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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 372 - Full Time Evil Merchant (19)

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Chapter 372: Full Time Evil Merchant (19)

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Besides being tortured by Ming Shu every day, there was no progress for Xi Zi Lin.

The underground palace got deeper and deeper. Ming Shu asked casually once and realized that it was already at level 80. There was a total of 100 levels in the underground palace.

The team that was leading was the one headed by the male protagonist. However, what was interesting was that the male protagonist was not present.

Skull dropped to third because of his extra teammates and was trying to catch up with the male protagonist.

Skull asked Ming Shu to level up a few times. After being rejected firmly, he could only find someone else to replace Ming Shu.

Ming Shu ran all over the map. Other than picking mushrooms, people started to realize that she had a hobby of bullying little foxes.

When she had nothing to do, she would squat on the level 50 map and bully a monster that looked like a little fox.

Xi Zi Lin continued to persevere and do the Dark Night Corridor mission. She was determined to get the feather Ming Shu was talking about and made her her master.

[System Announcement] Congratulation to all players. You have reached the forbidden grounds of the Evil Clan. Please seal the devil king.

[System Announcement] The devil king has run away. Find the devil king as fast as possible. Note: the devil king can be any player.

There was only a five-minute gap between the two notifications.

[World] One more time: What is this? The devil king can be any player? I only know a few of the players.

[World] Your green hat looks good: There are so many players on the server, how do I know who is the devil king? Are you trying to make it hard for us?

[World] A newbie: The producer must be crazy.

The world chat was a mess. They fought the underground palace for so long and in the end, this appeared.

Ming Shu looked at the additional words “devil king” on her ID. It was shining brightly in gold. She felt that the producer must be crazy.

The mission that disappeared appeared again. However, the mission had changed—please try your best to prevent yourself from getting caught by other players.

Ming Shu: “…”

What the h.e.l.l. You gave me such an impressive nametag and still want me to not get spotted by other players? Are you kidding me?

Did I just get shot while lying down?

I must complain!

Ming Shu found the customer service. She just wanted to be an evil merchant. She didn’t want to be a devil king.

However, the little guy at the customer service told her politely that she was chosen as the devil king because she went into the underground palace before and dropped levels.

Ming Shu was not convinced.

[System] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: Yan Ru Meng and G.o.d of nine suns rises also went into the underground palace and dropped levels. Why weren’t they chosen. Are you discriminating against lifestyle players?

[System] GM78: That is because these two players have regained their levels so the devil king will not be them.

Ming Shu: “…”

So I am chosen as punishment for not leveling up after I dropped levels?

[System] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: Can I protest?

[System] GM78: Player, even if you are caught, you will still get a huge reward.

After that, GM78 didn’t say anything. However, the intention was clear. There were good things to come.

Ming Shu: “…” The script was not written like that! Am I playing a fake game?

[System] GM78: Yes, the players you killed will become demons once the Evil World is launched. For the sake of the team fights, please do your best to kill people. Note: The players you kill within one month will be on your side so please do your best to kill people.

OMG, this gaming company is founded by the Harmony System’s relative, right?

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: G.o.d… what happened to your name…

[Private chat] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: Why? Are you not convinced?

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: No. G.o.d, have you become the devil king?

[Private chat] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: Yes, are you afraid?

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Don’t worry G.o.d, I will not tell anyone.

[Private chat] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: You should find people to surround me now. If you catch me, there will be good stuff.

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Ming Shu urged Xi Zi Lin.


Wait, why was she at full level? Is it a gift for the devil king?

[Private chat] Skull: Did you see what happened in the world chat? The producer must be crazy. I want to stop playing this game already. When they launched the game, it was still normal. Look at what it’s become.

[Private chat] Skull: Omg, have you changed your name so fast?

[Private chat] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: Did you see anyone change the special effects on their names before?

Skull looked at the shining words and kept quiet.

[Private chat] Skull: Tell me, what did you do behind my back?

[Private chat] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: Maybe I saved the universe. Sigh, before they entrust me with their mission, they should give me snacks first.

[Private chat] Skull: …

What is big brother being crazy about?

[Private chat] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: When do you all plan to form a team and kill me?

[Private chat] Skull: Is this for real?

[Private chat] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: Do I look like I am kidding?

[Private chat] Skull: …

Ming Shu and Skull exchanged some information. Their mission was to find her and catch her. However, they were not sure what would happen after that. Going by the script now, even if the devil king was caught, the two teams would still be separated.

Just that the demons might be the minority when that happened.

This situation was to let the devil king expand his demon army and, if possible, create a balance in the world.

[Private chat] Skull: What do you plan to do?

[Private chat] Devil king·Snacks Are Justice: I plan… to go offline and eat something.

[Private chat] Skull: …

Big Brother is indeed calm.

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