Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 347 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (30)

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Chapter 347: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (30)

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Ming Shu felt that she lost to the low-level storyline.

Hence, when Feng Bei woke up, he saw the magnificent scene of all the disciples copying their clan’s rules.

It was very cruel… Most of the disciples had never studied before and copying words almost cost them their lives.

You deserve it!

Feng Bei gritted his teeth loudly. He slept just like that and when he woke up, the person that he slept with wasn’t there at all.

When he found Ming Shu, she was in her study hugging a colorful rice ball in a daze.

Feng Bei stared at the colorful rice ball. Little Beastie bit onto the snacks wrapped up in paper, jumped down from Ming Shu’s body, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Ming Shu suddenly stood up.

She wanted to grab Little Beastie, but when she saw him, she stopped her action forcefully and held onto the table while looking at him. “Good morning, Hall Master Feng.”

Feng Bei hugged his cloak as he entered. He looked as though he was in a bad mood. “What do you mean?”


“Last night…”* You know.*

However, Ming Shu just smiled slightly. “What are you saying?”

She gave an innocent and pure look as though she really didn’t understand what Feng Bei was saying.

Feng Bei grabbed his cloak tighter. F**k, she doesn’t want to admit it!

What do you take me for? You want to sleep with me for granted! No way!

Feng Bei looked up and said angrily, “Do you need me to recall the details of last night for you?”

Ming Shu sat down calmly. “Did something happen between us last night?”

“Mu Ling!” Feng Bei rushed forward. A table was between them. He leaned forward and faced the lady opposite him. “We slept together yesterday.”

Ming Shu was shocked. “Why don’t I remember anything? Did you sleep with some lady from our clan?”

Feng Bei: “…”

What the h.e.l.l!

Angry. So angry that I don’t want to scold her anymore.

“Leader Mu really learned well from her disciples.”

Feng Bei took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. However, he still mocked her.

He regretted immediately after saying those words, but when he remembered her att.i.tude, he became confident again.

Who asked her to deny it!

Bad girl!

Ming Shu was not angry. She just raised her hand and grabbed his chin. “I thought that you had forgotten everything that happened last night, but it seems like your memory was quite good even under those circ.u.mstances.

Feng Bei was shocked. He stepped back. Last night… he should have forgotten everything.

Ming Shu’s fingers wavered in the air and she retracted her hand. Her fingers brushed the surface of the table and landed on a book. “I think that a night with you must be quite expensive. Why don’t I use this to pay for it?”

Ming Shu pa.s.sed the book to him.

Feng Bei’s gaze landed on the familiar Five Treasures Bible. His mouth twitched.

His one night could only be exchanged for a personally written Five Treasures Bible?

Am I that cheap?

“I don’t want it.” Feng Bei flicked the book away and said shamelessly, “I am your man now. You need to be responsible for me.”

I have already slept with you. If I still can’t complete my mission, I am not going to live anymore.

“Responsible? Hall Master Feng, if we really a.n.a.lyze it, you were the one who appeared in my room. Why do I need to be responsible?”* I will not. Hit me!*

I’ll anger you to death.

Feng Bei suddenly became quiet. His expression became hopeless and he opened his mouth. “Even… even if we were so close already, you still don’t like me?”

Ming Shu squinted her eyes slightly and said, “Take it as I am unlucky.”

Feng Bei: “…”* I am the one that is unlucky!*


“What do you mean?”

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Ming Shu explained, “I am just irritated that those people outside kept giving me young men to sleep with. Just great, you appeared and I can use you to shut their mouths. Don’t think too much. I don’t like you.”

“Hall Master Feng, can you help us plead with our leader?”

Since pleading with Ming Shu didn’t work, they could only start aiming at Ming Shu’s new love, Feng Bei.

Feng Bei acted as a hall master. “You all schemed against me. I have not found you all…”

“Sigh, I am almost done. I will go first.”

“I think I can still copy a few more times.”

The disciples muttered and dispersed. Feng Bei stood alone in the corridor. The cold wind slammed into his body. It was very cold.

Feng Bei went back into the room. Ming Shu was sitting on the door ledge, eating candied haws. He didn’t know who bought it for her. The Five Treasures Immortal Clan was some distance away from the nearest town. Even if you flew there, you would need half a day.

The red candied haws made her lips appear bright and watery. It looked very appetizing.

Feng Bei sat beside her and wanted to bite the candied haws.

Ming Shu shifted the candied haws to her side. Feng Bei bit into the air. His lips touched the corner of Ming Shu’s lips.

They looked at each other. Ming Shu’s eyes were always filled with smiles. It was so gentle and pure it seemed fake.


Feng Bei wanted to get closer, but Ming Shu shifted to the side and continued eating her candied haws. Feng Bei licked his lips. “Leader.”

“Don’t have. I will not give you any. If you want some, buy it yourself.”

Feng Bei: “…” Who wants to eat your candied haws!

He watched as Ming Shu finished her candied haws. Just as he was going to speak, Ming Shu suddenly tilted her head and kissed him. The next moment, something sweet and sour was pushed into his mouth.

Ming Shu smiled and let him go. “I’ll let you try some.”

Feng Bei’s heart beat really fast. F**k, is she purposely seducing me?

Feng Bei chewed on the candied haw and swallowed it. There really was only a little bit of it. He could only get a taste and then it disappeared. Thrifty.

There was no difference on Feng Bei’s face. “I have something to tell you.”

“Say it.”

“Let’s talk inside.”

Ming Shu looked at him. “What? Is it something not fit to be seen?”

Feng Bei grabbed her and dragged her into the room, closing the door on the way in.

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