Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 399 - Yin Yang Delivery (5)

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Chapter 399: Yin Yang Delivery (5)

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Xie Hui raised the mahogany sword and rushed over. Ming Shu stopped him. Xie Hui shouted, “Watch me capture this little ghost!”

Ming Shu threw him back., “Are you done?”

Xie Hui coughed and tidied his clothes. He flicked his fringe. “I will let you go today.”

The red ghost: “…”

Ming Shu: “…”


“Why didn’t you capture her?” Xie Hui turned around and faced Ming Shu. “This is an evil ghost. I sense that she is at least 200 years old.”

Ming Shu smiled and walked past him, into the car. The red ghost obediently followed behind her and even smiled at Xie Hui.

Xie Hui felt the wind blowing coldly around him. He raised his mahogany sword and scanned the surroundings. He went up to the car while muttering some stuff.

The red ghost sat quietly in the back seat. Ming Shu held her fruit and continued eating it. She had been eating fruits the entire night. Is it infinite?

Xie Hui started the car and drove. However, they hadn’t gone far before it stopped again.

There were lights in front of them. A bus was in the middle of the road. Its oil was leaking onto the road and there were sparks flying not far away. It would explode at any moment.

All around the car, there was Ying Qi, just like with the red ghost.

The red ghost received Ming Shu’s gaze and shuddered while explaining, “Before you all came, I felt that there was a little girl in the bus that looked delicious, so I just…”

Who knew that before she could strike, this demon Ming Shu would appear. The bus was left behind.

Ming Shu thought for a while and got down from the car.

This was a pa.s.senger bus. From the outside, you couldn’t see anything inside. They didn’t know if the people inside were dead or unconscious.

“Help!” Xie Hui dialed on his cellphone as he charged forward with his mahogany sword.

Ming Shu leaned against the car door and ordered the red female ghost, “Go and get the little girl which you said looks delicious.”

The red ghost acknowledged her and floated out of the car.

Huala . The window shattered. Soon after, a girl in a white dress floated out of the window. Xie Hui was panting heavily as he looked for people on the bus. When he saw the red ghost taking a person out so easily, he got so angry he almost vomited blood. Why was the difference between a human and a ghost so huge?

The girl in the white dress had her eyes closed. She seemed to be in pain. She held a piece of broken jade in her hand. The red female ghost looked at the little girl greedily.

“Do you like her?”

A gentle voice sounded. The red ghost quickly nodded her head. She almost drooled. “Yes, the smell of her body is like a tonic.”

Ming Shu stroked the loose hair on the girl’s face and smiled at the red ghost. “Very good. Take good care of her. If she loses a single hair on her head, I will break your legs.”

This is the female protagonist. She might even be able to cook nice meals.

It is already hard being a ghost. I must find something nice to eat.

The red ghost looked at the girl smiling brightly in front of her. She felt the evil intentions behind her smile.

She knew that she liked this human, but she still asked her to look after her. What grudge does she have!

The red female ghost took care of the female protagonist while salivating. Ming Shu stood outside and watched Xie Hui pulling people out of the bus.

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“Come down and help!”

“I will contact you if I have anything,” Ming Shu interrupted Shen Xianyue. She turned around and smiled. “Remember to burn delicious things for me every day. The more, the merrier. Don’t forget.”

“… Okay.”

Ming Shu floated into the hospital. The red ghost poofed and chased after Ming Shu.

The Ying Qi at the hospital was very heavy. The red ghost loved this place. She kept bobbing up and down.

“Where is the girl?”

“Already transferred to a ward. There are no serious problems.” The red ghost floated in front of Ming Shu and led the way.

Xie Hui sat outside the ward and accepted the police’s interrogation. He saw Ming Shu bringing the red female ghost into the ward and stood up instinctively.

It was already strange enough for a ghost from h.e.l.l to team up with an evil ghost. However, he remembered that she was An Ge and he calmed down.

In the ward…

Su Tong lay on the bed with a pale face. She was taking some infusions. There were a few ghosts in the room. When Ming Shu entered, the bunch of little ghosts felt some ghost more powerful than them had appeared and they shrank into a corner.

There seemed to be nothing wrong. The female protagonist’s jade got broken and that was why the little ghosts discovered her.

“Is my sister okay? Why was there a car accident?”

A male’s and female’s voices sounded from outside.

“Watch over her and don’t allow other ghosts to get near her. Do you understand?”

A ghost must lower her head when living under the same building.

The red ghost acknowledged this.

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