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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 39 - League of Poor Students (16)

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Chapter 39: League of Poor Students (16)

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The headmaster received a call that night. He was asked to go to the police station and pick up Ming Shu and Cheng Yan.

A straight-A student and a problem student were at the police station together, which astonished the headmaster. He felt the same as the policeman who had taken Ming Shu’s statement.

Finishing up the procedures, the headmaster walked out with the two of them, an unhappy look on his face. Once they had exited the police station, the headmaster suddenly erupted, shouting, “Lu Meng, Cheng Yan, you two didn’t go home tonight! What were you doing?”

More importantly, why ask him to come here? He felt ashamed!

Ming Shu pointed at Cheng Yan. “Headmaster, those people were going to make trouble for him. It’s none of my business.”

“None of your business? Why was it you who beat on people?” The headmaster was so angry he even wanted to blow himself up.

You injured those people so heavily they called the police. You don’t feel proud of yourself?

Why didn’t he ever realize the straight-A student was so fierce?

“Headmaster, it’s really my fault. It has nothing to do with Lu Meng.” If Cheng Yan didn’t manfully confess his fault now, he believed he would be put on Ming Shu’s blacklist forever.

“Cheng Yan!” the headmaster shouted angrily. “It’s fine if you don’t study, but you shouldn’t be a bad influence on Lu Meng.”

Cheng Yan wanted to explain, but was interrupted by the headmaster. “Fine. Lu Meng, don’t play with Cheng Yan anymore and write a self-criticism for me by tomorrow. And Cheng Yan, if I find out you’re leading students astray again, I’ll ask the school to expel you. Now, I’ll send you both home!”

Ming Shu’s eyes rolled and she said, “Headmaster, I also don’t want to play with him, but he always keeps hounding me and affects my studies. I suggest he be expelled as soon as possible.”

“Hum.” The headmaster snorted, not directly replying to Ming Shu. “Let’s go.”

Cheng Yan moved closer to Ming Shu. “Lu Meng, must you be so cruel?”

Holding her snacks tightly, Ming Shu ignored Cheng Yan and got in the car with the headmaster.

The headmaster sent them to the community gates and watched them walk in. He felt astonished in his heart. What a d.a.m.ning fate, that the straight-A student and the problem student lived in the same community.

Cheng Yan accompanied Ming Shu to her home. When he was about to leave, he said, “The headmaster is my uncle. Do you think he would listen to your suggestion? Lu Meng, see you tomorrow.”


What the f.u.c.k?

This is some shady deal!

One trouble follows another. Ming Shu got into big trouble when she went to school the next day.

The students who came to the auditorium first to prepare for the rehearsal found that all the costumes that every cla.s.s stored in there were stained with oil paint and couldn’t be worn.

The Cultural Festival was coming. How would they perform on stage with all of the costumes ruined?

Not only the costumes of one cla.s.s, but the costumes of all the had been ruined.

And Ming Shu was considered the primary suspect.

Ming Shu, who knew what had happened, stood in the middle of the crowd, looking at the stained costumes. The pungent smell of the oils suffused the place.

Ming Shu furrowed her eyebrows slightly. Then she calmly took out a lollipop and said slowly, “There’s only one truth—”

Everyone quieted down and looked at Ming Shu.


She knew the truth?

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Now that she was the suspect, what kind of truth would she say?

Ming Shu smiled at Ye Miaomiao and said fearlessly, “Okay, call the teacher.”Am I afraid of that? If things get out of control at this point, it’ll be funny , she thought.

Since Ming Shu said that, the students who stood at the edges of the crowd went to call the teacher immediately.

Jin Yuqi was afraid that the teacher would know the truth, but she couldn’t stop her cla.s.smates from going or else she would be suspect. Jin Yuqi didn’t know why things turned out like this. She only poured oil paint on the costumes of one cla.s.s last night.

But with the situation as it was, she couldn’t shrink back.

The teacher who was in charge of the Cultural Festival arrived with the headmaster. As soon as they appeared, they were surrounded by the students and their complaints.

“Headmaster, Lu Meng is so evil. She poured oil paint on our costumes and they can’t be worn now. What should we wear for the Cultural Festival?”

“Teacher, the witnesses saw Lu Meng was the last one to leave the auditorium yesterday. Now she’s denying that she did all this…”

These complains were countless.

Painfully, the headmaster looked at Ming Shu who stood behind the crowd, drinking yogurt and ignoring the others’ censures.

What was she up to recently?

She fought against others in cla.s.s first. Then she fought with Cheng Yan outside school. Now many people complained that she had ruined their costumes.

Had she gone crazy after all the stress from studying?

“Be quiet!” the headmaster shouted. The students were afraid of the headmaster and all quieted down because of his shout. But their anger showed on their faces clearly.

The headmaster knew what had happened just now and ma.s.saged the skin between his eyebrows. “Lu Meng, when I checked yesterday, you really were the last one to leave. Anything you want to explain?”

Everyone was surprised by the headmaster’s words and looked at Ming Shu.

Jin Yuqi also rejoiced secretly, her happiness shining from her face. It seemed G.o.d also helped her. Even the headmaster saw Ming Shu yesterday.

In order for the others not to find out she was happy, Jin Yuqi lowered her head quickly. She hid her joy

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