that my brother was the only one who had been in and out of here. My brother indeed fought with the man, but he definitely didn’t kill anyone.

“Master…” Shen Xianyue’s expression changed a little. “Please help me.”

Ming Shu sat down on the sofa. “Have you heard about the recent case?”

“Yes.” It was because she had heard it.

“I suspect this murderer is the same one who attacked Yin Yang Delivery,” Ming Shu said unhurriedly. “The Yin Qi nearby is very mixed up, and I never met the other party, so there’s no way to track them.”

Shen Xianyue knew this. She stared at the blood stain on the ground with knitted brows.

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