Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 382 - Full Time Evil Merchant (29)

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Chapter 382: Full Time Evil Merchant (29)

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“Can you bring me back and play the game with me?” The young man’s soft voice landed in Ming Shu’s ear. He sounded as though he was whining and it was very pleasant to hear.


“Why?” The young man felt wronged.

“You’re too stupid.”

“I can become powerful too.” The young man’s voice was filled with certainty. “Can you bring me along when you play? I can protect you next time too!”

If his character setting were not a weakling, he could become a guru anytime he wanted.

He was prevented from becoming a gaming guru due to his character setting.

He purposely got close to Ming Shu. His lips were almost touching her face. The next second, his lips landed on her face. “Your reward.”

Ming Shu glanced sideways with a weird expression. “What reward?”

The young man suddenly retracted his hands that were hugging Ming Shu and put them behind him. He spoke in a soft voice: “I… I like you. I want… I want to be together with you.”

“But I don’t like you.” I just want to gain Hatred Points. Can you hate me?

His confession failed, but Shu Lin was very calm inside… F**k, how can she reject a cute little boy like me.

Won’t she feel guilty for rejecting a cute young man?

“You can wait and see. Maybe you will like me.” Shu Lin looked up. His eyes were still red and there were tears swirling within. It made people want to…

Ming Shu glanced elsewhere. She smiled and pulled the steak in front of her closer. Her tone was stern. “Even if I see you a hundred times, I won’t like you. Give up.”

“Oh.” Shu Lin looked down. After a while, he picked up the knife used to cut the steak and said in a low voice, “I will work hard to make you like me.”

I will strangle you to death if you don’t like me!

Why should a person who doesn’t like me continue to live? Go and die.

[Lord Nine, calm down.]

Shu Lin took a deep breath. He would not argue with this crazy woman. He would not argue with this crazy woman. He would not argue with this crazy woman. Important things must be said thrice.

Ming Shu didn’t reply.

Shu Lin looked at the steak in front of him. He felt quite hungry from crying and prepared to cut the steak. However, he realized that the steak was already cut nicely into bite-sized pieces.

Ming Shu sat quietly, looking at her phone. She didn’t even raise her head when she said, “Little children shouldn’t use knives. It’s dangerous.”

Shu Lin: “…” Was she implying that he couldn’t even cut his steak properly?

After they finished their steak, Ming Shu went to pay the bill. When she came back, she saw Shu Lin lifting up his clothes and showing off his stomach.

He was still young so there were no abs on his stomach. But, there were no extra fats either.

Is he looking to see if he gained any weight from eating the steak?

Shu Lin put down his clothes and turned around. He saw Ming Shu looking at him and got anxious. “D… Done?”

“Let’s go.”

Shu Lin quickly chased after Ming Shu and went back to the district. Shu Lin was still a bit afraid. He kept looking around. When he didn’t see Xiao Jinghan, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Ming Shu didn’t ask him why Xiao Jinghan hit him nor why he cried. If she could, she just wanted to sprinkle salt on his wound and anger him to death.

“Can I follow you up?” Shu Lin didn’t press the b.u.t.ton corresponding to his floor and asked Ming Shu carefully.

Ming Shu smiled. “If you’re not scared that I will kill you, come on up.”

“…” It is against the law to murder people, you know? Crazy! Shu Lin gave a smile calmly. “Why would you kill me? I believe that you’re not that kind of person.”

“Do you understand me?” Ming Shu looked at the numbers changing in the elevator. “We only met a few times, how do…”


Ming Shu stepped out of the elevator. She turned around and gave a smile. “How do you know that I am not that kind of person? Would a murderer write the word ‘murderer’ on his face?”

Shu Lin: “…”

She seemed to be scaring him, but for some reason, he felt that there was another meaning behind those words.

But he wasn’t sure what the meaning was.

Shu Lin walked out of the elevator just as it was about to close and followed Ming Shu into her apartment.

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The apartment was still filled with the smell of cream and candy. He sat down on the sofa and saw Ming Shu walk around the room, seemingly looking for something.

She took the piece of cotton away from the swollen area. Shu Lin was furious. She did it on purpose.

When the medicine touched his wound, Shu Lin kept groaning in pain. He made it look as though Ming Shu really did something to him.

“If you keep shouting, you can do it yourself.” Ming Shu couldn’t stand it anymore and threatened him.

Shu Lin stopped. He bit his lip and looked at her with tears in his eyes.

Ming Shu paused. “I think you can just shout.”

After she finished applying the medicine, Ming Shu started feeling around the wound with her fingers.

“… You.” Shu Lin started panting slightly. His body felt weird. He was afraid that he couldn’t control a certain part of his body. “What… are you touching me for?”

“To see if your bones are broken.” Xiao Jinghan had used all his strength. It would be troublesome if he broke his bones.

I must beat Xiao Jinghan up!

“No… Nope. Stop touching.” Shu Lin’s panting got heavier.

Ming Shu looked down and suddenly smiled. “First time?”

“No.” Shu Lin lifted his chin and covered himself with a cushion.

Ming Shu tidied up his clothes and said while smiling, “How many times then?”

“You…” Shameless.

Shu Lin turned away and controlled the funny feeling in his body.

“The bathroom is over there, don’t dirty it.” Ming Shu pointed at the bathroom with good will.

Shu Lin sneered. Who wants to go to the bathroom.

F**k, why am I having this reaction after she touched me?

“It’s normal. Everyone has their needs. What are you afraid of?”

“Shut up!” Shu Lin wanted to hit her with the cushion. However, he realized that this was wrong and quickly put the cushion back while staring at her angrily.

This is against the character setting!

This role is harder to play than a tyrant boss!

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