Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 343 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (26)

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Chapter 343: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (26)

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What did the people with the surname Mu do to you? You will be beaten to death if you say such things.

“Little girl, don’t accuse me of not giving you a chance. Give me the Five Treasures Bible now and I will let you have a more peaceful death.”

Ming Shu opened her arms. “Please let me die a terrible death!”

Let death come down hard on me!

[…] Guest will be beaten to death one day. This is good.

The woman was vigilant about Ming Shu’s strange appeal so she didn’t order people to attack her. “I am curious as to why you are still fine now?”

She had poisoned the air. Anyone would get poisoned if they breathed or come into contact with the air.

“I am too powerful.” Ming Shu smiled triumphantly.

Little Beastie hummed angrily inside Ming Shu’s sleeve. Continue boasting. Let’s see if you can still boast the next time if I didn’t help you.

Little Beastie always made such promises but when the moment arrived, it would obediently help Ming Shu once she promised it a complete Manchu-Han banquet.

Ming Shu ignored Little Beastie. She smiled at the woman and urged her to kill her. “Are you not coming? I am giving you a chance. I will not retaliate.”

Feng Bei: “…” Why is she not scared at all? Is she really not afraid of dying?

So angry!

The woman got angry from the provocation. “Catch this little girl!”

“Wei Yunrou,” Feng Bei suddenly said. He slowly raised his hand and grabbed the woman’s wrist to stop her. “You will not touch a hair on her head.”

The people on the ground heard the name Wei Yunrou and were shocked.

“Wei Yunrou from the Medicine King Valley?”

“Isn’t she dead?”

“I personally saw Mu Changfeng killing her that time. Why is she still alive? Could Hall Master Feng have recognized the wrong person?”

Feng Bei did not make any mistake. The information that Tian Shu gave would never be wrong.

Wei Yunrou looked at the people discussing and didn’t refute them. She jeered at Feng Bei. “Why do you still care for her when she doesn’t even bother with you?”

“How is it that she doesn’t care about me?” Feng Bei’s voice was clear and he answered blatantly, “She is willing to burn the Five Treasures Bible as a tribute to me. How many people are willing to give the Five Treasures Bible to other people as a tribute?”

Feng Bei could only lie to himself this way.

At least the Five Treasures Bible was very precious. It was very precious to him too.

Wei Yunrou choked and got furious. Her eyes were filled with hatred. “She wants you to die. She doesn’t care about you.”

“She does!”

Whatever! She cares about me!

Feng Bei turned on his deaf mode.

“Mu Changfeng had many ladies under his arm and his daughter has many guys under her wing. You two are indeed blood-related. It makes me sick.” Wei Yunrou didn’t argue with Feng Bei. “I didn’t manage to kill him personally. Today, I will personally kill his daughter.”

“Medicine King Valley.” Ming Shu smiled and jumped down. “So that was what Villa Head Nie was trying to say.”

She pa.s.sed by a hunk and took the sword that was lying beside him. “You can make killing me your life goal, but you will have to die with regret.”

Ming Shu suddenly disappeared. The sword cut through the air and appeared in front of Wei Yunrou within a split second.

Wei Yunrou was shocked. She pushed Feng Bei onto Ming Shu’s sword.

The sword changed direction and stabbed into the air. Feng Bei was pulled back by Wei Yunrou to use as a shield. Feng Bei felt the world spinning around him and before he knew it, he was in Ming Shu’s arms. The sword blocked the white cloth that Wei Yunrou shot out from her sleeves.

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The sword moved and cut the white cloth into pieces. The pieces of cloth fluttered in the air.

Feng Bei didn’t deny it. He was the hall master of Seven Stars Hall. That time, he had no one with him because he sent them out to find the Five Treasures Bible.

“Maybe they disappeared just at that moment?”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows and there seemed to be lights in her eyes. “You can save yourself.”

With Feng Bei’s ninja skills, why did he need her to save him? Is he joking?

Feng Bei was in a dilemma.

Did he appear too powerful, such that she felt that he could save himself without her help?

Ming Shu regained her stamina and pulled the chair outside. She sat down with a manly posture. “Since all of us are here, let’s listen to some stories. The story will start twenty years ago and whoever that tells the best story will get the Five Treasures Bible! If you all don’t want to tell me anything, you can continue lying there. I have acquired some things while searching Wei Yunrou’s body. Although I don’t know what they are, I think that they will make you all continue lying on the floor.”

Everyone: “…”

They suddenly suspected that the Five Treasures Bible was just a normal book.

If not, why would its owner suddenly give a lesson about it?

When she didn’t manage to teach them, it became a gift.

Had she ever considered the feelings of the Five Treasures Bible?

The first part was similar to what Villa Head Nie said. The fact that Mu Changfeng had the Five Treasures Bible was leaked out and in order to get the Five Treasures Bible, more and more women get near him. But, no one managed to find the Five Treasures Bible.

However, one day, Mu Changfeng started killing people. No one saw him in action but the wounds on the corpses were similar to the technique that Mu Changfeng practiced.

Mu Changfeng explained that he didn’t kill these people, but people kept getting killed the same way and he would always appear coincidently near the crime scene.

To find the truth, they decided to try and capture Mu Changfeng.

But, Mu Changfeng was cunning and powerful. Most people were put down the moment they saw him.

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