Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 342 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (25)

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Chapter 342: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (25)

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“Have a seat, Leader.”

“Have some tea, Leader.”

“Have some snacks, Leader.”

The disciples brought out tables, chairs, tea, and snacks. They even stood beside Ming Shu with fans in their hands.

Everyone was puzzled. They didn’t know what Ming Shu wanted to do.

Ming Shu positioned herself like a big boss and said softly, “Don’t you all want the Five Treasures Bible?”

The words “Five Treasures Bible” were like drugs. A great many people looked at her with greediness in their expressions.

Ming Shu took out the crumpled Five Treasures Bible and threw it on the table. “Let’s learn it together today.”


Someone fell off their chair in fright.

What kind of development is this?

“If we want to be strong, everyone must be strong together. If not, it will not be fair.” Ming Shu said seriously, “Good things are meant to be shared. Don’t you all agree?”

Yes… your head!

If everyone knows it, it will not be precious anymore.

“If everyone is ready, I will start reading it now.” Ming Shu flipped the book open and started reading it word for word. Her voice was clear like a school teacher’s.

Everyone was furious! Shut your mouth!

They were not ready at all. They all wanted the Five Treasures Bible, but they did not want to learn it with everyone.

“Leader Mu!”

Someone shouted and stopped her.

Ming Shu looked at the person and smiled. “If you don’t want to learn, you can get out.”

“Who knows if you are reading the right things?” The person didn’t get out. Instead, he moved forward. “You killed so many people from the Half Moon Villa. Do you want to kill us too? Don’t be fooled by her. She must be scheming something.”

After the person finished speaking, a few people immediately stood up and agreed.

“How can the devil be so kind. She must have something up her sleeve.”

“Be careful, everyone, don’t be fooled by her.”

“Drag these people out,” Ming Shu ordered the disciples.

“Okay, Leader.”

The disciples went down obediently and caught those people. Everyone started attacking and someone even moved toward Ming Shu to s.n.a.t.c.h the Five Treasures Bible. Others also tried to save their Alliance Master.

Ming Shu was a step faster than them. She held the Alliance Master as a hostage and said, “I think that it will be better if all of you stop moving. Of course, if you all don’t care about your leader, please continue.”

The Alliance Master wanted to cry.

Ming Shu smiled. Everyone felt as though they were looking at a daughter from a rich and well-mannered family instead of a devil.

No one could disregard their Alliance Master. They needed to maintain their reputations. Hence, these people retreated unwillingly.

“Amitabha, Miss Mu, what is it that you want to know?” The monk stepped out again. He had a clear mind.

Ming Shu pushed the Alliance Master back and sat on the table. She pressed her hand against the Five Treasures Bible and smiled. She tilted her head. “How did Mu Changfeng die twenty years ago?”

The people below became quiet.

After a long time, the monk closed his eyes and said, “Amitabha.”

“That year…”

The monk was going to say something but suddenly, his expression changed. He fell onto the floor. Everyone else fell too.

Although they were lying on the floor, they were still conscious.

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“Devil, how dare you poison us.”

Anyone could see that Feng Bei was captured. However, whether it was real or not…

Ming Shu rubbed her wrist. She looked at the people that couldn’t move and smiled. “The culprit of the Half Moon Villa is here. Why are you all not shouting your catchphrases?”

Everyone: “…” We don’t understand what you’re saying.

They looked toward the woman. They didn’t recognize her.

The woman’s vicious gaze landed on Ming Shu. She didn’t deny what Ming Shu said. After a while, she said in a strange tone, “I didn’t expect Mu Changfeng to have a daughter like you.”

The things that happened today were out of her expectation. She didn’t want to reveal herself so early, but she was afraid Mu Ling might really teach these people the Five Treasures Bible.

Ming Shu smiled. “Am I so clever that I scared you?”

“You are as shameless as Mu Changfeng.”

“Being shameless is much better than being shady like you.”

The woman’s eyes turned cold. A malicious intent surrounded her. She shouted furiously, “What do you know?!”

“I don’t know anything, so I need you to give me answers.” Ming Shu swung her legs. “If not, why did I force you to reveal yourself? To have tea with you?”

The woman sneered. “Give me the Five Treasures Bible!”

“Why should I give it to you?”

The woman turned back and grabbed Feng Bei’s neck. “If you don’t give it to me, I will kill him.”

Feng Bei looked at Ming Shu and actually felt nervous.

“Kill him then.” Ming Shu was not the least worried. She even smiled. “Kill him and I will destroy the Five Treasures Bible. He wants it anyway so I will give it to him as a tribute.”

The woman was surprised. “Do you not care about him?”

Ming Shu tilted her head. Her voice was clear. “I’ll use the Five Treasures Bible to pay tribute to him, how is this not caring about him?”

Feng Bei: “…” He didn’t think that this was a sign of care and concern.

The woman suddenly laughed. “Hahahaha, you are indeed as cold-blooded as Mu Changfeng. Everyone that has the surname ‘Mu’ is a bad person.”

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