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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 348 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (31)

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Chapter 348: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (31)

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Once they entered the room, Feng Bei started undressing.

“Hall Master Feng, what are you doing bright and early in the day?” Ming Shu leaned against the table and looked at him as she raised her eyebrows. “It is not good to do such things in plain daylight, right?”

Feng Bei didn’t care about this and continued undressing. He revealed his st.u.r.dy chest.

“Touch me.”

Ming Shu was confused. “Did they gave you some weird medicine to eat again?”

Veins started appearing on his forehead.

He wasn’t trying to say anything obscene!

Feng Bei walked over and grabbed Ming Shu’s hand. He put it against his body.

The hot fingers touched his cold skin and a strange reaction occurred. Feng Bei’s body started to react uncontrollably.

He felt awkward and glanced at Ming Shu carefully. When he saw that she had no reaction, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He cleared his throat. “You should have noticed, right?”

Ming Shu pulled his clothes up. “The second half of the Five Treasures Bible is with you.”

Feng Bei choked. His tone was very adverse. “How do you know?”

He hadn’t even said anything yet.

“Is it very hard to guess? All you lacked was to write it on your face. I am not stupid.” The first time there was something wrong with her body, she felt much better after touching him.

The feeling was more obvious the past few days. After they slept together, not only was she not uncomfortable, she felt an improvement in her power.

She had suspected that the Five Treasures Bible was not complete. Now that she met Feng Bei, the rest was not hard to guess.

Feng Bei felt furious after being jeered at for no reason.

After he cursed in his heart, Feng Bei tidied his clothes. “To be more exact, you had the second half. I have the first half.

“The Five Treasures Bible is split into Yin and Yang. The first half is Yin while the second half is Yang. If a person practiced their corresponding trait, there wouldn’t be many issues. The only thing that would be affected would be the speed of practice. However, if the trait was wrong… Our situation now is an example. You should be practicing the first half…”

Ming Shu looked at him calmly. “Then?”

Feng Bei didn’t hesitate. “We have been practicing it wrong from the start. The only way is to…”

He closed in on Ming Shu and whispered in her ear.

“Are you sure you didn’t lie to me in order to do something with me?”

Feng Bei gave a cold face. His tone was serious. “I am not that kind of person. Also, I will not play around with my life. If you are not willing to do it, I can think of something else.”

Toward the end, he added on, “If we can’t combine our internal power in time, we will both die.”

Ming Shu laughed. “Then let’s die. Are you afraid?”

“Are you not?”

Ming Shu shook her head.

Feng Bei looked at the lady who was smiling gently. He really didn’t seem to know what she was afraid of. It was as though there was nothing that could scare her in this world.

Although Ming Shu didn’t accept Feng Bei’s proposal. she didn’t throw him out when he went over that night. She just mocked him for a while.

That was an improvement!

Keep calm, I can win this.

These kinds of days seemed common but extra lively.

On the first snow of winter, Ming Shu received a long-awaited piece of news.

Someone saw Nie Shuang.

“It is snowing so heavily… Are you still going to go out?” Feng Bei saw Ming Shu packing up and stood by the door to look at her.

“I am going out for a date.” Here I come, Hatred Points!

Feng Bei felt as though he was struck by lightning. “You are going out for a date? With who?”

I didn’t notice her being close with anyone these past couple of days!

Why is she suddenly going out on a date!

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“Not you.” You have no Hatred Points to give me. I will not date people who don’t have Hatred Points to give me.

Orchid City was some distance away from the Five Treasures Immortal Clan. Feng Bei was the one guiding the horse. Ming Shu did almost nothing. She hugged Feng Bei and rubbed against him. “How much longer?”

She was really hungry.

“Almost.” Feng Bei pulled the cloak and prevented the wind from blowing into her face. He slowed down the pace. “Are you cold?”

“Take care of yourself.” Her body was as hot as a furnace. She was not cold at all.

“…” I am worried about you!

Why are you scolding me for being worried about you?

Feng Bei was sultry as he picked up the pace. Ming Shu hugged him conveniently and pa.s.sed her body heat into him.

Once they reached Orchid City, Ming Shu abandoned Feng Bei and went to the restaurant at her fastest speed.

Feng Bei asked the waiter to look after the horse and then entered the restaurant.

The restaurant was very warm. Feng Bei found Ming Shu’s room and sat in a chair to rest. His face was slightly pale, but no one knew if it was because of the wind or because he was not feeling well.

Ming Shu glanced at him. “What happened?”

Feng Bei shook his head and stretched out his hand to pour himself a gla.s.s of water.

He felt someone stuff a cup into his hand. It was the one that Ming Shu was holding. It was only half-filled as she had drunk some of it already.

Feng Bei didn’t mind it and gulped down the cup of hot tea.

The waiter sent up the dishes very quickly. Ming Shu didn’t touch any of it. When the waiter left, she moved the chair to Feng Bei’s side and touched his forehead.

“I am okay.” Feng Bei pulled her hand down.

Ming Shu leaned on his body and kissed him. Feng Bei had not been kissed like this and was a bit shocked. Most of the time, he was the one taking the initiative and sometimes even had to take a beating because of it. It was all tears and hardship.

Her body was like a furnace, dissipating the coldness in his body.

Ming Shu felt that he was not that cold anymore and left him. She scooped up a bowl of soup and placed it in his hand. “I will take you to the physician later. I don’t want to take care of you. If you continue to act strong, you will sleep on the road.”

Although she didn’t know how he got sick, Ming Shu felt that the little demon did it on purpose. With a body like his, how could he get sick?

There is no way you will be able to get my snacks!

“Oh.” Feng Bei held the bowl of soup dizzily.

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