Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 375 - Full Time Evil Merchant (22)

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Chapter 375: Full Time Evil Merchant (22)

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[Nearby]: Yan Ru Meng: Fight!

Yan Ru Meng didn’t wait for these people to finish buying their items and had already ordered the Chang’an Alliance to attack.

[Nearby] Li Ge: Yan Ru Meng and big brother love each other and kill each other.

Ming Shu had just finished her trades when the Chang’an Alliance attacked. She dodged their skills, retreating from the crowd and keeping a safe distance between them.

All kinds of skills started flashing. Players crowded together and it was really messy. No one could differentiate who was fighting whom.

In the end, the Purple Gold Mountain map lagged.

Quite a few players logged out of the game due to the lag. Ming Shu’s web speed must be really good so she didn’t log out. She took the opportunity and killed many players.

After this bunch of players died, the people that were attacking Ming Shu decreased too.

[Nearby] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: I am not killing anymore. I will come again tomorrow.

The minimum online time had been reached. Ming Shu ran out of Purple Gold Mountain. The other players chased her but they still didn’t manage to catch her. They let her run away.

Ming Shu used items to become invisible and hid from these players.

[Team] Chuan Bei: Exciting.

[Team] Li Ge: Amazing.

[Team] Ran Ran: Astonishing.

[Team] Skull: …

Neither Flower Protector nor Little Rabbit Gu was here. They might be sleeping.

Ming Shu and the rest of them squatted at the Jishui Pool.

[Team] Skull: This game is amazing.

[Team] Chuan Bei: This is the most exciting game I’ve ever played.

[Team] Ran Ran: Actually, this game is unfair. As a devil king, big brother is a general without any soldiers and even had to find the soldiers himself. If big brother didn’t have so many items, he would have been taken down by those players.

[Team] Li Ge: I feel that this is not so simple. The producer can’t possibly design such a simple way to pa.s.s the mode. I feel that if he was caught, something else would happen.

[Team] Skull: Big brother, what do you think?

[Team] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: Should I go send my head to them?

[Team] Li Ge: Forget about it. What if the producer is really crazy?

Ming Shu just said it casually. She never thought of sending her head to them.

[Team] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: I have to kill as many people as I can now. I need players from level 50 to 60. You all go and pull some people.

Her team would only become bigger if she killed more people. That was the only way she could form a team big enough to defend against the other group.

[Team] Ran Ran: How to pull people?

[Team] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: How else? Lie to them. We can’t move around the map and start executing people now. If nothing else, you can lure them with your looks.

[Team] Skull: I didn’t know you were like this, Big brother.

[Team] Li Ge: I didn’t know you were like this, Big brother +1

[Team] Chuan Bei: I didn’t know you were like this, Big brother + the galaxy.

[Team] Chuan Bei: Go and call Flower Protector.

[Team] Li Ge: We need to go through thick and thin. Call Little Rabbit Gu too.

[Team] Ran Ran: Let me call the people from the First Level, hehe.

Lying to their own people first. Skull decided to keep quiet.

There were many players above level 50 in the First Level. After they were baited and killed, everyone started shouting and were then brainwashed by Chuan Bei and his three-person actors’ gang. They then sent them out to find more victims.

A bunch of players was baited again and when they reached the Jishui Pool, they were killed by Ming Shu. Everyone was in a daze. They felt stifled when they saw the new mission.

They knew that this game was not so simple.

The producer is crazy!

[World] Mi Lu: The devil king is luring people to the Jishui Pool and killing them. All the powerful people online, follow us and kill him!

The more people you kill, the more likely the news would leak.

Chang’an Alliance heard the news and rushed to Jishui Pool immediately. However, Jishui Pool was already deserted.

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They walked around the map for half a day and didn’t find anyone there. They didn’t know that that bunch of people had already gone offline to get some sleep.

She was so busy fighting Lan Zhi recently that her time spent with Xiao Jinghan decreased. She didn’t even know when they got together.

Isn’t Little Rabbit Gu together with Flower Protector?

Why is she suddenly with Xiao Jinghan?

She finally got a chance to chase the male protagonist. She couldn’t give it up so easily.

Ming Shu didn’t know what happened to Liu Yan. However, when she was going out to have a meal, she met Liu Yan in the elevator.

She was in deep thought and she seemed depressed.

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows and smiled. When the elevator doors were closing, she tilted her body and entered.

Finally, I have a chance to beat you up.

Liu Yan was shocked. She focused on Ming Shu’s face. “You… what do you want?”

“Nothing.” Ming Shu smiled. “I was preparing to hit you.”

Liu Yan was in a daze. She only reacted after a few seconds. She quickly backed up against the wall. “Are you crazy!”

“Yes.” Ming Shu nodded her head seriously. Her smile was gentle. “If wanting to hit you is an illness, I must be incurable.”

Come to me, my Hatred Points.

“There is a camera… ah…”

“I forgot to tell you, the camera is broken.” Ming Shu squatted beside Liu Yan. “Be angry more often. You will become beautiful.”

Be angry more often so I can have Hatred Points.

Liu Yan hugged her stomach and stared at her angrily. Is this girl a lunatic?

She was afraid that she would be beaten again and didn’t dare to make a sound as she watched Ming Shu leave.

Once she left, Liu Yan called the police.

However, when the police arrived, there was nothing on the camera. They only saw Liu Yan shouting by herself.

The police shivered in fear. Had they met a ghost?

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