Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 371 - Full Time Evil Merchant (18)

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Chapter 371: Full Time Evil Merchant (18)

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Skull must drag Ming Shu to level up, but Ming Shu only wanted to be with her snacks and didn’t want to move. So basically she just followed behind Skull to collect some free experience.

Past midnight, the First Level’s people were offline to sleep, but Ming Shu instead became energetic. She caused Chang’an Alliance to hunt her down for another round all over the world.

When Ming Shu finally got rid of the pursuing forces, she looked up to see Xi Zi Lin standing nearby.

She clicked the map and found she actually arrived at the Dark Night Corridor.

There were very few players right now, and Ming Shu’s appearance was eye-catching. Xi Zi Lin ran over obediently.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Guru guru, you’re still awake?

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Cultivation.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Ah???

Xi Zi Lin didn’t seem to understand the meaning, but she didn’t think more and continued typing.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Guru, can you do a mission with me? It’s too late, I can’t find other players to team up with me.

The minimum number for entering the Dark Night Corridor was two.

Xi Zi Lin couldn’t do it alone.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Why should I help you?

I need your Hatred Points, how come I’d help you?

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: No no no, you don’t have to help me, guru, you just need to enter with me.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: I didn’t find anyone else…

Ming Shu intended to leave, but she walked back after taking a few steps.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Team up now.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Guru, you’re so kind.


I’ll let you know how kind I am later.

Dark Night Corridor’s boss was actually not hard to defeat, after all the boss was only level 40. But the feather Ming Shu said rarely shed. It was said some players tried for a month straight yet found nothing.

After they began the mission, Xi Zi Lin began to beat up small monsters first. She looked technically skilled now compared to at the underground palace.

After finishing all the small monsters, the big boss was the only trouble left.

The big boss would go crazy in the end, and the game guide said the player needed to interrupt it in the process.

Xi Zi Lin was about to interrupt the big boss, then a dazzling skill light flashed in front of her and blocked the big boss.

Then her character was dead.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Guru…

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: By mistake, one more time?

Ming Shu said very sincerely and Xi Zi Lin couldn’t blame her.

The two entered the mission again.

But the ending was the same.

Xi Zi Lin died again.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Guru, I can finish it alone.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Don’t you need my help?

I don’t believe that she will not be angry.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: …

As soon as Ming Shu helped, the boss would go crazy and she would be killed. Can’t she just not help?

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Okay.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Do we need to do it again?

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Guru, don’t you sleep?

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Cultivation.

I have to gain your Hatred Points, sleep? Nonsense.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Then… let’s try again.

Xi Zi Lin wanted Ming Shu to stand by, and she had typed the words, but then deleted them.

What followed was that Xi Zi Lin died again and again in the mission.



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Dead ×N.

Maybe it’s because the countdown to the devil king’s birth was getting shorter and shorter, both Liu Yan and G.o.d of nine suns rises didn’t care about Ming Shu much then. Even if they met each other, they would avoid her, or if that didn’t work, they would go offline.

But unlike the others, Xiao Ji was online less.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Guru, do we go for missions today?

Xi Zi Lin reported to Ming Shu on time everyday, although she had almost become an expert on being killed on missions.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Of course.

Xi Zi Lin was already waiting. As soon as Ming Shu arrived, she opened the mission interface.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Guru, do you want to enter the underground palace mission? I heard that players will get rewards if they reach below the 50th floor. Some players even got orange equipment.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Oh.

I can make an orange costume by myself, so why should I bother getting one down there.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Guru, you really don’t want to go there?

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Do you?

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: I want to… but no one wants to take me. I’m not skilled, and those players who teamed up with me all dislike taking me…

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: You can play the woman, and there will be a lot of players who want to take you.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: … I can’t, I’m not that kind of person.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: It’s just a game, and you only need to type a few words on the screen. Who knows what kind of person is at the other side of the computer.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: That doesn’t work either!!

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Guru, let’s just finish this mission.

Xi Zi Lin changed the topic swiftly and concentrated on killing monsters.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: If it weren’t for my ugly image, I would also want to use my beauty.

The Host should take all the blame. Why did she choose an ugly hunk? I can’t even find a little girl who will cook for me.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: …

Xi Zi Lin looked at the ugly hunk beside her. She thought again that she was accepting all kinds of abuse for standing by him.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: Guru, sometimes appearance doesn’t mean anything. It’s the soul that matters.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: I am shallow. I value face.

[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: …

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