Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 402 - Yin Yang Delivery (8)

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Chapter 402: Yin Yang Delivery (8)

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Spirit guides were all under the Yin Yang Delivery company, which meant that Ming Shu was in charge of them.

Not working?

Why is there such a thing among the spirit guides?

“Why didn’t you appeal to the authorities?”

“I did.” Shen Xianyue’s tone was indifferent. “But the authorities said that this person got in through the backdoor and didn’t change him out.”

“…” Are all the ghosts in h.e.l.l so blatant?

So honest!

Getting in through the backdoor so blatantly. You have a good future ahead of you!

Normally, the appointment of a spirit guide was the responsibility of Yin Yang Delivery. But now, the overall boss of Yin Yang Delivery was here. There was nothing wrong with finding Ming Shu directly.

“Master, if you really can’t change him, can I request for another spirit guide? If any issues happen in my area, I will not be able to handle everything.” Just like this time.

Dong Hua City was really big. The small villages around the city were also her responsibility. Sometimes, she would be unable to rest for a few days. Even as a spirit guide, her body was still a human body. She was not able to live without any rest.

There was really no other option for her. Hence, she told Ming Shu about it once she was here.

Ming Shu popped two beans into her mouth. “What is this person called?”

For the sake of the food she gave me, I will help her this time.

“Ling Yan.”

“Ling Yan…” This name sounds very familiar. Ming Shu thought for a while but couldn’t recall any useful information. She said, “Ask him to come.”

Shen Xianyue hesitated before nodding and disappearing into the air.

The moment Shen Xianyue disappeared, Su Tong walked into the room with Mother Su.

“Tong Tong, don’t think too much. Have a good rest. You just recovered.”

“Mother… they’re all dead.” Su Tong covered her face with her hands. Tears fell through the gaps. She was devastated. “They were all my cla.s.smates, people whom I interacted with every day.”

“Tong Tong, Tong Tong, look at me.” Mother Su consoled Su Tong. “This is not your fault. It was not easy for you to stay alive. Don’t be sad.”

Su Tong didn’t have the energy to care about the two ghosts in her room. She slept after she became too tired from crying.

In the middle of the night, Su Tong woke up from a nightmare. She saw a b.l.o.o.d.y Little Red handing in front of her. Little Red had dug her eyes out to play. When Su Tong opened her eyes suddenly, Little Red looked at her with her empty eye sockets.

The scene was very scary.

One human and one ghost stared at each other.


Su Tong screamed and threw her pillow over.

The pillow pa.s.sed through Little Red’s body and fell on the floor. Su Tong seemed to have regained her composure. She patted her chest to calm down.


The hand that was on the table slipped. Ming Shu looked up. “Miss Su, if you want to shout, just once is enough. Have you gotten addicted to shouting? And you, why are you scaring her? Get down.”

The second part was directed at Little Red.

Little Red flew behind Su Tong and peeked out behind Ming Shu vigilantly. Su Tong’s face was also pale. The human and the ghost were almost hugging each other.

Ming Shu: “…”

She turned around. There was a strange round thing squatting on the window sill. It looked like an animal, but seemed like a human too. The Yin Qi around the shadow had materialized into a solid form.

The strangest thing was, she could only see the ball of Yin Qi, but couldn’t feel it.

The shadow grew longer. A pair of legs appeared and then the waist, followed by the shoulders…

After that, the shadow became a person. The Yin Qi was sucked into his body and disappeared.

The man was bathed in moonlight. His dark eyes were cold and sinister. The moment he appeared, the air around them froze. It caused people to stop breathing.

“Hey, An Ge, why did you call for me?” There was impatience on the man’s handsome face. However, he said her name in a familiar manner as though he had said it many times. “Did the old man ask you to come?”

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“Ling Yan?” Ming Shu raised her eyes and sized him up.

However, he didn’t do anything after he came out. He just walked around h.e.l.l and caused the little ghosts to scream in shock. After that, he went into the king of h.e.l.l’s palace.

Then, he made some deal with the king of h.e.l.l and was sent to the human world.

No wonder this ghost was so powerful. An Ge didn’t have many memories of him. This was because after he climbed out of the 19th level, he didn’t do anything. He was so quiet people started to forget about him.

“The king of h.e.l.l had three criteria. Have you forgotten?”

Number one: He can’t harm any humans. As long as the living thing didn’t do anything wrong, he can’t harm them.

Number two: Do his job as a spirit guide well. If not, he cannot stay in the human world.

Number three: Cla.s.sified.

The third one was a private deal between the king of h.e.l.l and Ling Yan. Besides the two of them, no one knew what it was.

Ling Yan’s face got longer. His eyes were deep and he said in a low voice, “Are you threatening me?”

“I am just asking you to do what you are supposed to do.” Ming Shu shrugged. “If not, the king of h.e.l.l might call you back.”

This ghost seemed to hate h.e.l.l.

Ling Yan stared at her silently. After a while, he scoffed and left.

He had been in the human world for so long. None of the spirit guides dared to complain about him, but this time, someone did.

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Ling Yan.]

Ming Shu: “…”

Why are you telling me this when the ghost has already left!

The Harmony System must be an idiot.

[…] Why doesn’t I have the function of deducting the Guest’s points? Nevermind, let me show her some images of goblins fighting to calm her down.

Ming Shu: “…”

Can I request to change systems?

This system always shows me censored scenes of goblins fighting!

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