Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 341 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (24)

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Chapter 341: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (24)

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In a restaurant…

A big hunk was playing a finger-guessing game while drinking with his friend. The atmosphere was lively. They talked loudly.

The clatter of horse’s hoofs got nearer. A shadow rushed in from outside. It went straight to the drinking table.

The people at the drinking table noticed someone coming toward them and looked at the person.

The person took out a letter from his bag and pa.s.sed it to the hunk. “The martial arts world’s decree. Please proceed to the Alliance Master’s Mansion.”

The person left instantly after pa.s.sing the letter over.

“Hey…” The hunk chased after him but only managed to see the horse’s backside.

The hunk looked at the letter in his hand. It had the Alliance Master’s symbol on it. He was fully awake.

All the heroes in the martial arts world received the martial arts world decree from their Alliance Master in bright and sunny August.

Only the Alliance Master could use the martial arts world decree. It would only be used when there were important events happening.

Everyone remembered the recent events and thought that their leader wanted to gather everyone to tackle the Five Treasures Immortal Clan.

No one suspected anything. They all rushed to find their Alliance Master at the fastest speed.

There were people standing outside the residence. The people that arrived had to show them their martial arts world decree to enter the residence. They didn’t see their Alliance Master. They were taken to their rooms in the residence as they waited for the other people to arrive.

During this time, the Alliance Master was tied up in his study. Ming Shu had her leg propped up and was enjoying her snacks as she flipped through the ancient books on the Alliance Master’s table.

“Hall Master Feng.” The leader lowered down his voice and called Feng Bei.

There was a bookshelf between Ming Shu and the Alliance Master. Feng Bei was standing beside the window. Ming Shu was not able to see Feng Bei.

Feng Bei looked at the Alliance Master. The leader immediately asked, “Are you being threatened by this devil too?”

The Alliance Master felt frustrated.

Everything started from that night… Actually, there was nothing much to say. From the time the girl came to the moment he was tied up, everything lasted no more than a few minutes.

The people at the residence only realized he was captured after he was tied up.

“Why do you ask?” Did he look like he was being threatened?

The Alliance Master glanced at Ming Shu. She was in deep thought and didn’t notice what was happening over here. He whispered, “Hall Master Feng, all the people from the different clans are here. You can find an opportunity to contact them. The devil only has a few people. She will never be able to win over us.”

Feng Bei wanted to accept the Alliance Master’s suggestion but he couldn’t.

“You think that they can win over her?”

“The more people there are, the more powerful we will be. The Five Treasures Immortal Clan isn’t here. She is alone. We can definitely defeat her.” The Alliance Master said with experience, “Good will always win against evil.”

Feng Bei nodded.

The Alliance Master saw Feng Bei’s reaction and continued, “As long as Hall Master Feng helps, we can catch the devil.”

Pa .

A small sound came from the side. The Alliance Master winked at Feng Bei and swallowed the rest of his words.

A clear voice sounded in the room, “What did he say to you?”

Feng Bei turned around and betrayed the leader honestly, “The Alliance Master wants to contact the people outside to catch you.”

The Alliance Master was stunned. “Hall Master Feng, you…”

He understood what was happening and was furious. “She is a devil. Do you really want to be on the same side as her? Do you know what you are doing?”

“Of course I know.” He had two missions and they were all related to her! What could he do!

“Why didn’t you agree?”

“I know what I want.”

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He believed that she heard something. If he really agreed to the proposal, he would most likely be beaten up. He didn’t want to get beaten up.

“Come come, let me tie you up with your Alliance Master. You all can go through thick and thin together.”

The disciples rushed down and flaunted in front of everyone, showcasing their villainous characters to the fullest.

The b.u.mpkin heroes: “…”

Aren’t these devils too arrogant?

“Let go of the Alliance Master!”

Ming Shu smiled and said arrogantly, “If I don’t let him go, what can you all do? Come up and fight with me!”

“…” Why don’t you let go of the Alliance Master first! If you use him as your shield, who will dare to go up?

“Don’t be too arrogant, devil. All the heroes of the martial arts world are here. If you are that powerful, let the Alliance Master go and we will have a fair battle.” They had so many people. There was no way they couldn’t win against her.

“Fair battle? Do you think that I am stupid? You have so many people and I only have a few. How is that fair? You all can just attack me together. I would be dead.”

Ming Shu patted her chest as though she was scared. “Why are you all so treacherous?”

Everyone: “…” You hold our leader hostage. Who is more treacherous?

“Devil, today will be your last. Don’t think about running away!”

“I finally managed to gather all of you, why would I run?” Ming Shu promised sincerely, “Don’t worry, I will not run.”

A commotion arose below. What did she mean by finally managing to gather them here?

Did she order their Alliance Master to send out the martial arts world decree?

What did she gather them here for? To catch them all in one go?

They turned to look at their Alliance Master together.

Their leader was in distress. I was forced too!

“Amitabha.” A kind-looking monk suddenly placed his hands together. The people that were shouting suddenly shut up. The monk said, “Miss Mu, you abducted the martial arts world’s leader and gathered everyone here. What is your reason for doing this?”

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