Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 359 - Full Time Evil Merchant (6)

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Chapter 359: Full Time Evil Merchant (6)

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[Team] Skull: Do you really not care about our past relationship!

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: If I can get some money, I will get it.

Past relationship?

Can I eat that?

Earning money is not easy. For the sake of snacks, I will earn money whenever I can. It is so hard to find someone that is stupid and has a lot of money.

Skull, stupid but with a lot of money, didn’t know that he was being tagged with such a label.

[Team] Skull: how much?

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Since we met due to fate, no less than 1000.



Just now it was 500 and now it doubled? What do you mean by meeting due to fate? Evil merchant!

[Team] Skull: It is 1000 gold coins and not 1000 silver coins. Are you sure you typed it correctly? Why are you selling it to me at such an expensive price!

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Can real news be the same as fake news? If you give me 500, I can give you fake news too.

[Team] Skull: why haven’t you been caught yet?

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Maybe it’s because I’m pretty.

[Team] Skull: …

An ugly hunk telling you that she was pretty. Skull could almost vomit out his dinner from yesterday.

Skull thought for a while and felt that what Ming Shu said made sense. To a rich person like him, 1000 was not even considered money.

Skull transferred the gold coins to Ming Shu.

If she gave him fake news, he would chase her through the entire server.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Wait for the map here to change and we can commit suicide.

[Team] Skull: …

[Team] Flower Protector: …

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: …

In the end, they still had to commit suicide?

Only the timing changed.

Xiao Jinghan and his team waited for a while more before someone finally decided to try. One of them committed suicide and under a flash of light, the person disappeared on the spot.

The other players saw that committing suicide could really get you out of this place. They heaved a sigh of relief while feeling that this game was really weird.

Yan Ru Meng looked over at the other side before disappearing in front of them.

Xiao Jinghan was the last one.

[Team] Skull: Where did they go?

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Prison.

[Team] Skull: …

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: They will be transported back after a few hours.

[Team] Skull: Pu… Hahahahahaha…

The next day, Ming Shu just logged into the game and was shocked by Chasing the wind for a thousand miles’s spam.

[World] Chasing the wind for a thousand miles: Lan Zhi, come out!

[World] Snacks Are Justice: I have not seen you for only one night. Do you miss me so much?

[World] Chasing the wind for a thousand miles: Lan Zhi, we spent money and bought info from you. How dare you sell us fake news.

[World] Snacks Are Justice: I sell fake news? You asked me how you all can leave the place. You didn’t ask me where you all will be transported to, right? I am an honest person. Didn’t you all leave? How am I selling fake news?

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[Nearby] Chasing the wind for a thousand miles: …

Maybe because the Host mainly sold things, most of the players’ impressions of her was that she was rich but weak.

However, the ugly hunk said—no!

After killing a player, Ming Shu opened the world chat.

[World] Snacks Are Justice: I just didn’t sell you the costume. Do you have to set up a bounty?

[World] G.o.d of nine suns rises: Evil merchant, you sold something that is worth 2000 at 5000. If I don’t set up a warrant, what do I do?!

Of course, the main reason was because G.o.d of nine suns rises was from the Chang’an Alliance too. Their leader was fooled by this evil merchant so he couldn’t swallow his anger.

[World] Skull: Old Lan, you are not an evil merchant now, you are a black-hearted merchant.

[World] One more time: OMG! I have a different understanding of Lan Zhi again! What item can be sold at twice its price?

[World] Your green hat looks good: 666666

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Isn’t it obvious that I just don’t want to sell it to you? Are you stupid?

[World] Downloading you: A look of disdain from a rich person.

Ming Shu’s “I just don’t want to sell it to you” got her many thumbs up from the crowd. G.o.d of nine suns rises was angry but he couldn’t think of anything to refute her. Hence, he just went silent.

But he didn’t retract the bounty.

There were still many people who accepted the bounty order and came to take her head.

However, people started to realize that the wealthiest person in the server was… not weak.

The most outstanding thing was, she would beat you till your health bar was low and then start recommending you her items to convince you to spend money and continue fighting with her.

[World] Clown: Ever since Lan Zhi changed her name, her entire personality changed. The Lan Zhi before just focused on being a lifestyle player. The big brother now focuses on being an evil merchant.

[World] A fond dream: I don’t want to recall the image of being beaten by big brother and then being forced to buy her items.

[World] One more time: Do you think that Lan Zhi’s account changed hands?

The Internet was like this. Even if an account changed players, other people would just gossip about it for a while and not find it weird at all.

No one cared if the person behind the account was a guy or a girl, or whether it was a human at all.

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