Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 354 - Full Time Evil Merchant (1)

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Chapter 354: Full Time Evil Merchant (1)

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#Internet Game Headline: Lan Zhi Increases Her Price Whenever She Wants To#

[World] Flower Protector: Little Rabbit Gu?

[World] Yayaya: Guru! Wefie!

[World] Number Eight: Who are you calling guru?

[World] Feng Sheng Shui Qi: I know I know. The one called Little Rabbit Gu stole the BOSS from the guru.

[World] I Am Not Eating Sugar Today: What’s happening? Who stole the guru’s BOSS?

[World] Xiang Si Nian Hua: Hahahaha, guru’s monster got stolen. That is the headline today, speaking of which, who is this Little Rabbit Gu? So impressive.

[World] Little Rabbit Gu: I am sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t know that I would steal the monster. Where are you, guru? I will return the items to you.

Ming Shu opened her eyes and saw the conversation rolling out on the computer in front of her. The computer screen was filled with an olden days image and there was an… obscene looking hunk.

Sitting among a pile of mushrooms that called themselves Lingzhi.

Ming Shu reached out and touched her face. She moved her stiff neck. There were snacks all around her.

When she saw snacks, Ming Shu’s eyes lit up. She had snacks to eat immediately.

Ming Shu took a bag of snacks that was unopened and started examining the room.

The lighting was very dark and the room was very big. However, the design was simple and the bed was slightly messy. There was a faint odor in the room.

She got up and opened the curtains. The sun outside was just great. Maybe it was because she hadn’t seen such bright sunlight in a long time, her eyes were not used to it.

It was a small district outside and seemed quite high-cla.s.s.

She sat back onto the chair and downloaded the storyline.

This was a world that emphasized gaming.

The fake female protagonist was a member of a gaming company before she was reborn. She was reborn as Liu Yan and realized that Liu Yan was playing the game that they were producing.

Before she was reborn, she was only in charge of producing the game. She had no time to play. After her rebirth, she realized that her crush was playing this game too.

Before she was reborn, she was a normal looking girl and was slightly chubby. You could say that she was not someone outstanding.

Even though Xiao Jinghan was perfect, she felt inferior about her looks and background and never had any thoughts about Xiao Jinghan.

But, after her rebirth, Liu Yan was pale, pretty, and had long legs. Her background was compatible with Xiao Jinghan’s and their families were old friends.

Liu Yan felt that this was a chance given by heaven for her to chase her crush. Hence, she decided to chase Xiao Jinghan in the game.

Using her familiarity with the game, Liu Yan fought her way into Xiao Jinghan’s circle very quickly.

However, Xiao Jinghan had someone that he liked already. Liu Yan wanted to give up at the start, but she was not willing to beat a retreat. She secretly investigated the person that Xiao Jinghan liked and found out that she was nothing compared to her.

The more Liu Yan thought about it, the more she felt that it was wrong. She felt that she must not waste her chance of being reborn. She started planning. First, she used the relationship between their families to move into Xiao Jinghan’s house.

Then, she damaged the relationship between Xiao Jinghan and the female protagonist. Step by step, Liu Yan enlarged the gap between them.

At the end, when Xiao Jinghan went to find the female protagonist, she schemed against the female protagonist and purposely let the male protagonist see her with another guy.

Xiao Jinghan gave up on the female protagonist. Liu Yan accompanied him to play games and do missions. Finally, she managed to rise up in rank and win the heart of the male protagonist.

The Host was called Lan Zhi.

She lived alone. Her parents had both died and left her with a house. She had no friends or work and her only hobby was playing games.

Her income came from the game too.

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Liu Yan and the Host started interacting with each other because of an item. Liu Yan wanted to get a rare item for Xiao Jinghan and kept pestering her.

There were many types of occupations. Swordmaster, zither master, magician… there were 18 occupations altogether.

The Host chose the last occupation, orc.

This occupation was quite impressive. It could change into human or beast form and the health bar for each form was different. This was equal to having two lives.

However… the image for this occupation was an ugly hunk, the kind that looked really obscene.

Because of this ugly looking character, it helped to maintain a balance within the occupations. Besides those strange people, no one would choose this occupation.

She didn’t know what the Host was thinking to choose such a character.

The name was quite normal. It was the name of the Host.

There were many people who used their real name in the game so there was nothing strange about it. But, if you linked the name with this ugly hunk… it seemed weird no matter what.

[Private chat] The West Mountain: Do you still have Ice Star Stone?

[Private chat] The West Mountain: … why did you change your name? I thought that I found the wrong person.

The private chat popped up. It seemed to be one of the Host’s old customers. Ming Shu recalled the Host’s items and replied.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: There is no more Ice Star Stone.

As for changing the name… it was to suit her character setting!

[Private chat] The West Mountain: Help me to collect some. I need them urgently.

[Private chat] Snacks Are Justice: Okay.

This was how the Host earned money. If she didn’t do it, she would not have the money to buy food.

For the sake of justice!

For snacks!

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