Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 377 - Full Time Evil Merchant (24)

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Chapter 377: Full Time Evil Merchant (24)

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Ming Shu picked up a conversation with Shu Lin while collecting experience for herself. The screen was occupied with blood and shining skills. Those who didn’t refresh in time were all killed and their bodies displayed all over the ground.

Shu Lin moved toward Ming Shu carefully and acted like he just noticed her ID. “You… you’re Lan Zhi?”

Ming Shu played her best card and killed another player ruthlessly.

“Guru, I’m Shu Lin.” Shu Lin got very excited. “No no, I’m Xi Zi Lin. Guru, I want to be your student.”

Ming Shu didn’t show any surprise at hearing that he was Xi Zi Lin, and she just revealed a smile with unclear meaning. “Why do you little boys now all like to be the big brother in women’s wear?”

Big brother in women’s wear…

You’re the big brother in women’s wear!

I’m not some big brother in women’s wear!

What could he do, he had already been that character when he arrived, he also wanted to change to another one! But if he changed, the character setting would be ruined, there was no mercy for him at all.

This was not like when he could threaten the system before, because there was room for manipulation then. But there was not any room for manipulation for the character Xi Zi Lin.

“I… I chose the wrong gender, do you believe that?” Shu Lin said piteously. “It’s my first time playing, and I don’t understand very well.”

“Didn’t you say you bought that account?”

“… I, I bought it. But I was cheated.” F**k, this is scary.

“Heh.” I will believe you in h.e.l.l.

Shu Lin felt hopeless inside.

The atmosphere became a little rigid. There was another laptop beside her, which Shu Lin didn’t know the use of, so he asked tentatively, “Guru, can I use that laptop?”

Ming Shu didn’t even look up. “No.”

Shu Lin: “…” Cruel!

She really rejected me. I am so cute and she rejected me.

Shu Lin could only watch Ming Shu play. And at this time, no other noises sounded in the living room except the game’s background music.

The clock ticked away and before they knew it, it was the middle of the night.

Without knowing when, the young man had fallen asleep lying there. Half his body curled up on the sofa, and his soft hair covered his forehead, hanging in his eyes spa.r.s.ely.

Ming Shu turned off the music and continued the game.

Several minutes later, she scratched her head with some agitation. She put down the laptop and went into the room, then came out with a blanket after a minute, which was thrown onto the young man casually.

“This is annoying.”

Ming Shu spoke in a low voice then curled up in the sofa to play the game again.

[World] Skull: At least now we have a common goal, so just stop the infighting.

[World] Sneaky: Bulls.h.i.t. If you didn’t screw us, how would we have been reduced to your faction? F**k, this stupid game forcibly makes ties.

[World] Feng Gu: I think it’s interesting. At least it’s more interesting than an invariable game.

[World] Devil king • Snacks Are Justice: You have to hold back your unconvinced att.i.tude. I may remind you that killing me will reduce your points.

Players were given points one after another from the underground palace. Now if she killed a player and turned them to her own side, she would also get points. And in the content update last night, a points list had been added. But they didn’t know what was the use of these points for now.

Ming Shu had killed quite a few players in recent days and formed a small circle.

While on the other side, headed by Yan Ru Meng and Chasing the wind for a thousand miles, an alliance was set up.

They also knew now that Ming Shu killed players for another task, and their task remained the same. This was already a foundation for a faction fight.

[World] Chang’an Alliance • 2233: Attention everyone, don’t get close to the Purple Gold Mountain and Jishui Pool, there are more of them there.

[World] Li Ge: Come and play, uncles, don’t be afraid. We won’t eat you.

[World] Ran Ran: Join us and you’ll get good luck.

[World] One more time: I want to be killed by big brothers in the Purple Gold Mountain. It seems they’re having fun over there.

[World] Chang’an Alliance • War drum: Guru Xiao Ji hasn’t been online lately. If he was here, we wouldn’t have been so pa.s.sive.

[World] Lord jade: You’re saying that like we can’t continue the game without Xiao Ji.

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[World] Flower fairy: Don’t be angry, guru, you’re the most handsome.

[World] G.o.d of nine suns rises: It’s hard to tell who will weep then, Lan Zhi, don’t be a coward if you’re a man.

[World] Devil king • Snacks Are Justice: You’re a man and you’re not a coward, just come and kill me.

I’m not a man, originally. I don’t care about being a coward or not.

This was what Shu Lin saw when he woke up—curses in the world chat. The girl on the sofa supported her forehead, lips slightly curled at the ends, and he didn’t know what she was thinking.

He looked at the blanket on him, becoming a little proud. I knew she wouldn’t not like a cute boy like me.

“You…” Shu Lin calmed down his emotions. “You stayed up all night?”

“I fear that you will steal my things.” Ming Shu seemed to focus on him the whole time. As he just finished the sentence, she picked up the topic.


Am I that kind of person?

How much are all your humble things worth?

“You can leave now, on your own.” Ming Shu signaled him to go with her chin, just like yesterday.

In broad daylight, Shu Lin couldn’t find a proper excuse to stay. He folded the blanket and then walked toward the door slowly. “Thank you for last night, and for last time. We seem to be destined, perhaps could I invite you for dinner next time, guru?”

As he arrived at the door, he suddenly looked at Ming Shu expectantly.

“Get out.”

“Okay, it’s settled then, see you in the game, guru.” Shu Lin made the decision unilaterally, then opened the door to leave quickly, fearing very much that Ming Shu would refute him.

“Who said it’s a deal, an idiot?”

Ming Shu murmured and continued looking at the players in the world chat who helped Liu Yan with their words.

Is the Chang’an Alliance led by Liu Yan now?

Xiao Jinghan lost his leadership because of falling in love?


This is not good!

I must gain Hatred Points from that little goblin!

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