Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 366 - Full Time Evil Merchant (13)

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Chapter 366: Full Time Evil Merchant (13)

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All that was left was the G.o.d of Wind costume.

This orange costume was the most impressive costume in the whole game as of now.

Besides picking mushrooms, the Host made this too. She had just made it not long ago and might have wanted to add in more things. Although some people heard that she had this costume, she never admitted it.

Ming Shu took some time and added some gemstones to it. Now, this G.o.d of Wind costume had some amazing properties.

[World] Snacks Are Justice: The highlight is here.

She didn’t talk any more nonsense this time and just started immediately.

Once the auction started, the price rose exponentially.

Ming Shu could see all the people that partic.i.p.ated in the auction. Most of the big guilds were here and the number one now was the leader of the First Level, Skull.

Skull must be very rich. You could tell from his flashy items and costumes. However, she didn’t expect the other people from the First Level to partic.i.p.ate too. Chuan Bei and Ran Ran also partic.i.p.ated and every time Skull went up, they would push him down.

They all are hiding their wealth…

[World] Skull: Chuan Bei, enough!

[World] Chuan Bei: Hey leader, we are trying to raise your status. If the price is too low, it will not be fitting of your status. It has to be a high price.

[World] Li Ge: Yes yes yes!

[World] Ran Ran: Think about it Skull, this will be worn on your Flower Protector. How amazing will that be? Don’t thank us too profusely.

[World] Skull: Can I report you all for intentionally raising the price?

[World] Downloading you: I have seen opponents raising each other but I never see people from a single team bidding against each other.

[World] Zhan Si Hai: First Level, stop creating havoc!

Some other guilds couldn’t bear it any longer.

[World] Ran Ran: Look at what Leader Zhan is saying, we are bidding with real money and wealth. We didn’t go through any backdoors so why are we creating havoc?

[World] Skull: I suggest that you kill them.

[World] Chuan Bei: Leader! How can you be so heartless? Don’t you remember the things we did all these years? You… you…

[World] Li Ge: You unfaithful person!

[World] One more time: The First Level is really extra.

The world chat was very noisy and Ming Shu’s auction hadn’t stopped. The top five were all people from the First Level. You could see how much they loved Skull.

Just at this moment, a player from Chang’an Alliance jumped up and outbid everyone from the First Level.

The extras from the First Level kept giving themselves screen time in the world chat while adding to the bid.

The retail price of the G.o.d of wind costume was around 5000. Now, the bid was already at 10000.

And it was still rising.

Ming Shu sipped her milk tea. How much would the costume be worth after the game updated itself?

There is still some future in being an evil merchant.

Ming Shu formed this conclusion and allowed the players to continue bidding. She went off to find some food.

When she returned, the price had stabilized at around 15000. The only people bidding were from the First Level and Chang’an Alliance.

[World] Chang’an Alliance·Duan Yi: Are you all crazy? Is it fun to add one by one?

[World] Skull: Yes.

[World] Chuan Bei: Poor people can only add one by one. We are not as rich as you, Chang’an Alliance.

[World] Skull: What the h.e.l.l. Stop adding then!

[World] Chuan Bei: Leader, we are helping you. Why are you jeering at us? You heartless person!

After that, Ming Shu saw Chuan Bei added 10 gold coins and jumped to number one.

Ming Shu: “…”

The Chang’an Alliance and the First Level started quarreling in the world chat. Ming Shu looked at their state and felt that it would not end very soon.

She closed the auction house tab. After all, the auction house would automatically finalize the deal when the auction ended.

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[Private chat] Xi Zi Lin: G.o.d, G.o.d, I defeated the BOSS of the Dark Night Corridor but there was no feather.

The other party bid just at the right time. Not one second more and not one second less.

This angered the people from the First Level.

They wanted to see who stole their leader’s item and promised to kill their entire team!

Players could hide their ID. Since Ming Shu was the seller, she could see the ID. It seemed to be from a big guild.

[Private chat] Skull: So angry. I want to buy one set that is similar to the G.o.d of Wind costume. Do you have one?

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Have.

[Private chat] Skull: Really?

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Not made yet.

[Private chat] Skull: …

G.o.d of Wind costume was not a newbie costume. You couldn’t just make it with a snap of the finger. The materials required were already very hard to get.

Skull might be cursing on the other end. He took a while before replying.

[Underground Palace] Hurry up and level up. We will go and fight the underground palace tomorrow.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Not going.

[Private chat] Skull: … Big brother, stop fooling around, hurry up.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: I am very busy.

[Private chat]: Skull: What are you busy with? There are many good things in the underground palace. Don’t you want them?

Such a big mission. After you pa.s.sed it, there would definitely be a lot of rewards.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: …

If there were no good items, she couldn’t be an evil merchant. If she couldn’t be an evil merchant, she would not have money to buy snacks. If she couldn’t buy snacks…

It will be very scary.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Where?

Skull immediately pulled Ming Shu into the team. That way, she could use the team position tracker to teleport herself over.

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