Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 395 - Yin Yang Delivery (1)

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Chapter 395: Yin Yang Delivery (1)

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#h.e.l.l Headline: An Ge Reconstructs h.e.l.l Whenever She Feels Like It#

Ming Shu was stunned.

She looked at the little ghosts in spirit form flying all over her as well as the numerous… delivery packages.

Are little ghosts becoming delivery men too?

Do they have licenses?

Every delivery package was only the size of a handphone. From the outside, they looked no different from an ordinary package. There was only a QR code on the packages.

The packages came in from a door that was shining dimly. There were four conveyor belts altogether.

Ming Shu noticed that there was a machine in front of some ghosts. The package would be moved over and the package’s information would show up on the screen.

The little ghosts looked up and glanced at the screen before distributing the packages. They would place them into different pa.s.sageways and they were sent somewhere.

On a black rock at the back, there was a logo that looked like a spirit as well the three words Yin Yang Delivery .

So high tech!

Ming Shu was astounded.

“Master An Ge, something happened in Dong Hua City again. The king of h.e.l.l asked you to take a look.”

A little ghost suddenly floated in front of Ming Shu. Her tone was impatient, but there was some fear in her eyes. “This is the fifth case this month. The king of h.e.l.l is very angry. You must resolve it properly.”

Ming Shu was in a daze. The only thing she understood was the name of the Host. She was called An Ge.

A… ghost.

“Master An Ge? Did you hear me?” The little ghost waved her hand in front of Ming Shu. Her voice sounded cautious.

“Yes.” Ming Shu smiled and acknowledged her. Although she didn’t know what was happening, she could not panic.

The little ghost looked as though she saw a ghost herself and floated backward.

Ming Shu looked at the little ghost, puzzled. The little ghost suddenly left hurriedly in the next second.

After she left, the little ghost patted her chest and cried to a nearby little ghost, “I saw Master An Ge smiling just now.”

The ghost that was beside her was shocked too. “Did you see wrongly?”

“How can I see wrong? Luckily I ran away fast enough.”

When An Ge appeared, all the ghosts would be anxious.

When An Ge smiled, all the ghosts would be destroyed.

These two sentences circulated among them. It was the truth.

“Oh my G.o.d, Master An Ge must be in a really bad mood!”

“Who knows? I saw Master An Ge standing there for a long time without moving. No ghost dared to provoke her either… Scared me to death.”

“Is it because of the issue at Dong Hua City?”

“I don’t know…”

The little ghost’s conversation fell into Ming Shu’s ears. Her mouth corners twitched. The Host seemed like a powerful person.

Based on past experience, she would be the boss of the villains so there was nothing wrong with being powerful.

Ming Shu didn’t even know what Dong Hua City was. She could only find a quiet place and download the storyline.

This was a supernatural world. The fake female protagonist was called Su Rou.

She was a ghost in h.e.l.l preparing to undergo torture, but an incident happened in h.e.l.l. This allowed Su Rou to escape from the place she was kept in. Just as well, the female protagonist was undergoing reincarnation. She managed to reincarnate with the female protagonist and they became twins.

Su Rou didn’t have a good time in her first life. She was sickly and there were always dirty things pestering her. Her parents also loved the female protagonist more. After that, she fell in love with the male protagonist, whom the female protagonist loved too, and because of the main female lead’s aura, Su Rou died a terrible death.

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However, when she died, she realized that she went back in time to when she was escaping from h.e.l.l.

After Su Rou killed the Taoist master, An Ge became her main target.

To kill Su Rou, An Ge created havoc in the whole city and was destroyed in the end by other Taoist masters.

Now, it was still early. The Host would meet Su Rou when she went to Dong Hua City this time.

Ming Shu came out of the corner. The little ghosts of Yin Yang Delivery looked over and then looked away, continuing with their business.

Yin Yang Delivery.

There were people dying everyday, but the number of spirit guides was limited. Every time they went out to bring back spirits for reincarnation, they would get really tired.

In order to complete the mission better, h.e.l.l learned from the ground and founded Yin Yang Delivery.

The spirit guides outside only needed to put the spirits into the packages and used Yin Yang Delivery to deliver them back to h.e.l.l.

With Yin Yang Delivery, work efficiency was increased and spirit guides had an easier time. After that, they continued upgrading their system. For example, the use of QR codes. You only needed to scan the QR code to know what the spirit did throughout their life and whether the spirit should reincarnate or go to h.e.l.l. The past ten lives and the future ten lives were all written clearly.

There was also the red packet lucky draw. People who had done many good deeds and earned many merits in their life could use merits and exchange them for an opportunity to take part in the lucky draw. As for what you would get, it all depended on your luck. They marketed it as though every prize was something precious.

To h.e.l.l, merits were more precious.

People that were lucky could get some things, but most people would only get what they deserved. This meant that it made no difference if they didn’t partic.i.p.ate, but they still looked as though they had won a treasure.

That was why it was said the red packets was a big scam by the company.

Of course, the ghosts in h.e.l.l didn’t think so. They kept perfecting the scam… no, the whole system, and even aimed to develop more scams in order to let the spirits reincarnate happily.

There were rules in h.e.l.l. Merits could be exchanged for your next life. This was legal. Hence, their actions were just changing the way of telling spirits what they should do for their next life. It was legal and there was no issue of them lying to their ghost consumer.

And An Ge…

Was the overall manager of Yin Yang Delivery.

There was a very serious problem now—

What should I eat?

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