Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 390 - Full Time Evil Merchant (37)

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Chapter 390: Full Time Evil Merchant (37)

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Ming Shu reached out and pushed him away. “Don’t cry, I…”

Her gaze fell on his arms. The mark on his arms was different from the marks made from ropes.

Shu Lin quickly put his hands behind his back. He felt anxious. She would not have noticed the rope marks on his hands, right?

Shouldn’t have.

Must not have.

Ming Shu smiled with the corners of her mouth. She knew that this little demon was acting.

She pushed him and pinned him on the bed.

Shu Lin widened his eyes, filled with tears. He stuttered, “You… what are you doing? We… are me… that, outside… there are still people outside. Don’t you want to close the door first?”

“Why do I need to close the door when I’m beating you?” Ming Shu smiled gently. “Don’t you want to cry? Cry then; after you finish crying, we will go and settle the little demons outside.”

Thus, the three people in the living room heard the strange cries coming from the bedroom.

What the h.e.l.l are they doing?

The sounds continued. The cries became sniffing and then disappeared totally. The three craned their necks and looked into the bedroom, but they didn’t see anything.

Ming Shu tidied her clothes and walked out of the bedroom. Shu Lin followed behind her. His eyes were really red and his face was red too. He looked like a young man that just got bullied.

The three people: “…” Isn’t this a bit too explosive?

Ming Shu beat the three and then she beat Shu Lin. She was really hungry. She hugged her snacks and started eating.

“You, yes, you, why are you all looking at him? You won’t look like him no matter how much you stare at him.”

The three people: “…”

Who wants to look like him? So weak and easily bullied.

We don’t want to.

Shu Lin raised his head slightly and glanced sideways at them. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be tied up by these three.

In the end, he was still beaten…

If he knew this was going to happen, he would have just beaten these guys till their own parents couldn’t recognize them.

Shu Lin touched his painful shoulder. I will remember this.

The three didn’t know that a grudge was borne against them and continued jeering in their hearts.

“Who asked you all to come?” Ming Shu lifted her leg and shook it. “Are you all looking for money or for me? Or are you all after the money and me and want to kill me after that?”

The three people were speechless. You finished saying everything. Why are you still asking us?

“We just came to steal things because this is a rich estate,” one of the people said.


Ming Shu put down her snacks and dusted her hands as she stood up and looked down on them.

Ming Shu’s torture methods were not b.l.o.o.d.y, but looking at the three of them groaning and crying, they seemed really painful…

Should he be grateful that she didn’t use that on him?

Finally, the three people couldn’t handle it anymore and admitted everything. They took Liu Yan’s money and their purpose was simple: They would kidnap her and take photos of her.

“Nothing interesting.” Can’t they play something more exciting?

Ming Shu called the police. With the help of the police, it would be easier to find Liu Yan.

Ming Shu saw Liu Yan at the police station. She was accompanied by a man. It should be her other target, Ge Chenhao.

After writing their testimonies down, the police freed them.

Ming Shu wasn’t hoping that the police would do anything to Liu Yan. She was just too lazy to look for her.

When she left the police station, Ming Shu gave Liu Yan a mysterious smile. “Is this what you wanted me to wait for?”

Ge Chenhao pulled Liu Yan into his arms. His eyes were dangerous. “Lan Zhi, you better watch out.”

Liu Yan bit her lip and was escorted by Ge Chenhao into the car.

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Ming Shu watched as Ge Chenhao’s car left. She flagged a cab and followed Ge Chenhao. If she didn’t beat them up today, it would be a waste of her trip to the police station.

Liu Yan and Ge Chenhao never fought before so they were not Ming Shu’s match. They were beaten forward and backward by Ming Shu until they started to doubt their own lives.

Ge Chenhao stared at her with a vicious gaze, just like a poisonous snake.

[Ge Chenhao’s Hatred Points are full.]

Ming Shu waited for half a day, but there was an announcement for Ge Chenhao. This was the difference between a side character and the main lead.

It is not easy to get Hatred Points from the main lead!

Where are my snacks!

Everything can be solved with a fight.

If it can’t, fight again.

Hence, she beat Liu Yan up again.

“Lan Zhi, let go of Lan Zhi. If you’re angry, direct it at me. I was the one that ordered those people to teach you a lesson!” Ge Chenhao shouted. His eyes were red.

Ming Shu looked back at him and replied after a while, “Oh.”

And then she continued hitting Liu Yan.

“Lan Zhi!”

In the end, Ming Shu still didn’t get Liu Yan’s Hatred Points.

She must have beaten her wrong.

So hungry.

Let’s beat her next time.

When Ming Shu left the villa, she took some egg tarts from the maid, who was shivering in fear, and walked out of the district slowly. She wondered how she could get back.

This place… only seemed to have private cars. There were no taxis.

Ming Shu sat along the road and finished her egg tarts. There was still no cars. Even when she used the app, there were no cars.

Am I supposed to fly back?

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