Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 350 - : The Daily Life Of A Good Person (33)

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Chapter 350: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (33)

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Ming Shu brought Feng Bei out for a meal. There were many people at the restaurant. Hence, even though Ming Shu was hungry, she had to wait.

Lots of people walked past them. Occasionally, someone would glance at them and size them up as though they were trying to figure them out.

Although her arrest warrant was dismissed, there would still be people eyeing her Five Treasures Bible.

Also, with the things that she did before, Ming Shu was quite “famous.”

The dishes were served. She focused on eating her food and didn’t bother with those people.


“What the s.h.i.t! Are you crazy? I only said a few words. Do you have to flare up?”

“Who asked you to say it! Who asked you to say it!”

“Isn’t it just selling her body? She has slept with how many people already? What is there to remain silent about? Do you still want to fight? Come on! I have detested you for a long time, ever since you wanted to die for a courtesan!”

The two people started fighting suddenly without any warning.

There were many people in the restaurant. When the two of them started fighting, they would inevitably hurt others. The short-tempered ones had already taken their weapons and entered the fight.

Ming Shu and Feng Bei sat in a corner. They were not affected much.

Ming Shu watched and ate at the same time. So casual.


A blade slashed through the window and struck straight at Ming Shu. Ming Shu got up immediately and pulled up the table filled with food along with her, dodging the blade.

Yue Gan jumped in from the window and grabbed a sword. He stabbed the sword toward Ming Shu.

The blade didn’t hurt Ming Shu, but it stabbed into the table.

The fragile table broke into halves and all the plates smashed into pieces. The food on them all fell to the floor.

Ming Shu: “…”

You can hurt me but you can’t touch my snacks! I’ll beat you to death!

Ming Shu grabbed the chair and threw it at Yue Gan. After that, she leaped out and kicked Yue Gan in the stomach.

Yue Gan was forced back and took a second to recover before charging at her again. His blade stabbed into the air and struck against something hard. Yue Gan didn’t see how Ming Shu dodged the attack. He was thrown out of the window.

Yue Gan quickly got up and didn’t continue fighting with Ming Shu; he instead retreated with his qinggong.

“Be careful.” Feng Bei pulled Ming Shu, who was preparing to chase him.

Yue Gan appeared out of the blue and disappeared after performing a few attacks. This felt as though he was trying to lure her somewhere.

Ming Shu didn’t care about this. Anyone that wasted her snacks would not be able to run away.

Feng Bei couldn’t hold Ming Shu back and could only follow her.

Yue Gan moved very fast. He twisted and turned on the small paths and finally disappeared into a house. Ming Shu jumped in without any hesitation.

If I don’t kill this goblin who wasted my food, where will my face go!

I will kill the goblin no matter what.

Yes, I must beat him!

The courtyard was very quiet. The ground was covered with snow, but there were no footprints on it. It was as if Yue Gan never entered at all.

Feng Bei was a step behind her. He jumped in from outside and grabbed her hand. “Don’t be impulsive.”

“Let go.” I want to kill that goblin which wasted my food.

Feng Bei: “…” I am helping you!

F**k, you just entered so impulsively. If you meet with an ambush, don’t cry.

Ming Shu looked over and Feng Bei angrily released his hand. I will not save you at all.

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Ming Shu broke a tree branch along the way and shook off the snow on it. She waved the branch and walked forward.

Nie Shuang gave a signal and the people standing on the wall suddenly took out their bows.


Hidden weapons and arrows shot towards their target, Ming Shu.

Ming Shu’s smile widened. She rushed toward Nie Shuang quickly. When she neared Nie Shuang, the speed of the arrows would decrease.

Nie Shuang wanted to retaliate, but she realized that Ming Shu’s target was not her. It was Yue Gan.

Ming Shu had been practicing the Five Treasures Bible with Feng Bei recently and her ability increased profoundly.

Yue Gan was pinned onto the ground after a few rounds. Nie Shuang might actually care for Yue Gan because she asked the people to stop attacking.

Ming Shu pinned Yue Gan down and hit him. “Do you know how shameful it is to waste food?”

Nie Shuang: ???

What is that woman saying?

After she was finished with Yue Gan, Ming Shu raised her head and looked at Nie Shuang. She showed off her teeth and gave a bright smile. “Now, it’s your turn.”

The lady in the snow slowly got up.

Nie Shuang felt her heart had stopped. She felt a terror from within her. She couldn’t be bothered about Yue Gan and shouted uncontrollably, “Shoot the arrows, kill her! Kill her!”

Lots of arrows shot toward, Ming Shu, but they only lasted for one volley. After that, the arrows disappeared.

Nie Shuang looked at the surroundings in shock. “wWhat happened? I told you all to kill…”

Her voice stopped suddenly.

The people that were shooting the arrows were being knocked down one by one. They slammed into the ground and let out blunt sounds.

There were only a few people left on the wall. They replaced the rest of the people as though they were G.o.ds from h.e.l.l.

“Seven Stars of the Big Dipper… they are from the Seven Stars Hall,” the person beside Nie Shuang muttered.

The clan’s name came from the seven stars of the Big Dipper. In the Seven Stars Hall, they were the most powerful, second only to the hall master

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