Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 355 - Full Time Evil Merchant (2)

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Chapter 355: Full Time Evil Merchant (2)

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Ice Star Stone was quite a rare item. Ming Shu flipped through all the Host’s items and sorted them out before collecting the Ice Star Stone from the people she always interacted with.

Ming Shu finished this before looking at the world chat. When she was here just now, she thought she saw the female protagonist.

Little Rabbit Gu was the female protagonist. She was an idiot with games and did many stupid things in the game. However, she managed to be protected by the male protagonist in the end.

Flower Protector was not the male protagonist. The male protagonist was called Xiao Jinghan, his name was… Ming Shu scanned through the rankings. The ID was Xiao Ji.

[World] Clown: Just now Flower Protector was fighting a boss when the Little Rabbit stole his monster. Hahahaha. Let me laugh at you for a while.

[World] Your green hat looks good: The one upstairs. Are you not scared that the guru will chase after you? How dare you laugh at the guru.

[World] One more time: Big news! The guru and the little rabbit are at Jishui Pool.

[World] Meng Ta Cheng: Isn’t the Jishui Pool a level 10 map? What is the guru doing at a level 10 map?

[World] One more time: How can a normal person like you understand a guru. Maybe he just wanted to reminiscence about the old times.

[World] Clown: He didn’t know that he would be KSed. So funny!

[World] guru of nine suns rises: That… why did Lan Zhi disappear?

Suddenly this sentence popped up in the world chat.

[World] Your green hat looks good: Disappear? I just saw him this afternoon picking mushrooms at the purple gold mountain.

[World] Xiang Si Nian Hua: Brother Lan Zhi is still picking mushrooms? He had been picking mushrooms for a few days already. All the mushrooms have been picked by him.

The Lingzhi on the purple gold mountain looked like mushrooms, so many players called the Lingzhi from purple gold mountain mushrooms.

When Ming Shu came over, her ugly hunk was sitting among a pile of mushrooms.

Lan Zhi was a lifestyle player. She went to pick mushrooms because she had gotten a formula and was making a potion that could allow a player to regain 20% of their health bar. However, she required a lot of mushrooms. After picking mushrooms for a few days, she only managed to make five bottles of potions.

[World] guru of nine suns rises: I didn’t find her in my list. I wanted to buy some stuff from her and looked for her for half a day…

Everyone saw what guru of nine suns rises said and went to click on the wealthiest player rank. There was no “Lan Zhi” on it.

The first in rank was changed to someone call Snacks Are Justice.

All the players said that they had never seen this player before. There was no such person within the top 50 either.

[World] Clown: When did the wealthiest player’s ranking change? Why was there no news about it at all?

[World] Your green hat looks good: Are you all stupid? The big brother changed her name. Click and see the information inside! It is still the same ugly hunk. It is still the same player.

[World] One more time: Shivering in fear. The big brother not only picked mushrooms, she also changed her name. What is she up to?

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Either way, I am not going up on you.

[World] I Am Not Eating Sugar Today: Omg, the wealthy person is on the world chat. Scary.

[World] guru of nine suns rises: Big brother, I will message you privately.

The moment the guru of nine suns rises finished sending that message, Ming Shu’s private chat sounded.

[Private chat] guru of nine suns rises: Big brother, I heard that you had a set of costume called [light moon shallow clouds]. Can you sell it to me?

Clothes and items were different. Although they could add certain buffs, most of the time, they were for aesthetic purposes. There were no level requirements and she would sell it whenever there was money to be earned. It was an item for the rich.

However, rare costumes were not that easy to get. After all, they had the word rare in front of them.

[Light moon shallow clouds] was the name of a rare costume. The Host found it in a hidden mission and it was valued at 2000RMB. She hadn’t found a suitable buyer yet.

But this guru of nine suns rises…

Was on the fake female protagonist’s side!

He must be buying this to give to the fake female protagonist.

Raise price, raise price, raise price.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: 5000

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[Private chat] guru of nine suns rises: Pu! Big brother, are you kidding? I have done my research. This costume is worth at most 2000RMB. You are raising the price too much.

[Nearby] Yan Ru Meng: Find what?

[Nearby] Chasing the wind for a thousand miles: A monster called Incubus.

The conversation ended here. They might have changed to another channel.

Ming Shu knew about Incubus. It was a moving monster. This game was interesting in how there were moving monsters which were able to get around the maps and there was no limitation on the levels. Hence, you might need to visit all the maps in order to find a single monster.

Only one kind of mission would let you find this kind of monster. The system called this kind of mission the devil missions.

Only those players that could go to most of the maps would be able to unlock this mission.

Most likely, Xiao Ji was the one that unlocked the devil mission.


Ming Shu looked at the female protagonist that was still picking medicines, totally unaware that her male protagonist was going to be s.n.a.t.c.hed away, and moved her character over to her.

Little Rabbit Gu immediately stopped picking medicine when she saw someone suddenly appear.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: Miss, I see that your bones are structured in a different way and you are very talented. You are a prodigy of martial arts. I have a monster that I want to fight. Will you come with me?

[Nearby] Little Rabbit Gu: …

A weird uncle suddenly appeared.


[Nearby] Flower Protector: Lan Zhi, what are you doing?

The Flower Protector had come back and was walking over here.

[Nearby] Little Rabbit Gu: Guru.

Little Rabbit Gu ran over obediently and stood behind the guru. She must have taken Ming Shu as an ugly uncle looking to kidnap young girls.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: I am just asking her if she wants to team up and fight monsters.

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