Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 369 - Full Time Evil Merchant (16)

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Chapter 369: Full Time Evil Merchant (16)

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Everyone watched Ming Shu kill Liu Yan, then revive her, kill her again, and so on.

But strangely, the Chang’an Alliance’s people never showed up.

Everyone wondered at this, but just then a piece of news was spread in the world chat. The First Level forcibly started a faction war against Chang’an Alliance, so Chang’an Alliance’s people were caught in a bind and couldn’t come to help.

Ming Shu didn’t stop until Liu Yan reduced 10 levels.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: You should be thankful that G.o.d of nine suns rises didn’t reduce me to the lowest level, or you’d be reduced to the lowest level now.

[Nearby] Yan Ru Meng: What kind of hero are you to rely on a prop, do you dare go to the arena and have a fight!!

In regard to technique, Liu Yan was confident that she wouldn’t lose.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: Why should I go? I am not an idiot!

I came to Liu Yan originally for revenge for being reduced levels, why would I go to the arena? I’m not stupid.

[Nearby] Lu Jia Xiao XIao: Are you scared now? Sister Ru Meng, don’t worry, guru Xiao will take revenge for you when he comes back.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: So powerful.

When your guru Xiao comes, I should have long run away.

[Nearby] Yan Ru Meng: G.o.d of nine suns rises killed you and reduced your levels, but it has nothing to do with me!!

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: I don’t know. I just want to kill you. You’re one of the Chang’an Alliance, it’s the same, so don’t worry about these details.

Ming Shu didn’t answer Liu Yan as she expected, which made Liu Yan speechless for a long time.

She couldn’t say that she had nothing to do with Chang’an Alliance, right?

Ming Shu used several tricky props on these people and made them dance together, then she lifted her broadsword and left with Little Rabbit Gu, who was a bit dumbfounded.

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Liu Yan, I did this to you on purpose. If you want to hate me, just hate me, I welcome that.

No one said anything after Ming Shu’s declaration.

Was she too rampant?

She gave the beating and then gave orders, she welcomed hatred?

There might be something wrong with her. Who would welcome others to hate them?

As Ming Shu just ended the fight, she was pulled into a team by Skull.

[Team] Skull: Big brother, how does it feel to take revenge?

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: What do you want, just speak.

The First Level wouldn’t help her drag down the Chang’an Alliance for no reason.

[Team] Chuan Bei: Big brother, don’t be a stranger, we fought for each other in any case, how can we be so shallow. We want discounts for our First Level’s players in the future.

The First Level’s players were not few. Most core members were rich, but ordinary members were not so rich.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Change to another one. Being a profiteer, I have my professional integrity.

[Team] Ran Ran: What’s your professional integrity? Raise the price at random?

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: When did I raise a price at random? I was setting the price according to different demands, okay?!

[Team] Li Ge: …

[Team] Skull: …

What’s the difference between raising prices at random and setting prices according to different demands?

What! Is! The! Difference!

And you seem to be very proud of that, who gives you the confidence.

Ming Shu refused to offer them discounts and only used some items to balance this help.

People should never think about getting a discount from her.

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The Chang’an Alliance won the faction war, of course. Skull didn’t seem to care as it was originally for dragging them.

After typing that sentence, Ming Shu opened the forum and directly posted several pictures without saying anything.

Others opened the forum to see those pictures only.

Not any c.r.a.p, but the t.i.tle was shocking.


Is that shocking enough?

Floor 1: Got the sofa. (Taken the first floor)

Floor 2: h.e.l.lo, to come early is not as good as to come on time. Big brother chose a mindful t.i.tle!

Floor 9: This is too simple, big brother, you don’t even have a story to spice it up. Negative comment.

Floor 11: Big brother is the big brother, she’s too proud to make up any lousy story.

Floor 12: Judging from the dialogue, it should be Yan Ru Meng who incited G.o.d of nine suns rises to kill Lan Zhi.

Floor 16: These are G.o.d of nine suns rises and Yan Ru Meng’s chatting records, how does Lan Zhi have them? Did she use PS?

Floor 25: Can any guru downstairs identify it?

Floor 27: Hmph, it’s just several pictures, what can they prove? Did Yan Ru Meng clearly ask G.o.d of nine suns rises to kill Lan Zhi? You guys, don’t interpret out of context.

Floor 31: G.o.ddess Ru Meng would never do such things. You’re slandering her.

Floor 36: There’s no sign of PS.

Floor 39: Then I have a bold idea.

Floor 42: Me too.

Floor 45: Did G.o.d of nine suns rises betray her hahahaha

Sometimes saying too much might instead allow others to seize the loopholes, giving them opportunities to play on words.

Ming Shu was originally not worried about what others may say, so she directly posted the pictures. Then, except those huge fans, others would probably guess what happened.

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