Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 344 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (27)

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Chapter 344: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (27)

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Although Mu Changfeng was powerful, they still managed to surround him one time. Mu Changfeng fought his way out but before he could do anything else, his ident.i.ty as the leader of Five Treasures got exposed.

All his women were grounded by their clans and they could no longer provide him with any a.s.sistance. Under these circ.u.mstances, he was saved by Wei Yunrou.

Wei Yunrou was a disciple of the Medicine King Valley. Her looks were not bad but she was very tall. When she wore male clothing, she would often be mistaken for a man.

When Mu Changfeng and Wei Yunrou first met, Wei Yunrou was wearing male clothes. Mu Changfeng thought that Wei Yunrou was a man so he didn’t shy away when doing a lot of things.

However, Wei Yunrou was a woman. After interacting with Mu Changfeng, she started to fall in love with him.

Mu Changfeng found out that she was a woman not long after, but he didn’t like girls like Wei Yunrou. Hence, he left the Medicine King Valley quietly after realizing that Wei Yunrou had feelings for him.

Wei Yunrou didn’t give up and chased Mu Changfeng profusely.

Mu Changfeng had no feelings toward Wei Yunrou. Every time Mu Changfeng was with another woman, Wei Yunrou would suddenly appear.

Toward the end, she got worse. She even asked the people from the martial arts world to surround him and then appeared and saved him.

Wei Yunrou was Mu Changfeng’s savior. He couldn’t do anything to her. He could only hide.

Such things continued for a long time. Mu Changfeng was being chased but he didn’t forget to flirt with women.


Mu Changfeng met a lady.

The lady had a normal background. She was the daughter of the merchant Jia family.

After Mu Changfeng met her, he stopped contacting his other women and only wanted to be with this lady.

Wei Yunrou realized that there was something different about Mu Changfeng. She was jealous of the lady.

Her love for Mu Changfeng had become distorted. She told herself that if he didn’t like her, he couldn’t like anyone else either.

Hence, Wei Yunrou found to annihilate the Jia family. The lady managed to escape, but when Mu Changfeng found her, she was mentally unstable.

However, Wei Yunrou didn’t plan to let the lady go. She took the chance when Mu Changfeng was not around and tortured the lady furiously.

When Mu Changfeng came back, all he saw was the cold body of the lady.

Not only that, Wei Yunrou suddenly caught all the women that Mu Changfeng was close to and forced him to save all of them.

No one knew what happened after Mu Changfeng saw Wei Yunrou. When they arrived, all they saw was him killing Wei Yunrou.

After that, Mu Changfeng started killing innocent civilians and everyone became scared. They gathered together and surrounded Mu Changfeng. Finally, they managed to injure him seriously, but he was saved by someone at the last moment.

From that moment, Mu Changfeng never appeared again.

The Five Treasures Immortal Clan and the Five Treasures Bible disappeared too.

Wei Yunrou was a member of the Medicine King Valley. Medicine King Valley was a righteous clan. The leader of the Medicine King Valley pleaded with everyone and asked them to keep quiet about this.

Wei Yunrou was already dead. For the sake of the dignity of the righteous clan, most people agreed to the proposal.

They pushed all the blame onto Mu Changfeng.

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He was the one that killed all the civilians and they had to kill him in order to maintain order in the martial arts world.

Wei Yunrou laughed strangely. “I was the one that kidnapped all the women last time. However, do you all think that I can kidnap so many people all by myself?”

Everyone’s expressions grew complicated. People who were not guilty were puzzled and started guessing boldly. Those that were guilty either shouted at Wei Yunrou to shut up or tried to mask their presence.

Wei Yunrou was already crazy. She wanted to take revenge on everyone. “It was all thanks to the help of some leaders. Without you all, I would not be able to capture so many women and lure Mu Changfeng out.”

“You all must be thinking, W hy would they do this? Hahahaha… they wanted the Five Treasures Bible and I wanted Mu Changfeng. Hence, we decided to collaborate.”

“Shut up, you demon!”

“Shut up? Why must I shut up! You all caused Mu Changfeng to die. You changed my poison!”

Wei Yunrou didn’t want Mu Changfeng’s to die. She just wanted to plant some love venom in him and make him fall in love with her.

However, she didn’t expect them to change her poison. They wanted to kill Mu Changfeng and s.n.a.t.c.h the Five Treasures Bible.

The scene of Mu Changfeng killing her happened because she was attacked by Mu Changfeng. Someone saw it and didn’t dare to come near. Hence, it looked as though he killed her.

Luckily, she had a fake-death venomous insect on her and it saved her life.

Ming Shu asked, “Normal people would not be able to control the venomous insect. How can they change your venomous insect?”

Wei Yunrou laughed weirdly. “Because the Medicine King Valley also took part in it? If not, why are they afraid of making this issue known to everyone? Do you think that they did it because of me? No way. They are afraid that if it leaks out, someone will find it strange and will investigate the matter.”

“You all really know how to play!”

Ming Shu’s weird comment made everyone puzzled.

There was no anger or hatred in her tone. There was only a hint of a smile, as though she was just making a pa.s.sing remark.

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