Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 401 - Yin Yang Delivery (7)

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Chapter 401: Yin Yang Delivery (7)

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Su Rou turned around and poured a gla.s.s of water for Su Tong. When her back was facing Su Tong, she took the chance to pour some powder into the water.

Ming Shu finished the last bite of bread. She raised her hand and a whisp of Ying Qi flew over. Su Rou’s fingers froze and the gla.s.s shattered onto the floor.

Su Rou felt her hair standing on end. She felt as if she was being watched, but she saw no one.

The evil ghost is still here?

“Big sister?” Su Tong looked at Su Rou strangely. She asked with concern, “Are you okay?”

Su Rou regained her composure. “I’m okay. It slipped from my hands. I will clean it now.”

Su Rou didn’t dare to make any other moves. She was not sure what the thing hiding in the dark wanted. If she provoked it, nothing good would come out of it.

If it came for Su Tong, that would be the best case scenario.

Su Rou was worried that it wouldn’t be good for her to stay here and thus, she found an excuse and left. Su Tong was scared, but didn’t suspect her.

The next day, Su Tong’s mother came. With Su Tong’s mother around, Su Rou didn’t dare to do anything to her. She played her good older sister character well every day.

Some police came to look for Su Tong. Su Tong told them about what happened on the bus, but it was similar to what other people said. There was no useful information.

At that time, Su Tong still had the jade with her so she didn’t see anything.

Su Tong stayed at the hospital for a few days. Ming Shu and Little Red stayed with her too. After being together for these few days, the ghosts didn’t do anything to Su Tong and Su Tong was not so scared of them anymore.

On the other hand, whenever Su Rou came, there would be weird happenings, but it wasn’t a huge problem.

“Why are you always eating? Aren’t you a ghost?” Little Red wanted to ask Ming Shu for very long, but she was scared of Ming Shu so she didn’t dare to ask her.

Today, she couldn’t take it anymore. She must ask her.

What kind of ghost hugs snacks every day and eats them?

They were not hungry ghosts.

A ghost of her status should be sucking in Ying Qi to increase her power. Why does she need these low-level things?

“You should know best whether I am a ghost or not.” Ming Shu glanced at Little Red. Little Red snickered. Ming Shu suddenly grabbed onto her collar. “As an evil ghost, how do you maintain such a clear conscience?”

Normally, an evil ghost would not be so clear-headed. However, this evil ghost’s mind was very clear.

Little Red got scared. “I don’t know… I was always like that. Maybe I am a natural?”

Little Red didn’t lie this time. Although she was an evil ghost, she knew that she was different from other evil ghosts. This might be the reason why that thing found her.

In the ward, Su Tong’s mother was packing her things. She suddenly proclaimed, “Huh?” and hurriedly showed Su Tong an item. “Tong Tong, why is this jade broken?”

“When I woke up, it was already broken,” Su Tong said in a small voice. She knew that this jade was given by a Taoist master and because of this jade, she was unable to see ghosts.

“Why didn’t you tell us such an important thing?” Mother Su was very anxious. “Did you see anything?”

Su Tong glanced at Ming Shu and Little Red. “Not yet.”

She didn’t want her mother to worry and also, besides these two ghosts, she really didn’t see any others.

Mother Su heaved a sigh of relief.

Luckily she didn’t see any.

Su Tong asked cautiously, “Mother, can it be repaired?”

“Should be…” Mother Su was not sure either. She hesitated. “I will bring it around tomorrow.”

If her daughter couldn’t see those things, that would be for the best. If she could…

“Mother, little sister, the car is here. Let’s go.” Su Rou stood outside the door and called them. Her gaze landed on the jade in Mother Su’s hand and her expression froze. After that, she pretended that she didn’t see anything and shifted her gaze. “Mother, let’s make some nice food for my little sister today. She must have not eaten anything nice in the hospital. I’ll go buy some ingredients later.”

Mother Su put away the jade and acknowledged her. Then, she continued inquiring about Su Tong’s well-being.

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Su Rou bit her lip and went to take the bags.

Ming Shu stood behind them and looked through the crowd at Xie Hui. Xie Hui saw her at the same time and he gave a bitter smile. Who knew that this would happen?

He had tried his best to save those people.

Ming Shu floated into the crowd.

Human hearts are evil.

So evil that they can say “why didn’t you die” to a child who just experienced death.

Just because their child died.

So you should be dead too.

Ming Shu held Su Tong’s hand. Su Tong shivered in fear and then she felt the oppressive aura in front of her disappearing.

An invisible power cleared a path for them. Mother Su cried and ran out with Su Tong.

Su Tong realized that Ming Shu and Little Red followed her the entire way. She saw many ghosts on the way. Some floated toward her, but then didn’t dare to move forward anymore.

Maybe it was because of the two ghosts…

They were not bad, actually.

Su Tong thought to herself.

With the Su family…

“Master.” Shen Xianyue suddenly appeared.

Little Red instantly floated away. She was afraid that Shen Xianyue would pack her up and send her to h.e.l.l.

“What’s the matter?” Ming Shu leaned against Su Tong’s study table and looked at the night scene outside the window.

“Master, you know that each district has two spirit guides. Dong Hua City is no exception. However, the other spirit guide… has not been working for a long time. I want to appeal to have another spirit guide be in charge of this area with me. If not, I might not be able to handle all the work.”

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