Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 403 - Yin Yang Delivery (9)

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Chapter 403: Yin Yang Delivery (9)

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“That…” Su Tong only dared to speak after Ling Yan left. “If he really wants to eat me, will you sacrifice me?”

Moonlight shone in from the window and engulfed Ming Shu in a holy aura. She smiled. “Take a guess.”

Su Tong didn’t want to guess.

She couldn’t provoke this ghost. She suddenly found the hideous looking evil ghost cuter.

“Little sister, are you asleep?”

Su Rou’s voice sounded outside the door.

Su Tong immediately replied. “No.”

Su Rou opened the door and walked in. She scanned the room. “I heard some commotion in your room just now. Did something happen?”

Su Tong said that she had a nightmare. Su Rou pretended to be concerned for her and then left the room.

Ming Shu gave Little Red a look. Little Red understood and the two ghosts floated out of Su Tong’s room.

“What… are you all planning to do?”

“Now is the time for ghosts to party. This has nothing to do with you. Go to sleep,” Ming Shu said gently.

Su Tong swallowed. She didn’t dare to ask what this ghost party was. She pulled her blanket up and told herself to go to sleep.

“Master, how should we do this? Should we scare her?” Little Red asked Ming Shu excitedly. Ghosts loved to scare people.

“Can you have more ambition?” Ming Shu floated toward Su Rou. “Hit her.”


Hitting her means I have ambition?

But since Master commands it, we will hit her.

Su Rou had just lay on her bed when the light in her room flickered twice before it went off. A gush of cold air seeped into the room silently.

Su Rou touched the symbol papers under her pillow and grabbed one in her hand. She looked around the room vigilantly.

A shadow appeared in front of her suddenly. Before she could throw the symbol paper, a red shadow flashed past and her whole body was thrown off the bed by some force and slammed onto the ground.

She looked up with some effort and saw the person standing in front of her.

It was a young girl that looked really pretty.

She was wearing a gentle smile and standing in the dim light. She felt different from other ghosts. There was no Yin Qi and eerie feeling coming from her. she just seemed like a normal person… or maybe not.

Su Rou gritted her teeth. “What do you all want?! I didn’t provoke you. Why are you all pestering me!”

Su Tong didn’t have her amulet to protect her now. Why were the ghosts finding her?

“A meeting gift.” The young girl moved her lips slowly. Her voice was soft and gentle, like a feather floating over a lake.

Su Rou was puzzled. A gift for meeting me?

She clenched the symbol paper in her hands. If Ming Shu came closer, she would stick the symbol paper on her.

Little Red floated in from the back and sat on Su Rou. Su Rou felt a cold and heavy rock pressing down on her body.

She felt as though she was back to her first life. At that time, this was how those things always pestered her.

Ming Shu strode forward. “Remember my name. An Ge.”

An Ge…

It sounds familiar.

Su Rou tried to recall, but her body was too cold. It felt as though she was within a freezer. Her brain was not working.


Su Rou felt pain. She couldn’t be bothered by those emotions and glared angrily at the person in front of her. If looks could kill, Ming Shu would be dead by now.

Little Red was useless now. She could only watch as Ming Shu beat Su Rou.

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The symbol paper had no effect on Ming Shu. Ming Shu raised her hand and destroyed it. Then, she continued beating Su Rou.

Su Rou almost couldn’t breathe properly. The ghost that was in the living room just now was currently leaning against the gates of the condominium, waving at her while greeting her. Su Rou felt chills run through her body.

She was smiling. Yet, it made people feel cold and eerie. This feeling was scarier than any related to ghosts she met in her past life.

“Why are you running so fast? I will not beat you today.” I have not eaten breakfast so I have no energy to beat you.

Su Rou looked at the sunlight outside and rushed out while gritting her teeth. The warm sunlight shone on her body and some of the coldness disappeared.

She ran out for a distance before she dared to look back. The ghost didn’t chase her.

Su Rou flagged down a taxi and said an address.

“Thank you, Taoist master.”

“You are welcome. Don’t let her go to any place that has strong Yin Qi.”

“Sure, sure.”

When Ming Shu came back after getting food from Shen Xianyue, she saw Mother Su sending Xie Hui out politely. The two of them exchanged greetings for a while before Mother Su sent Xie Hui to the elevator.

Xie Hui and Ming Shu stared at each other in the elevator.

“Ghosts also use the elevator?” Xie Hui asked curiously.

“Too lazy to float.” Floating wastes my energy.


Ming Shu waited for Xie Hui to go and was ready to press the b.u.t.ton to make the elevator get back. Suddenly, a hand reached out and blocked the door of the elevator. Xie Hui popped his face in. “What are you doing here? Do you have any evil plans?”

“What does that have to do with you?”

“I am a Taoist master!” Xie Hui patted his chest. “My job is to ensure the safety of the human world and protect humans.”

“Hehe…” Why don’t you say that your job is to save the universe and be a superhero?

“What are you laughing at?” Xie Hui was displeased. “Aren’t you here to investigate the issue concerning the packages? Have you finished investigating it?”

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