Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 398 - Yin Yang Delivery (4)

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Chapter 398: Yin Yang Delivery (4)

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The journey was still very peaceful. It was just that Xie Hui talked too much.

When the car drove into Dong Hua City, Ming Shu winded down the car window. The night wind blew in from the window and stroked against Xie Hui as it flowed past Ming Shu. It was cold and Xie Hui shivered.

When they first entered Dong Hua City, the road was deserted. There were no other cars in sight.

In the distance, there was a fog. It got thicker steadily.

Ming Shu’s mouth curled up slowly. Here it is.

Xie Hui seemed to have noticed something too. He held the mahogany sword in his hand and looked at the fog in front of him vigilantly.

When the car entered the fog, the scenery in front of Ming Shu changed. Xie Hui disappeared too.

She was standing in a place that looked like an old city. The buildings around her were all very low and the people were wearing clothes from ancient days. Everyone walked in the same direction as though there was something interesting over there.

Ming Shu stood there and didn’t move. She looked into the air. “Let me give you one chance. Show yourself.”

Nothing changed. The people still walked in a single direction.

“Very well.”

She lifted her hand and drew a circle in the air. Ying Qi gathered in the circle and the images started vanishing. It seemed as though the energy that was maintaining the scene was being sucked out.

Darkness struck and engulfed Ming Shu.

A red, female ghost suddenly appeared and pounced on Ming Shu viciously.

Ming Shu just raised her hand and easily grabbed the wrist of the red ghost. A wisp of Ying Qi tangled toward her and the red ghost groaned. “Ah!”

Ming Shu slammed her onto the ground. The red ghost’s head was detached. It rolled twice and stopped somewhere nearby.

She stared with wide eyes at Ming Shu, unable to believe that she lost so easily.

The red ghost was not convinced. She picked herself up without her head and struck at Ming Shu again.

Ming Shu raised her leg and kicked her. The red ghost flew out once again and couldn’t move after that. She felt like a huge rock was on top of her.

“You… what are you?” the head of the female ghost said. Blood was flowing down her face, but her voice was shaking. She had felt Ming Shu’s power from the two blows just now.

She was not human, but she was different from the ghosts she met before…

Ming Shu let her go disgustedly. “Pick up your head and put it back. You look so scary.”

The female ghost: “…” Who was the one who made her lose her head!

The red ghost felt herself being released. She thought about it and decided not to retaliate. She went on all fours and climbed over to pick up her head.

“Clean the blood on your face. It’s making me lose my appet.i.te.”

The red ghost shivered in fear. Appet.i.te… was she planning to eat her?

The red ghost wanted to run away. She turned around and immediately b.u.mped into a ball of… some ice cold thing. Her entire ghostly body fell onto the ground again.

The red ghost was totally convinced now. She shivered as she wiped the blood off her face and revealed a delicate and pretty visage. However, because she was an evil ghost, her forehead was filled with evil aura and it didn’t look harmonious.

Ming Shu was not afraid that she would run away again. She took out a fruit and bit into it. “Did you s.n.a.t.c.h all the spirits?”

The red ghost was afraid of Ming Shu, but her gaze flew around furiously. The next second, a cold hand wrapped around her neck. “Think carefully before you answer me. My mood is bad right now. I came here in the middle of the night.”

Ming Shu took another bite of her fruit.

The red ghost felt that there was not much energy in the hand that was around her neck. Yet, she didn’t have any strength to run away. Just now, she felt a scary aura emanating from the person in front of her.

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The red ghost shivered fervently. She shook her head with much effort and then nodded her head again.

I can kill a ghost!

The red ghost groaned. “I really don’t know who he is. I’m just greedy for the power he can give me. He even said that he would help me get revenge. That was why I helped him. I know nothing else.”

The female ghost should be telling the truth this time.

Ming Shu let her go and the red ghost distanced herself from Ming Shu. Ming Shu raised her hand and went to capture her. The female ghost kneeled down immediately. “Master, although I don’t know who he is, I can recognize him if I see him. No, if he comes close, I can detect him. Master, I am telling the truth.”

She didn’t want to die.

No way!

Ming Shu thought about it. “Will you run away?”

“I won’t dare to. I won’t dare to run away, Master.” The red ghost shook her head vigorously. Why would she dare to run now!

Ming Shu smiled and nodded. “Yes, if you dare to run, I will break your legs.”

The female ghost: “…” She could put her legs back even if she broke them.

Ming Shu ate the last of her fruit and smiled even brighter. “The legs I break might not be able to be put back.”

I am different from other ghosts.


The red ghost didn’t dare to have any other thoughts. She stood obediently in front of Ming Shu.

“There is another person in my car. Bring him back.”

The darkness around Ming Shu disappeared and she came back to the road she was at. She was now standing in the middle of the road. The car was stopped nearby and its lights were on. The lights shone on a haggard figure who was swinging a mahogany sword haphazardly.

Xie Hui seemed to have felt something. He turned around and pointed the mahogany sword in Ming Shu’s direction. He shouted, “You little ghost, how dare you scheme against me!”

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