Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 370 - Full Time Evil Merchant (17)

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Chapter 370: Full Time Evil Merchant (17)

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After Ming Shu set up the post, paid posters who stood up for Liu Yan in the world chat gradually decreased.

When G.o.d of nine suns rises came online, this matter had come to its end.

[Private chat] Yan Ru Meng: Why does Lan Zhi have our chatting records? What did you tell her?

[Private chat] Yan Ru Meng: What on earth did you tell her?

[Private chat] Yan Ru Meng: Are you reading?

[Private chat] Yan Ru Meng: Why did you go kill her? Now the entire world thinks that I told you to do that.

Yan Ru Meng sent quite a few messages. G.o.d of nine suns rises’s heart hammered. What’s going on?

He didn’t reply to Yan Ru Meng immediately as he wanted to figure out the situation.

[Private chat] G.o.d of nine suns rises: I don’t know why it’s like that. I didn’t even chat with Lan Zhi. Someone must have hacked my account.

[World] G.o.d of nine suns rises: Yan Yan, I’m just angry. This matter has nothing to do with you, I’ll tell others in the world chat.

Then G.o.d of nine suns rises opened the world chat.

[World] G.o.d of nine suns rises: Lan Zhi, it’s I who killed you, and I killed you simply because you didn’t sell the light moon shallow clouds to me last time, and you went against Chang’an Alliance. It has nothing to do with Ru Meng. If you want revenge, come at me.

[World] Clown: Wow, here comes the important figure.

[World] One more time: The discussion was over and now the male protagonist arrives.

[World] Snacks Are Justice: You’re not a lovable fairy, why should I come at you?

[World] G.o.d of nine suns rises: Injustice has a head and debt has a lord, don’t implicate the innocent.

[World] Snacks Are Justice: That won’t work, I just like Yan Ru Meng.

It’s no use to gain Hatred Points from you and I won’t get any snacks. Then why should I care about you?

No no no.

[World] Your green hat looks good: This… is this… I can’t get her so I’ll ruin her? Big brother… Who’d have thought that big brother is such a person.

[World] Mu Yu Yu Yu: This is disgusting. How would the G.o.ddess like you, an obscene hunk?

[World] Tianshan Lake: Do you think the G.o.ddess will like you then?

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Ge Chenhao. Friendship tip: Ge Chenhao’s ID: G.o.d of nine suns rises.]

Ming Shu: “…”

Oh my G.o.d.

F**k, can’t you send the task earlier?

I just refused that man!

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Well I thought about it, actually I can barely come for you. Come, report your position.

Actor Ming Shu calmly changed her att.i.tude, without blushing or breathing nervously; this was the basic training for being an actor.

[World] One more time: …

[World] Clown: …

[World] I Am Not Eating Sugar Today: …

[World] The west mountain: …

G.o.d of nine suns rises told Ming Shu to go to the arena and they would have a fair fight.

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Fair? You should let me kill you till you drop to level 48, then you can talk about a fair fight with me.

G.o.d of nine suns rises had reached max level by now. If he fought against her, who was only level 48 now, how would this be a fair fight?

[World] G.o.d of nine suns rises: Ru Meng has been reduced 10 levels by you, you shouldn’t go too far!

[World] Snacks Are Justice: What fairness are you talking about to me then?

If you didn’t mention a fair fight, I wouldn’t pick up the topic.

[World] Your green hat looks good: I think big brother is right. It’s not fair at all, so there won’t be a fair fight.

G.o.d of nine suns rises gritted his teeth.

[World] G.o.d of nine suns rises: I’ll take off my equipment.

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Then it’ll be me bullying you. If I win, others will say that I’m a perverse winner. Just cut the c.r.a.p, let’s fight now.

[World] G.o.d of nine suns rises: …

Other players in the world were also a little speechless. Who on earth had gifted such confidence to big brother? Before his level was high and it might be no problem to him to say something arrogant. But now the other party was ten levels higher than him, wasn’t he a little overconfident?

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Yan Ru Meng was a female player. Her operations were skilled, but she wasn’t as good as a male player in their view.

It might be their imagination, but they always felt that she didn’t mean what she said at all.

[World] G.o.d of nine suns rises: One more round.

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Do you think I’ll listen to your request? Beg me!

[World] I Am Not Eating Sugar Today: Pu…

He was asking for a fight and you make him beg? Why are you so funny!

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Let’s play something exciting.

It was boring to fight in the arena, so Ming Shu rejected G.o.d of nine suns rises’s invitation, and took out her broadsword to chase G.o.d of nine suns rises.

[World] …

He thinks this is exciting?

Big brother, can you not do whatever you thought of immediately!!

Ming Shu not only chased by herself, she encouraged others to chase him as well. Anyone who killed G.o.d of nine suns rises once would gain an equipment exclusively produced by her. As you know, it was as hard as climbing to the sky to ask her to produce an equipment at ordinary times.

Many players wouldn’t waste such a good opportunity.

G.o.d of nine suns rises was chased all over the map miserably. But he also wasn’t awaiting his doom and continued offering a bounty for Ming Shu. He thought there must be players who would take the reward.

So two groups of people chased each other all over the map, and this made those players who were working hard to attack the underground palace and level up very speechless.

What’s most important now should be the underground palace!

What the h.e.l.l are you doing running about!

If you don’t want to play, we’re playing!

[Private chat] Skull: Big brother, come and level up. You’ve dropped below level 50. Why are you still picking mushrooms in the purple gold mountain? What’s the grudge between you and mushrooms?

Skull didn’t understand. Why the mushrooms?

Picking mushrooms should be a little girl’s task, but why should an ugly hunk pick mushrooms.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: I can’t, there’re guards outside the mountain.

Ming Shu set the automatic collection and was now eating snacks cross-legged.

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