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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 35 - League of Poor Students (12)

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Chapter 35: League of Poor Students (12)

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What was a drama?

In her memory, a drama was a kind of grandiose performance that she couldn’t understand.

Ming Shu didn’t understand the reason for Jin Yuqi to sign up for her, but she knew it mustn’t be good.

Would I be afraid of that?

The merrier it is, the more entertaining it will be.

Not understanding why Ming Shu promised the head of the Cultural Committee, Ye Miaomiao, holding her hand, asked Ming Shu, “Mengmeng, you didn’t sign up in person. Why did you agree?”

“It’s just a drama. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Ming Shu opened her chips, speaking slowly but arrogantly. “I’m the Goblin of Acting. If they play a drama game with me, I will thoroughly defeat them.”

“Mengmeng, you haven’t acted in a drama before,” Ye Miaomiao said nervously. “It’s more difficult than you imagine.”

Ming Shu patted Ye Miaomiao on the shoulder, a smile on her face. “Don’t worry, there’s nothing that I can’t deal with.”


Ming Shu didn’t worry at all, but Ye Miaomiao was extremely concerned.

Ye Miaomiao put her hand against her forehead for a while. Finally, she sighed and signed up too.

She couldn’t let Mengmeng be bullied by others.

After school, Ming Shu went to the playground and found the two followers already there.

Seeing her coming, the two ran to her, smiling with flattery. “Sister-in-law, we’ll clean the playground for you. You needn’t come anymore. Don’t worry, we’ll complete the task well.”

“Who is your sister-in-law?” Ming Shu smiled. “I’ll hit you if you call me that again.”

“…” Our Big Brother likes you, aren’t you our sister-in-law? Or are you Big Sister?the two thought.

Ming Shu glanced at the two followers; the two lowered their heads. Okay, since she said so, she wasn’t their sister-in-law. Anyhow, they listened to their Big Brother.

Ming Shu played the role of the witch who curses the princess. She didn’t need to show up in the performance for a long time, so most of the time she sat there and ate while the others were rehearsing.

Jin Yuqi joined the drama too. But amazingly, she didn’t make trouble for Ming Shu and rehea.r.s.ed seriously.

Maybe because of Jin Yuqi’s deliberate guidance, all of others isolated Ming Shu. Fortunately, Ye Miaomiao was there too, so Ming Shu wouldn’t be so bored as to make trouble for them.

“h.e.l.lo, Grandmother, what are you doing?”

“I’m spinning. You see, it’s very interesting. Do you want to try?”

Now, the scene they were rehearsing was that the princess was on her fifteenth birthday and was about to enter a deep sleep because she was stabbed by a spindle’s needle.

The princess was Jin Yuqi. Although she wasn’t a professional actress, Jin Yuqi’s acting skills were good. She could act well without any special

Even the teacher who inspected them nodded to themself, showing satisfaction toward Jin Yuqi.

When Jin Yuqi was holding the spindle prop, a person rushed toward Jin Yuqi angrily. “Jin Yuqi, why did you occupy our cla.s.sroom?”

The rehearsal was interrupted; everyone looked at the girl student who rushed in just now.

“Is she the Qian Duoduo from Cla.s.s F? Why is she making trouble for Yuqi again? She ruined Yuqi’s uniform before and Yuqi forgave her. Shouldn’t she feel grateful to Yuqi? I don’t know where her courage comes from.”

“Alas, such ugly ducklings always think themselves swans that could one day fly.”

“I don’t know why she’s so confident. She is so shameless and even thinks Senior Jiang will like her. Senior Jiang matches our Yuqi well, they should be a couple…”

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A good show was coming.

Jin Yuqi deliberately hid her hand behind back, which gave the impression that she didn’t want the boy to see it. But on the contrary, this action drew his attention. “Your hand is injured?”

“It’s fine.” Jin Yuqi shook her head with a normal expression, deliberately keeping distance between herself and the boy.

“Senior Jiang, she pushed Yuqi just now,” a nearby girl said.

Senior Jiang looked at Qian Duoduo, his face becoming indifferent.

Under Senior Jiang’s stare, Qian Duoduo shook her head and explained incoherently, “No… I…”

Jin Yuqi had fallen down before she put forth her power.

Qian Duoduo looked at Jin Yuqi and saw scorn on her face. She immediately understood what had happened just now. Pointing at Jin Yuqi, she said furiously, “You’re framing me!”

That she ruined Jin Yuqi’s uniform before was also set up by Jin Yuqi. But everyone said it was her fault and believed Jin Yuqi’s story.

“We all saw that you pushed Yuqi, are we all framing you?” Jin Yuqi didn’t need to argue: her cla.s.smates would speak for her.

“I didn’t.” Qian Duoduo’s face became red with worry; she felt aggrieved and sad. Compared with the others’ scolding, Senior Jiang’s gaze made her sadder.

“Qian Duoduo, apologize to Yuqi,” Senior Jiang said in a deep voice.

Qian Duoduo’s face became pale at once. He also doesn’t believe me.

“Ahem!” Ming Shu coughed, which drew everyone’s attention successfully. Then she stood up and walked to the middle of the crowd under their stares.

Why did she also insert herself into this?

As soon as Ming Shu showed up, Jin Yuqi became nervous.

Qian Duoduo was the original female protagonist when Jin Yuqi read the book. But now, when she saw Ming Shu, she had an unfortunate premonition. However, she didn’t know the reason.

“I was bored just now, so I recorded a video. Let’s see it.” Ming Shu took out her cell phone, smiling.

Jin Yuqi glanced at the place Ming Shu came from. That direction…

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