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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 396 - Yin Yang Delivery (2)

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Chapter 396: Yin Yang Delivery (2)

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When Ming Shu reached Dong Hua City, it was already midnight. The big, bright moon hung high up in the sky. Stars shone and everything seemed desolate.

She stood along the empty streets. Occasionally, little ghosts would float past her and look at her with dazed expressions.

Spirit guides would not take the spirits away the minute people died. The spirits had seven days on earth. After seven days, if the spirits had not found their way to h.e.l.l, the spirit guides would come out to guide them.

Ming Shu’s mood was not good. She was considering what snacks she should eat.

She was a ghost now!

She needed someone to burn snacks for her to eat.

Where on earth would she find someone to burn snacks for her?

Just as Ming Shu was thinking about this important issue, a calm voice suddenly sounded.

“Master An Ge.”

A young girl appeared out of nowhere. Her hands were folded in front of her chest and her long black hair flowed down her shoulders. She stood in the shadows with an indifferent look.

She was the spirit guide of Dong Hua City—Shen Xianyue.

“Tell me about the situation.” Ming Shu strode forward.

Shen Xianyue followed behind respectfully. She had an anxious look on her face, as though she was going to meet an evil spirit of a hundred years. Her voice was cold and you couldn’t hear any emotions in it.

“One month ago, the delivery ghost that was supposed to come and collect the packages didn’t appear. I contacted the spirit guide from the city before me and he said that the delivery ghost had left his territory.”

Shen Xianyue searched the entire Dong Hua City but didn’t manage to find the delivery ghost. She suspected that something had happened so she reported it to the authorities.

The authorities sent other ghosts to come and investigate. There were no results.

However, the packages needed to be collected so a new delivery ghost was sent over.

Yet, the new delivery ghost disappeared after a while too. Similar to the one before, the delivery ghost vanished after entering the territory of Dong Hua City.

It happened four times. This was the fifth time.

That was why the authorities sent An Ge to come and investigate the issue.

Delivery ghosts were responsible for collecting the packages that contained spirits. A single delivery ghost needed to go to a few cities. You could imagine the number of spirits he had.

“Did anything strange happen recently?” Ming Shu tilted her head and looked at a little ghost squatting in a corner. The Ying Qi of the little ghost was very heavy. He murdered someone in the past.

Ming Shu could tell with one look. This might be the ability of the Host.

The little ghost felt the aura emanating from Ming Shu and shivered in fear as he shrank into a corner.

Shen Xianyue replied with certainty, “No, there is nothing strange that happened recently.” If there was something wrong, she would have found out by now. The fact that there was nothing strange made the situation weirder.

She followed Ming Shu’s gaze. She raised her hand and made to capture the little ghost.

Spirit guides not only guided spirits, they had to take care of evil ghosts too.

“Little ghost, don’t run!”

A shout made Shen Xianyue stop her actions. A man wearing a shirt with a cross and beach pants appeared from the corner. He held a mahogany sword, which looked out of place on him, and pointed it at the little ghost while running toward it crazily.

The little ghost was afraid of An Ge and Shen Xianyue so he didn’t run away. He watched the man run toward him.

The man was puzzled. “Huh, what aren’t you running away?”

The little ghost: “…” There are two demons standing behind you. Only a crazy ghost will run away.

The man muttered something and raised his mahogany sword. Then he took out a symbol paper and placed it on the little ghost’s forehead.

The little ghost immediately became a wisp of green smoke. The symbol paper fell slowly to the ground.

“What is he doing?” Ming Shu asked Shen Xianyue.

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Shen Xianyue thought for a while. “He should be a Taoist master. The symbol paper is used to capture ghosts. As for the mahogany sword… it was just to seem impressive.”

Shen Xianyue’s face turned colder. She raised her hand and pressed down the mahogany sword.

The man felt that it was improper too and withdraw the mahogany sword. He raised his eyebrows and asked with some excitement, “What happened at Dong Hua City to startle those below?”

The man didn’t notice anything strange about Dong Hua City either.

The man was called Xie Hui.

A true breed Taoist master from Dong Hua City. According to him, he was really famous and little ghosts would shiver in fear when they heard his name.

“Strange?” Xie Hui stepped on the shadows and walked backward. “There is nothing strange here. Even the number of ghost became fewer.”

“The number of ghosts became fewer?” Ming Shu looked at Shen Xianyue.

Without waiting for Shen Xianyue’s reply, Xie Hui laughed. “Spirit guides can only detect ghosts that died within seven days and send them to h.e.l.l. If a ghost ran away, they wouldn’t be able to detect them unless they met on the streets. However, we’re different. Our duty is to catch ghosts no matter how long since they’ve died. Recently, the number of ghosts decreased. I only met one ghost after coming out in the middle of the night.”

Xie Hui felt gloomy after he finished speaking.

“I never noticed that,” Shen Xianyue said, “I was too busy investigating…”

“What are you investigating?” Xie Hui was curious.

What exactly happened to make someone from below come up?

Shen Xianyue couldn’t say it, but Ming Shu could. “The spirits that were supposed to be sent to h.e.l.l disappeared.”

Xie Hui was stunned. “Who dares to contest with h.e.l.l? Are they looking for death?”

“I’m very curious too.” Ming Shu nodded her head seriously. Then she turned and looked at Shen Xianyue. “Can you burn some food for me?”

The topic changed so fast, Shen Xianyue was surprised. There was a hint of expression on her poker face.

Does Master An Ge need to eat?

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