Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 397 - Yin Yang Delivery (3)

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Chapter 397: Yin Yang Delivery (3)

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In a brightly lit room, Ming Shu sat on a genuine leather sofa and ate the food that Shen Xianyue gave her.

Xie Hui walked around in the living room. This man was very young and laidback. He didn’t look like a Taoist master.

He kept clicking his tongue as though he hated rich people. “I didn’t know that spirit guides were so wealthy.”

He just finished speaking when the door— kacha.

Shen Xianyue’s body shook for a second, only a second. She quickly regained her composure and looked toward the door.

A man walked in with a few people. He looked at Shen Xianyue and frowned slightly. His tone was unhappy. “You are bringing home random people again.”

The man was very young and quite handsome. His aura was impressive and he was dressed like a successful person.

“Hey, what are you saying?” Xie Hui was also unhappy. He refuted, “Who are random people? Do you know who I am?”

The man looked cold and displayed his displeasure. “I don’t care who you are. I only know that this is the Shen family’s place.”

“Boss Shen, there is one more hour till the flight…”

Shen Ying didn’t say anything else and went up to the second floor. The people he brought back stood at the door and waited for him.

He came down quickly and looked past Ming Shu to Xie Hui. Obviously, he couldn’t see Ming Shu.

Shen Xianyue stood beside the sofa and looked at Shen Xianyue as he came down. Shen Ying walked past while looking straight ahead.

“Hey, I remember that only people without family members will be chosen as spirit guides, right?” Xie Hui leaned toward Ming Shu and whispered.

Shen Xianyue looked down before finally running forward. “… You.”

Shen Ying turned around and looked at her.

Shen Xianyue panicked for a moment. “Be careful.”

Shen Xianyue continued to stare at her, waiting for her to continue. However, Shen Xianyue didn’t open her mouth again.

Shen Ying walked out of the door under the hastening of his men.

“Spirit guides have no blood-related family members,” Ming Shu said softly.

This was to prevent spirit guides from using their status and power to do things that were beyond redemption.

“The Shen family…” Xie Hui muttered and fell into deep thought. Suddenly, he changed the topic. “What was the issue you all were talking about?”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t be here.” Ming Shu continued eating.

“You all don’t have any clues at all? How did they disappear? Where did they disappear? No evidence whatsoever?”


It was Shen Xianyue who answered him.

Ming Shu was present so she didn’t dare to sit down. She said each word carefully: “We only know that they disappeared after entering Dong Hua City.”

Ming Shu thought for a while. “How long has the most recent one disappeared for?”

“Three days.”

“Then there will be many packages piled up, right?”

Shen Xianyue nodded. She thought that Ming Shu wanted to ask her how she kept the packages and answered, “I sealed them properly so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Ming Shu took the fruit and got up. She took a bite. “Get the car ready; we will go and take the packages.”

The limitations of a spirit guide were strict. Shen Xianyue couldn’t leave the city. Hence, in the end, Xie Hui shamelessly got into the car with the logo Yin Yang Delivery with Ming Shu.

The main reason was that Ming Shu needed a driver. Xie Hui offered his service and he got the job.

“Master An Ge, be careful. I will wait for you at Dong Hua City.”

Ming Shu waved her hand. “Burn more food for me.”

Shen Xianyue: “…”

The car left Dong Hua City. The surroundings were very quiet. Occasionally, a car would drive past them.

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“An Ge?” Xie Hui looked at the steering wheel. He was curious. “Is it the An Ge that I heard about?”

Xie Hui pushed against the car window and looked outside. He seemed very curious about how Yin Yang Delivery worked.

The male spirit guide carried the boxes onto the car easily.

The female spirit guide stood beside Master An Ge. “Master An Ge, did you find anything? Is there anything we can help with?”

Although that issue happened within Dong Hua City, it affected them too.

“Nope, I am just collecting packages.” Ming Shu smiled. “Who knows, maybe I will meet that psychopath?”

The female spirit guide saw the smile on Ming Shu’s face and reacted the same way as any other ghost: as though she had seen a ghost!

Thinking about it, Shen Xianyue was the most composed one.

“Master An Ge…” The female spirit guide swallowed and asked daringly, “There is a human in your car. Why are you with a human…”

The female spirit guide could no longer continue her question. Ming Shu’s smile was getting brighter.

Ming Shu opened the car door and got into the car. A gentle voice came from within the car. “I needed a driver.”


Needed a driver?

Ghosts don’t need… to drive, right?

Ming Shu went to two other areas before moving toward Dong Hua City.

“Are you planning to lure that thing out? Have you considered the feelings of the spirits?”

“My mission is to investigate the issue and uncover the truth. It is not to ensure the safety of the spirits beneath me.”

“You…” So in her eyes, these spirits are all props? Xie Hui looked at the young girl beside him. “Are the ghosts from h.e.l.l all like this? You all don’t care about the innocent spirits. They might be unable to reincarnate. They are not evil spirits.”

Ming Shu smiled harmlessly. “You can go down and ask them.”

Xie Hui: “…”

How could a human like him go down there without dying?

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