Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 4 - Gossip Queen (4)

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Chapter 4: Gossip Queen (4)

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Finally, Ming Shu firmly walked toward the props crew.

As a villain-opposed protagonist, how could she have a meal with Ning Keqing! She was professional, so she wouldn’t go even if she was invited.

En… I won’t go.

“Sister Jiang Nian…” Tian Yuan grabbed the food-oriented Ming Shu who was ready to rob the props crew. “Sister Aileen called, you’re in trouble!”

“Eh?” What trouble? What trouble could I get into? I haven’t eaten enough! I’m hungry, I want to eat.

Tian Yuan took Ming Shu back to the break room, leaving behind Ning Keqing who had on a strange expression.

Tian Yuan gave the cell phone to Ming Shu. Ming Shu glanced at Tian Yuan, currently blocking the door, and unwillingly answered the call. “h.e.l.lo?”

The caller was waiting on Ming Shu. As soon as Ming Shu answered, a sharp female voice emerged from the cell phone. “Jiang Nian, whenever I don’t watch you, you cause trouble for me. Did you go crazy yesterday? You directly bullied a newcomer at the film set. Do you know how those journalists like to report? Do you think you’re not popular enough?”

“Well, I won’t bully her at the film set next time.”


You mean you’re going to bully her someplace else?

Aileen couldn’t be more angry. Jiang Nian was excellent and had been fostered by Aileen when she’d just entered s...o...b..z. And as Aileen had expected, Jiang Nian became popular and eye-catching soon enough, and the company decided to propagandize her.

At first, the company wanted to establish a pure and innocent idol image for her. And things really went on as they had planned. However, at some point they couldn’t quite recall, Jiang Nian began to be gossiped about alongside other male stars.

They could have explained the first rumors away as an accident, the ones that followed as fate. But what about one after another, continuously?

Jiang Nian was gossiped about every three to five days. At first, Aileen felt troubled and tried to deal with it, warning Jiang Nian. But it didn’t work and Jiang Nian still did what she wanted.

Eventually she came to be called the Gossip Queen. As long as there was no photographic evidence, the company would let Jiang Nian go. Regardless, more love-related gossip would continue to circulate.

How about now?

She was not involved in romantic rumors now, but instead was caught openly bullying a newcomer!

Was she going to crown the headlines in a whole other way?

“Jiang Nian, tell me the truth, are you in any trouble?” Aileen asked, restraining her anger. Jiang Nian was tactful; she never offended others on her own initiative. And if somebody offended her, the company would deal with it for her.

So, logically, she wouldn’t have had a need to bully a newcomer at the film set yesterday.

Ming Shu, holding the cell phone, sat down and said, “I’m in big trouble.”

Ailen was astonished and asked, “What’s the trouble?”

“I’m starving to death.”


Aileen was already prepared to hear some great secret and even thought it might be something like “I have a boyfriend,””I’m pregnant,” or “I killed somebody.” But she was told that Ming Shu was only hungry.

This can’t go on!

“Jiang Nian, don’t change the subject. Answer my question, why did you bully Ning Keqing?” Aileen’s voice shook with the force of her anger. “Do you know what those journalists wrote about you? They said that you used your higher status to bully a newcomer, that you have no morals. She’s only a newcomer. When and how did she offend you so, that you needed to counterattack in person?”

“There is no reason. Bullying is bullying.” Ming Shu held her chin in her hand, lips curled, and said, “I just bullied her. And I will bully her tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and in the future.”


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Aileen sensed that things were going to get worse. Does Ming Shu have a brain problem? After a moment of silence, she asked Ming Shu to give the cell phone to Tian Yuan and then hung up once she’d pa.s.sed on some instructions.

Ming Shu smiled and said, “Please get out of the way.”

“Sister Jiang Nian, I…” Ning Keqing stared at her, delicate and touching in her sincerity. “I really didn’t mean to. Please don’t be angry with me. I’ll explain everything to those journalists.”

“Okay then, go. Be quick about it, otherwise the heat will die down.” Ming Shu kept smiling all the while.

Ning Keqing felt surprised in her heart. She stepped forward as if she wanted to hold onto Ming Shu, but before she could even touch her, she fell toward the ground suddenly.

In the next second, Ming Shu felt a faint and cool breeze.

Ning Keqing was caught by a man.

Great. Is this man fleet-footed? He actually caught her. It’s a pity he’s not an athlete.

The man was tall and, from head to foot, emitted a certain vibe: I have money. Lots of money.

Standing next to him, one would feel oppressed. He helped Ning Keqing steady herself and looked at Ming Shu sharply.

He was Ning Keqing’s Money Boss, Li Shaonan.

He was extremely handsome and powerful. Such a man was a woman’s dream lover.

As soon as he showed up, all suddenly became quiet as if someone pushed the stop b.u.t.ton.

Ming Shu smiled at Li Shaonan and spoke first. “Miss Ning, don’t fall over like that when you try to frame someone next time. I suggest you face down so it’ll be easier to gain others’ sympathy without being obvious. How can you frame others successfully without hurting yourself, am I right?” ->

No one could detect any irony or anger in her words, only a slight smile. It seemed she was really advising Ning Keqing sincerely.

“Jiang Nian… I didn’t try anything like that,” Ning Keqing denied, distressed.

“Jiang Nian?” The man put his arm around Ning Keqing’s shoulders and asked, “It was you who poured juice on her yesterday, right?” His voice was low and his eyes gleamed from time to time.

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