Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 404 - Yin Yang Delivery (10)

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Chapter 404: Yin Yang Delivery (10)

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“Let me tell you, if you bring an evil ghost to stay at someone’s house, it will be bad for their house. Especially for the person called Su Tong…”

“There’s a ghost.” Ming Shu pointed behind him.

“Where!” Xie Hui turned back instinctively. There was nothing, not even a ghost.

He turned back. The elevator door was already closed. The elevator went up steadily.

Xie Hui: “…”

He took out his cellphone and asked on his page:

#Are the civil servants from h.e.l.l stupid?#

Taoist master number one: They don’t have brains.

Taoist master number two: Civil servant from h.e.l.l are harder to deal with than the little ghosts. Run when you see one.

Taoist master number three: Let me light you a candle.

Taoist master number four: Who did you meet?

Xie Hui: An Ge.

Taoist master number one: A candle for you.

Taoist master number two: A candle for you.

Taoist master number three: A candle for you.

Taoist master number four: A candle for you.

Xie Hui looked at the row of candles. What was the meaning of this? He knew that An Ge was hard to deal with. But you don’t have to curse me, right! Where did our relationship go?

Someone called him and asked how An Ge came up.

Xie Hui told him what happened and the other party heaved a sigh of relief. “She is here to investigate something? Okay, you can continue with your business. All the best.”

Xie Hui: “…” S o you just called to ask why An Ge came up?

She is staying in a human’s house now and I don’t know what she wants to do!

“Master, Master, I sense him. He is somewhere near!” Little Red suddenly jumped in front of Ming Shu.

Ming Shu glanced at her. Little Red calmed herself. “Master, I really sensed him. Are we going to catch him?”

Ming Shu hugged her snacks. “Let’s go.”

Su Rou heaved a sigh of relief secretly when she saw the two ghosts floating out of the window. It was really scary to stay with two ghosts.

Little Red brought Ming Shu past a district and through some streets. She stopped in front of a residential building.

This place was going to be demolished soon. Only a few residents were still inside.

The police had surrounded the residential building tightly. There were many people crowding around the area.

Ming Shu bit her apple and floated forward. She went up three floors. Inside a shabby room, blood was everywhere. A man lay on the floor. His stomach was cut open and his intestines spilled out.

Xie Hui wore his shorts and examined the room.

He saw Ming Shu and Little Red in the corner of his eye. His expression changed. Why was he seeing these two ghosts everywhere?

“Is he still here?”

Little Red made a round. “He is gone.”

Ming Shu floated to the body. The Yin Qi on the body was very heavy. His face was hideous, as though he had seen something really frightening. There was no weapon found on site that could be used to cut open his abdomen.

“Why are you here?” Xie Hui lowered his voice and asked Ming Shu as he squatted on the ground and pretended to inspect the body.

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“I am studying what a human looks like when he dies.” Ming Shu smiled. “Why are you here?”

Ming Shu settled two emails from h.e.l.l along the way. She smiled and continued, “You can’t manage it.”

Xie Hui: “…”

Don’t think that no one will hit you just because you keep smiling.

Xie Hui took a call. He hung up with a solemn expression. Soon after, he said to Ming Shu, “I will go and take a look first. You people from h.e.l.l should take notice of this thing too. I now you all don’t care about what happened before they die, but you should care about their life after death, right? So many spirits are missing. I will talk to you later.”

“Don’t forget my tributes.”

Xie Hui almost fell onto the floor. How can a civil servant accept such bribery? I must report her!

After Xie Hui left, Ling Yan appeared and looked at her coldly. “Have you started being a busybody now?”

Ming Shu kept the laptop. She raised her eyebrows and looked at him. “Why does it bother you? What is our relationship?”

Ling Yan sneered. The temperature of the air around them plunged to freezing point. Ice started to form on the ground. He warned Ming Shu, “An Ge, you better not investigate this matter.”

Ming Shu walked toward him. The ice on the ground cracked. She stopped by his side. “Why are you stopping me? Are you the one that did this? Or is it your lover?”

Ling Yan couldn’t be bothered.

Ming Shu continued forward. Ling Yan seemed to be in a daze. He actually followed her.

“Why are you following me?” Ming Shu turned around and looked at him.

“The road is not yours. Can’t I walk on it?” Ling Yan’s tone was irritated. He glared at her with a dark look and jeered, “Are the ghosts from h.e.l.l all so overbearing?”

“I will think that you like me if you follow me.” Ming Shu smiled. “It will be a bother to me.”

“Chut.” Ling Yan gave a sinister laugh. He suddenly reached out and aimed for Ming Shu’s neck.

You little demon!

Ming Shu bit into her apple and retaliated.

The air instantly became dark. Cold wind blew and the weather turned wintery. People shivered with cold.

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