Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 356 - Full Time Evil Merchant (3)

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Chapter 356: Full Time Evil Merchant (3)

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[Nearby] Flower Protector: …

Do the words you said just now sound like you’re looking for a team? Don’t you know how to say it properly? This speech is the verse said to the lead in a drama when they fall down the cliff and meet an old man.

[Nearby] Flower Protector: Do you know her?

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: I know her now.

[Nearby] Flower Protector: Don’t make designs on her.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: Guru, I see that your bones are structured in a different way and you are very talented. You are a prodigy for learning martial arts. I have a monster that I want to fight. Will you come with me?

Besides one word, the rest were the same.

[Nearby] Flower Protector: … what do you want?

If it wasn’t for that fact that she had many things on her that couldn’t be bought anywhere else and there was nothing good to gain from provoking her, the Flower Protector wouldn’t even want to talk to her now. When he was trading with her last time, he didn’t realized that she was so weird.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: Gather a team. I have said my intentions so clearly. Were you taught by aliens?

[Nearby] Flower Protector: … form a team to do what?

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: To fight.

[Nearby] Flower Protector: I have a mission, no thanks.

Xiao Ji and Flower Protector both have missions? And they both came to such a low-level map?

Ming Shu’s brain started working furiously. The Flower Protector saw no reaction from Ming Shu and wanted to leave with Little Rabbit Gu.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: I know where the Incubus is.

Flower Protector stopped as expected and changed to private chat.

[Private chat] Flower Protector: You know where Incubus is?

He is indeed looking for Incubus.

Here, we must introduce a game setting.

In order for players to enjoy the game better—and to entrap them—when the devil mission was unlocked, it would be distributed to players of similar levels.

Out of the two players, the person that finished the mission first would win.

This was like a compet.i.tion. The players that got the mission would want to finish it in the shortest possible time.

The person who lost would lose experience points as well as items. There was also a punishment for them and it was really cruel.

Apparently, both Xiao Ji and Flower Protector got the mission at the same time but no one knew who unlocked the mission first.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Form a team and I will tell you, for free.

Player [Flower Protector] invited you to join a team [1111]

There were three people inside the team. Besides Little Rabbit Gu and Flower Protector, there was another player called Skull. He was another guru player on the ranking board.

Leader [Flower Protector] shared mission [Devil mission – Lovesick Tree] with you. Do you accept it?

Ming Shu pressed yes.

[Team] Skull: Aiyo, isn’t this Lan Zhi? Why did you drag him in? For sponsorship?

[Team] Flower Protector: He says that she knows the location of Incubus.

[Team] Skull: Really? I will come over immediately.

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: I… Do I still pick medicine?

Little Rabbit Gu’s message just appeared and a glow of white light appeared beside them. Skull used the team location transportation function to transport himself over.

Skull was a zither master. A zither master was able to both attack and heal teammates. It could be considered an occupation that had a double function. However, its health bar was shorter so it could only attack from afar. If it engaged in face to face combat, it would die very quickly.

Skull might be an RMB player. He wore clothes that had special effects and seemed very colorful and fancy.

[Team] Skull: Little rabbit, why are you still picking medicine? With Lan Zhi here, you can get as much medicine as you want.

[Team] Skull: I forgot, you might not know who Lan Zhi is. You can click on the wealth ranking board and look at the number 1. That is him.

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: … where are the ranking boards?

[Team] Skull: …

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: …

She really is a newbie.

[Nearby] Flower Protector: Top right corner, there is a word that looks like “rank.” You click it and the ranking boards will appear.

After a long time, Little Rabbit Gu finally replied.

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: So impressive.

I wonder if the female protagonist is good at cooking. If she plays a lifestyle character, her cooking must be quite good too, right?

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But I can’t see her.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Maybe you’re blind.

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: Will we die if we jump down?

Little Rabbit Gu asked softly.

It was a cliff in front of them. They would die when they jumped down!

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: No way, it’s not high.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: The most you will lose aresome health points and then be stomped to death by the monsters downstairs.

[Team] Skull: Don’t breathe too hard when you breathe.

[Team] Flower Protector: Do you know how to go down?

The leader was indeed different. He saw the truth at one glance.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Jump down. This is a cliff. Besides jumping down, how can you go down? Can you fly? However, I have medicine here that can guarantee full health points when you jump down. Do you want to buy any?

[Team] Skull: Are you waiting for the last sentence?

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Don’t say it aloud. It will destroy the relationship.

If I don’t earn money, how can I buy snacks?

If I don’t buy snacks, how can I live?

[Team] Skull: You know that it will spoil relationships and you still say it! Evil merchant! Flower Protector even shared the mission with you. Shouldn’t you sponsor it?

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Speaking of which, when I say that I can bring you all to find Incubus, I didn’t ask for any missions. The guru shared it with me on his own.

[Team] Flower Protector: Yes, my hand twitched.

[Team] Skull: …

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: …

So are they jumping?

The Host’s medicine was always expensive, but their effects were good. Hence, there were still many buyers. Skull thought that Ming Shu would give them a discount because they were a team.

There was a discount.

120% on the actual price.

An evil merchant that marked up the price on the spot!

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