Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 351 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (34)

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Chapter 351: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (34)

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Nie Shuang made ample preparations. Even though some people were subdued by the Seven Stars Hall, she was just stunned for a while and then immediately gave an order.

Numerous people rushed out from the rooms beside them. They wanted to catch Ming Shu no matter what.

The smell of blood rose in the air. More and more people fell to the ground. Ming Shu had s.n.a.t.c.hed someone’s sword.

“She… how is she so powerful?”

Nie Shuang stared straight at Ming Shu. She never knew that she would be so powerful.

Speaking of which, she had never seen her full abilities before.

“What are you thinking of, Miss Nie?”

Ming Shu’s voice suddenly sounded. Nie Shuang jumped in fright and turned around stiffly.

When did she come in?

Where are the people beside her?

Nie Shuang had no time to think about these questions. She quickly calmed herself down and slipped her fingers into her sleeve.

When Ming Shu got nearer, she suddenly raised her hand.

However, she didn’t have the chance to throw the thing in her hand out. Her wrist was grabbed by a slightly warm hand.


“Ah—!” Nie Shuang screamed.

Ming Shu let go of her and flipped her onto the floor.

The thing in Nie Shuang’s hand fell. The packet opened. There was some weird powder inside. Ming Shu got closer to take a look. It didn’t look like powder.

Instead, it looked more like insects.

Because it fell out of Nie Shuang’s hand, the insects were moving toward Nie Shuang at a very fast pace.

Nie Shuang had a look of fear. She screamed, “Let me go, Mu Ling, let me go! Get them away from me, get them away. Don’t let them come over. Let me go. Sob . Get them away.”

“Aren’t these your little darlings? Why are you afraid?” Ming Shu stepped on Nie Shuang and pinned her to the ground. The tiny insects quickly climbed onto Nie Shuang’s palm.

Then, they disappeared in her palm, as if they never appeared at all.

However, Nie Shuang’s fear and tears were evidence that these insects existed and they had already entered her body.

Nie Shuang screamed crazily for a while. Suddenly, she looked up and stared angrily at her. “Mu Ling, you killed all those people in Half Moon Villa. You will die a terrible death.”

“Wei Yunrou was the one that annihilated the Half Moon Villa. What does that have to do with me?” I will not take this blame.

Nie Shuang’s eyes were filled with blood like a demon that escaped from h.e.l.l. Her voice was shrill and vicious. “If you didn’t go to Half Moon Villa, why would Wei Yunrou go there? It’s you, it’s all because of you…”

“If you don’t steal the Five Treasures Bible, why would I go to the Half Moon Villa? This way, you are the one that caused the death of those people.” Ming Shu smiled gently.

This all started from her stealing the Five Treasures Bible. If she didn’t steal it, the Host would not leave the Five Treasures Immortal Clan. If the Host didn’t leave the Five Treasures Immortal Clan, nothing would have happened.

Hence, if you want to find the person responsible, it would Nie Shuang herself.

Nie Shuang’s Hatred Points are full.]

Huh, it is full already?

Ming Shu immediately let go of Nie Shuang. She kicked her immediately after she outlived her usefulness. “I am not playing with you anymore.”

Ming Shu grabbed the unconscious Yue Gan and left. Nie Shuang seemed to have no more energy. She lay on the ground without moving.

Her vicious voice rang out behind Ming Shu. “Hahahaha, Mu Ling, do you know how many people are eyeing the Five Treasures Bible? You will die. You will definitely die.”

“They are all as shady as this idiot who helps you. There is nothing to be afraid of.” If you are so powerful, fight with me face to face, then. What kind of ability is it to help the fake female protagonist from behind the scenes?

Forget it, let’s go eat some snacks to regain some stamina.

Nie Shuang watched Ming Shu walk further away and she grabbed onto the snow in front of her tightly. The cold pierced into her body.

Suddenly, someone stood in front of her.

Nie Shuang looked up. She grabbed the person’s clothes and hugged his leg. “Lord… please help me. Please help, my lord. There are insects in my body. Please get them out.”

The person grabbed Nie Shuang’s chin and a feminine face appeared in front of Nie Shuang’s eyes. Half of the face was perfect while the other half was covered in purple and green veins like a ghost. His voice was neither feminine nor masculine.

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“Lord, give me one more chance. I will get the Five Treasures Bible for you.”

Feng Bei wanted to cry.

Was this crazy person giving him candy after slapping him?

The depressed but happy hall master was now the owner of the Five Treasures Bible. His main purpose was to fight against people that wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the Five Treasures Bible from him any moment.

Feng Bei was really angry. When he was surrounded by people, he returned the Five Treasures Bible to Ming Shu without any hesitation.

This meant that he couldn’t afford to take the dowry. He wanted to break off the engagement.

Ming Shu was not willing to do it. She threw the Five Treasures Bible back. “You have accepted it already. There is no such thing as returning it. Be a good boy and take it. It is precious.”

“I don’t want it.” Feng Bei threw the scripture back. I not only want to break off the engagement, but I want to run away from the marriage too!

“You have no choice.”

The Five Treasures Bible was then thrown around by them. The people surrounding them followed the movement of the Five Treasures Bible and looked a lot like idiots.


The Five Treasures Bible was s.n.a.t.c.hed in the air. The person that s.n.a.t.c.hed it said in a strange tone, “Since you all don’t want it, I shall take it. If Leader Mu is willing, I can marry you and you can be my thirteenth concubine.”

“Gui Li.”

Someone from outside shouted and then these people retreated as though they had seen a ghost.

The person in front of them… half of his face really looked like a ghost’s.

Gui Li?

Don’t know him.

He s.n.a.t.c.hed her dowry. She must beat him to death.

Feng Bei’s expression was cold too. He looked at the person opposite him quietly.

13th concubine?

How dare he say that!

How can my girl be your concubine? F**k, you must not know what death feels like!

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