Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 376 - Full Time Evil Merchant (23)

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Chapter 376: Full Time Evil Merchant (23)

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Ming Shu asked for the Harmony System’s help to settle this thing. For the sake of Hatred Points, the Harmony System would not reject her request. However, if she asked for help for something she wanted to do, the Harmony System would not help her.

It even emphasized that it was a system with values.

… In front of Hatred Points, all values were bulls.h.i.t.

The police found Ming Shu. Ming Shu was small and short with a warm smile on her face. She looked so innocent and cute. She didn’t look like someone that would beat people up.

The police had no evidence. Even though Liu Yan said that she was the one who attacked her, nothing happened to Ming Shu.

However, what happened in the elevator was quite eerie. Liu Yan couldn’t possibly hit herself, right?

Hence, for some reason, the story that their elevator was haunted started spreading.

Ming Shu had just walked into the elevator when a shadow rushed inside. He panted heavily and smiled at Ming Shu.

Shu Lin leaned over and pressed the floor below Ming Shu. He glanced at Ming Shu. “Do you believe in the ghost story?”

Ming Shu folded her hands over her chest. She looked at him and smiled. “The ghost is with you.”

Shu Lin seemed to shiver and quickly scanned the elevator. He instinctively moved toward Ming Shu. His pale face was full of fear. “Don’t scare me, I… I am afraid.”

“You are scared of ghosts?”

Shu Lin nodded.

Ming Shu smiled and started talking nonsense. “There is one right behind you. Her face is covered in blood and her tongue is very long. So long that it has reached your neck. Did you feel it? It is very cold. She is already leaning on you…”


Shu Lin suddenly shouted and his whole body clung to Ming Shu. His was shivering fervently.

“Don’t say anymore, stop it.”

He looked as though he was repeating these words with all his energy.

“Get off!”

“No, I’m afraid,” Shu Lin stammered and hugged Ming Shu even tighter.

Actually, in his heart, he was giving a cold face. F**k, would I be scared of ghosts? When I was a ghost last time, you were still a n.o.body!

“I lied to you. Get off me.”

“No, there is a ghost!” You want me to get off? No way! This is the consequence of lying to me!

Ming Shu choked. Shouldn’t his focus be on her lying to him? In a novel, when the male protagonist lied to the female protagonist, the female protagonist would blatantly take revenge. Have I been looking at fake novels?

“Are you a man?” Ming Shu grabbed his elbow.

The young man looked up and said pitifully, “I am still a boy, not a man.”

He said it so blatantly.

Ming Shu respected his shamelessness.

His breath was still against Ming Shu’s neck. There was a hint of warmth in it.

“You’re hurting me.” The young man frowned painfully. His eyes were full of mist and he felt so wronged it showed on his face.

Ming Shu smiled brighter. “There is something more painful, do you want to try it?”

The young man shook his head. His eyes were red and there were tears in them. “Pain…”

Ming Shu would not take pity on him. When the elevator door opened, she pushed him out and even gave him a kick.

The elevator door closed. Shu Lin grabbed his numbed leg. The cuteness on his face had disappeared and he gritted his teeth.

What the h.e.l.l, you can even bear to kick such a cute person like me.

This crazy woman must lack love.

I’m so cute, will you die from liking me!

Blind woman!

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Needs to be cured.

When eating, Ming Shu didn’t talk much. She was focused on the food. Shu Lin wanted to open his mouth a few times but stopped himself.

“When are you sleeping?” Shu Lin bit onto his chopsticks with a pitiful but strong look. “Can I stay here until you sleep?”

Ming Shu glanced at him. “Why don’t you just move over and stay with me?”

Shu Lin: “…” I want to but you will beat me to death!

“I will sleep soon. You can leave now.” Ming Shu finished the food and immediately kicked him to the curb. She pointed at the door.

“Huh?” Shu Lin was surprised. “But it’s still so early.”

Ming Shu smiled. “I sleep early.”

“…” If you sleep early, who is the one playing the game in the middle of the night? The ghost?

“Can I not go? I’m really scared…” Shu Lin used all his acting skills. “I am the only one on my floor. There is no one staying at the other apartment. I will just stay for a while.”

Ming Shu gave an evil smile. “What does that have to do with me?”

“Please.” The young man put his hands together and pleaded with his eyes.

Ming Shu got up and left the dining table. Shu Lin didn’t know if she agreed or not. When he saw her playing her laptop on the sofa, he started clearing the things on the table.

“You play this game too?” Shu Lin lay on the sofa and looked at Ming Shu’s screen. “I play it as well.”


Shu Lin: “…”

Shouldn’t you ask me what my ID is?

What reaction is this!

Director, the villain is not acting according to the script. Can I change the villain?

Ming Shu didn’t move. Shu Lin asked, “What’s your ID? If we’re on the same server, we can play together.”

Ming Shu raised her eyes and looked at him with a mysterious smile.

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