Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 393 - Full Time Evil Merchant (40)

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Chapter 393: Full Time Evil Merchant (40)

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The next day, the system finished updating. Skull groaned that his marriage with Flower Protector couldn’t be undone. This was because the string of fate they got was different from the string of fate after the update.

Essentially, you could get married to a pig with this string, but you would not be able to get a divorce unless you deleted your account.

Skull was hopeless. Under the attacks of the First Level, he decided to jump into the river to calm himself down.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: You… are you still angry?

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: I am busy maintaining my spot as the number one wealthiest man. I have no time to bother with you. Don’t talk to me.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: I am sorry. Don’t be angry. Open the door for me.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Just stay outside.

Ming Shu closed the private chat and glanced at the door. She continued earning money.

There are still many snacks waiting for me to buy and pamper them.


A sudden sound came from the door. Ming Shu’s hand jerked and the ugly hunk was beaten to death by the monster.

Sounds kept coming from outside. Ming Shu listened and felt that something was wrong. She put down her laptop and hurriedly opened the door.

In the corridor, the laptop was dropped on the ground. Its screen was cracked. Two people were entangled together. Liu Yan pinned Shu Lin onto the ground viciously with a knife in her hand. The tip of the knife was pointing at Shu Lin’s chest.

When Ming Shu came out, Liu Yan turned her head and stared at her angrily.

“Lan Zhi!”

Ming Shu smiled as though she didn’t see the scene in front of her. “Liu Yan, you are killing people at my doorstep now. Why don’t you just kill him at the police station?”

Liu Yan let go of Shu Lin and struggled to get up. She pointed the knife at Ming Shu and charged over.

“I will kill you!”

Liu Yan shouted crazily. She wanted to kill this girl. She destroyed everything that she had. She could have lived happily, but because of this evil woman, her life was destroyed. Kill her. Kill her!

Ming Shu just raised her hand and grabbed Liu Yan’s wrist. The knife couldn’t move another inch.

“People that kill me always regret it in the end.” Ming Shu looked into her eyes. The next moment, Liu Yan was thrown over her shoulder.

Liu Yan’s knife was kicked away by Ming Shu. When she lost her knife, Liu Yan started to shout crazily.

“You b.i.t.c.h Lan Zhi! I will kill you. Why did you do all this to me? Why?! I just want to… be together with him! Why must you do this to me?”

Ming Shu looked down and smiled gently. She lowered her body and whispered into her ear, “No reason. I’m just completing my mission.”

Liu Yan couldn’t understand what she was saying. Behind the craziness in her eyes, there was a tinge of puzzlement.

But she hated her.

She just wanted to be with Xiao Jinghan. What did she do wrong?

[Liu Yan’s Hatred Points are full.]

Ming Shu chutted and knocked Liu Yan unconscious. She turned around and looked at Shu Lin.

Shu Lin lay on the floor. His face was a bit pale and looked frightened. He grabbed his elbow. There was blood seeping out from between his fingers, staining his white T-shirt red.

Ming Shu held him up. “Is it painful?”

“Painful…” Shu Lin’s lips trembled. Mist formed in his eyes.

“You deserve it.” You did it to yourself. She didn’t believe that he didn’t have any power to retaliate.

If someone wanted to be stabbed, she couldn’t do anything about it.

Ming Shu brought him into her apartment and then called the police. The police arrived quickly. The camera took down the whole scene. Liu Yan came out of the elevator with a knife and stabbed Shu Lin without any hesitation. Shu Lin blocked the first attack using the laptop, but the laptop was smashed to the ground thereafter. The second time, he was stabbed in his arm.

Liu Yan was apprehended, but before she could say anything, she went crazy.

Ming Shu heard that Ge Chenhao took Liu Yan away. After that, she never heard or saw Liu Yan and Ge Chenhao again.

At the hospital…

“Will this leave a scar?” Shu Lin looked at the bandage on his arm and said to Ming Shu in a troubled tone, “I don’t want to have any scars. It’s so ugly.”

“I think it looks good.”

“Which part of it looks good?”

“If you say that it looks ugly, I think that it looks good.” Let me anger you.

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Shu Lin: “…” You are always going against me.

What is wrong with this body. It cries whenever it wants to.

My image is being destroyed.


Ming Shu placed her hand in front of him.

Shu Lin looked at it and started sobbing louder. “What?”

Ming Shu smiled and moved to retract it. Shu Lin grabbed it immediately and quickly put the ring on her finger. “Hmph.”

Ming Shu: “…”

The ring was just the right size. Her English name was carved into the inner part of the ring. He customized it.

Ming Shu suddenly leaned toward him and smiled. “Do you still have any money after buying this ring?”

“I can earn more,” Shu Lin hummed, “you won’t go hungry.”

“Really? You’re quite impressive. Why didn’t I realize that you know how to earn money before?”

Shu Lin choked. He looked elsewhere and only spoke after a long time. “You never really understood me so how do you know if I can earn money?”

“I understand you more than you think.” Ming Shu stroked his head as though she was stroking a dog, with a gentle smile.

Shu Lin’s heart stopped.

Ming Shu’s fingers followed his eyes and landed on his lips. She stroked it a few times and closed in on him. “When you try to look for death next time, remember to hide your little tail. If you let me see it again, I might help you chop it off.”

Shu Lin thought about that time when he was beaten by Xiao Jinghan and the time when he pinched his elbow to cry, as well as the time Liu Yan hurt him… She meant these times, right?

Shu Lin closed his eyes in despair. He was afraid that she would see the emotions in his gaze. Even if he looked for death himself, he would not admit it.

He felt Ming Shu’s finger leaving his lips. The cold air was drawn into his mouth.

The girl was smiling. “Why are you closing your eyes? I’m not kissing you.”

Shu Lin: “…”

Who wants you to kiss me!

I don’t need that!

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