Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 353 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (Complete)

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Chapter 353: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (Complete)

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Feng Bei’s plan to attack the Five Treasures Immortal Clan and s.n.a.t.c.h their leader went down the drain.

“Why did you look for me?” Feng Bei took the opportunity to ask Ming Shu. “Do you like me?”

“I cannot let someone I slept with be left outside.” Ming Shu looked at him with a mysterious smile.

Feng Bei couldn’t help it and rolled his eyes. Ming Shu caught him in his act and he immediately changed his expression. “If you don’t like me, you could just send someone to catch me. Why do you need to come personally?”

He closed in on Ming Shu and said with certainty, “You definitely like me.”

“Where do you get the confidence from?”

“My face!”

Feng Bei was very confident of his face.

“As shameless as expected.”

Feng Bei sneered. “Then do you like me?”

Ming Shu smiled. “I don’t like you, and I don’t like to be on top of you either.”

Feng Bei got it immediately. He managed to remain calm and said, “You will like it one day.

The crazy woman started saying obscene stuff just like that. If I was not experienced, I would have lost by now.

“You think that love will develop with time?”

“Will it not?”

Ming Shu smiled seductively. Her eyes seemed to be filled with the winds of spring and her soft voice flowed with the breeze. “You can try.”

Feng Bei: “…” Who is the shameless one?

When Ming Shu pa.s.sed by a city on the way back to the Five Treasures Immortal Clan, she met Nie Shuang.

She was running away. The people chasing her seemed to be fighters from a certain brothel.

Nie Shuang was caught and pinned onto the ground. She struggled like crazy, but didn’t manage to escape. In the end, she was gagged too.

The people held onto her and walked back.

Ming Shu’s and Nie Shuang’s gazes met.

She was in such a tattered state while Ming Shu had a handsome man beside her, standing among the crowd, looking at her with a slight smile. That instant, Nie Shuang felt a strong sense of hatred she never experienced before.

She wanted to kill her!

However, she didn’t even have the chance to struggle.

Those little insects made her lose her abilities and she could only let other people trample over her.

“I never understood why you targeted Nie Shuang.” She stole the Five Treasures Bible, but she had gotten it back already. Toward the end, she even came out especially for her.

“Do you need a reason to target someone?” Ming Shu pulled him toward a person selling sweets. “I am the Leader of Five Treasures.”

For a villain, there is no reason needed to target a person.

A villain should do what a villain wants to do.

For example… bullying people.

Feng Bei was taking out his money as he held her candy. “You didn’t treat other people as badly as her.”

She always smiled at everyone, but there was not much meaning behind the smile. It was like a default smile.

Ming Shu took her candy and licked it. “Maybe she looked better.”

“There they are!”

“Feng Bei and Mu Ling, catch them!

Ming Shu bit the head of the candy. She chewed it twice and rolled up her sleeves; she wanted to fight with them.

Feng Bei grabbed her and ran. “If we continue to fight, we will miss our wedding.”

Ming Shu and Feng Bei didn’t manage to attend their wedding.

In the end, there was only the protector and his wife during the wedding. Ming Shu was even mocked by the disciples.

The two people who missed their wedding: “…”

Beat these idiot disciples to death.

One year later…

Feng Bei pulled the disciples aside and asked them where their leader went. The disciples were busy preparing gifts for their little protector and just told him that they didn’t know.

Feng Bei was so angry his stomach hurt. The Five Treasures Immortal Clan was very big, so big that he couldn’t even find a single person.

“Leader’s wife, are you looking for the leader again?”

Feng Bei showed a cold face. “Have you seen her?”

“She went down the mountain.” The disciple laughed. “The leader said that she wanted to go brainwash people to join the clan. She must be up to no good.”

Feng Bei: “…” Brainwash people to join the clan? F**k, these disciples are already so strange. If she goes brainwashing more people, how many more weird people would she bring back?

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However, Feng Bei and the disciples understood Ming Shu wrongly.

“You’d be a widower.”

“Who wants to be your widower…”

Their voices disappeared into the mountain.

In the end, the Five Treasures Immortal Clan changed from an evil clan to a school in just three months.

In the end, everyone learned the Five Treasures Bible.

In the end, the leader of Five Treasures was killed by a punch from the little protector.

In the end… the hall master of Seven Stars Hall almost killed the little protector. When he was stopped, Feng Bei left the Five Treasures Immortal Clan and no one saw him again.

In the end… some disciples found a new tomb beside their past leader.

The husband of Mu Ling, the leader of Five Treasures Immortal Clan.

“Harmony System, can you put in some effort? I am a powerful person. Why was I killed by a little kid?” Can you take care of my pride when you are killing me!

[This proved that the little protector is very powerful. There is a successor.]

Let me continue listening to you.

The white cloud screen slowly floated over and the data showed up.

Name: Ming Shu

Hatred Points: 150000

***: ****

Additional Task: Failed.

Only 20000 Hatred Points and the additional task failed again.

She would never be able to finish her additional task.

She was troubled.

She wanted to have some snacks to calm herself down.

[Guest, do you want to see your husband?] the Harmony System suddenly asked.

“For what? What is there to see? He can’t be compared to my drumstick.” Ming Shu was not concerned at all. Anyway… she would see him again.

Yes, snacks are more important now.

Ming Shu, kind and crazy , waved her hand. “Next dish.”

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