Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 374 - Full Time Evil Merchant (21)

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Chapter 374: Full Time Evil Merchant (21)

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Ming Shu looked at the world chat, which was getting lively. Should I thank them for not typing my name out?

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: G.o.d, why are you online?

[Private chat] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: To look for death.

What else can I do besides look for death?

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: …

Ming Shu opened the world chat. It was filled with people guessing who the devil king was. They suspected anyone they could suspect and all the people on the ranking board were being investigated.

[World] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: Stop looking, I am here.


The next second, the world chat started scrolling up at a really fast speed.

[World] Harry: What the h.e.l.l! Big brother!

[World] Philip’s cat: I must have seen it wrongly.

[World] Snowflakez flying in the air: the sky is dark. Time to sleep.

[World] Chuan Bei: Hey.

[World] Dan Zhu: Omg! The devil king appeared! It is actually the first in rank on the wealthiest player ranking, big brother Lan Zhi. So surprising.

[World] Ran Ran: Big brother, we can only meet on the battlefield next time.

[World] Li Ge: Don’t worry. Even if it is like this, we will still have you in our hearts.

[World] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: Don’t be afraid, you will be together with me soon.

[World] One more time: F**k a bunch of actors. Can you all not tilt?

[World] Purple gold mountain: He is at Purple Gold Mountain.

Ming Shu was still picking mushrooms at Purple Gold Mountain. When her location was updated, players came to find her immediately.

The First Level was very fast. Skull led the team and was the first to arrive.

[Nearby] Skull: Hurry hurry hurry.

[Nearby] Li Ge: Leader, why are you so excited? You even took off your clothes…

[Nearby] Chuan Bei: Omg, big brother, why did you kill our leader? Even if we are on opposite sides now, you don’t have to be so heartless the minute we meet right? We have been through thick and thin together.

Skull was killed by Ming Shu the moment he went over. He was now lying on the ground and looked extra pitiful.

[Nearby] Skull: Hurry up and take off your items.

[Nearby] Ran Ran: We’d rather die than give up!

[Nearby] Li Ge: Don’t think that just because you are the devil king, we will be afraid of you. Leader, take care.

[Nearby] Skull: Enough. Don’t talk nonsense. Hurry up.

Skull’s tone got serious and the actors started to take off their items.

[Nearby] Chuan Bei: Come on, torture me.

[Nearby] Li Ge: Your Highness, I don’t like it too rough.

Ming Shu threw some skills over and the actors fell to the ground. The nearby chat got quieter. It might be because they had gotten their new mission.

After the few of them got up, they started talking again.

Ming Shu looked at the players coming to purple gold mountain. The leader was Yan Ru Meng.

[Nearby] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: Welcome to my team.

[Nearby] Philip’s cat: What is this? What team? Big brother, don’t blame us. You are the devil king now.

[Nearby] Yan Ru Meng: Stop talking nonsense. Get her.

Yan Ru Meng directed Chang’an Alliance’s players to attack Ming Shu at the first opportunity.

[Nearby] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: We can talk nicely.


A flash of skill shot out from behind. Yan Ru Meng controlled her character and maneuvered it backward. However, there were too many people. When she moved, other people started moving too.

Yan Ru Meng was caught by surprise by the attacks. The people from the Chang’an Alliance were not able to help in time and by the time they reacted, Yan Ru Meng was already lying on the floor with only a bit of health left.

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Ming Shu went up and corralled Yan Ru Meng.

Those players that partic.i.p.ated in this mission were all level 50-60. She was level 48. They would be bullying her if they did it this way.

[World] GM78: After the mission is done, his level will return to normal.

After this sentence, the world became peaceful.

GM had said that he didn’t cheat. He became max level because of his devil king status.

[World] GM78: Hope that everyone has a happy gaming experience.

Happy your head!

We can’t feel happy at all!

They just wanted to play the normal mode.

[World] Philip’s cat: Fight?

[World] Dididi: Of course!

[World] Your heaven: Fight!

[Nearby] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: Wait, don’t be impatient. I have something to say.

[Nearby] Philip’s cat: What do you want to say? Our mission is to catch you. We have so many people, there is nowhere you can run to. Give up and let us catch you.

The players below agreed with this message. Although she was at full level, she couldn’t fight all the players alone, right?

[Nearby] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: You all need to buy medicine when you all fight, right? Come come come, let us do some trading first.

[Team] One more time: …

[Nearby] Philip’s cat:…

Was he kidding? Selling your own items to deal with you. That is something new.

However, it made sense too. He was the devil king now. There would be rewards if they caught him.

Hence, all the players started buying from Ming Shu uncontrollably. The items that she made recently were all s.n.a.t.c.hed up. Even if she was the devil king now, her items were still of quality.

Skull and the First Level’s actors looked at her in shock.

This was a true evil merchant. They couldn’t defeat Ming Shu.

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