Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 34 - League of Poor Students (11)

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Chapter 34: League of Poor Students (11)

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As for cleaning the playground, how could she do that. Ming Shu cleaned for a while and didn’t cover more than three square meters.

Ah, I’m so hungry!

“Lu Meng, you’re cleaning the playground?” Cheng Yan, with two cla.s.smates, came from the direction of the headmaster. He raised his eyebrows at Ming Shu and said, “When will you finish if you clean that way?”

The two boy students beside Cheng Yan stared into each other’s eyes and then looked at the girl student in front of them with curiosity. Our boss seems to be interested in her recently , they thought.

Did he fall in love with the straight-A student?

Boss, you’re not in the same world!

Ming Shu wanted to sweep these annoyances away.

“Headmaster, he’s bothering me about cleaning,” Ming Shu shouted to the headmaster, who was playing on his cell phone.

The headmaster looked up and saw Cheng Yan and two companions standing in front of Ming Shu. His face became gloomy at once. He walked toward them while shouting, “Cheng Yan, what are you doing?”

“…” Why do you complain as soon as you are displeased? Cheng Yan thought.

Ming Shu leaned against the broom and looked at him with a smile. Because you bothered me into missing my snacks.

“Headmaster, I want to help Lu Meng clean.” Before the headmaster came close, Cheng Yan made this request.

That shocked not only the headmaster but also his two companions.

Has our boss taken something before coming out today?

When had his worshipful hands wielded such a crude broom?

“Cheng Yan, what do you want to do?” The headmaster was confused. “How many times have you come to school this month? I’m telling you, the school will expel you if you continue.”

“So I came today,” Cheng Yan said. “Headmaster, it’s getting late. Lu Meng is a girl, it will be dangerous when she goes home later. How about I clean for her.”

The headmaster looked at the sky, then looked at the playground that Ming Shu hadn’t cleaned past the first three square meters, and finally looked at Cheng Yan who recommended himself just now. He thought for a while and said, “Quickly.”

Cheng Yan winked at Ming Shu and ordered his companions, “You two, clean the playground.”

“…” I just knew that our boss wouldn’t clean the playground himself , the two thought.

Ming Shu walked briskly through the playground, dragging the broom. Cheng Yan followed her closely. “Lu Meng, aren’t you going to thank me?”

“Why are you doing this? Tell me.” He’s suddenly kind to me. He must have a purpose. I should protect my snacks, Ming Shu thought.

… But the premise was that she had snacks now.

I’m hungry.

“Lu Meng, don’t be so indifferent. It’s just help among cla.s.smates.”

Ming Shu looked at him. Her eyes seemed to be full of water and glimmered softly, appearing warm. Under that gaze, Cheng Yan felt a little guilty.

Why do I feel guilty? I’ve done nothing!

He coughed and said, “Lu Meng, I think you need a boyfriend. If you had a boyfriend, he would solve that problem for you today. So how about I be your boyfriend?”

“En.” Ming Shu looked at the playground and said, “I need a follower. Do you want to be my follower?”

“…” What follower? I said boyfriend! Boyfriend! Cheng Yan was a little crazy and shouted in his mind.

Calm down!

Don’t be angry.

Cheng Yan leaned forward and his expression became more serious. “Lu Meng, don’t avoid my question. I’m talking with you seriously.”

Ming Shu put her hand against his chest and smiled slightly. “It’s a pity I don’t like you.”

Cheng Yan is strange.

I won’t be cheated by him.

“That you don’t like me now doesn’t mean you won’t like me in the future.” Cheng Yan smiled and was very confident. “I believe that you’ll like me.”

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Ming Shu shook her head, smiling. “Confidence is good. But don’t be overconfident, or you’ll suffer losses.”

Was she angry? Did she hate her?

It was right for her to be hateful.

Jin Yuqi didn’t stop looking at Ming Shu until the head teacher arrived. Then she sat down with a gloomy expression. Her desk-mate didn’t even dare speak.

Knocking on the desk, the head teacher said, “Be quiet. Each cla.s.s has to partic.i.p.ate in the Cultural Festival, so our cla.s.s is going to perform a drama,Sleeping Beauty . The head of the Cultural Committee is in charge of that. Everybody, join positively.”

“Ah… a drama again,” one student complained.

“Can we not join? It’s boring.” Another student complained too.

“Yeah, Teacher, can we not join.”

The head teacher patted the desk, looking a little unhappy. “No. Each cla.s.s has to partic.i.p.ate. You’d better hurry up and prepare.”

Unwillingness was clearly showing on these students’ faces. This cla.s.s was made up of straight-A students most of whom liked to study only.

So when the head of the Cultural Committee asked others to join, they all made excuses not to join.

With great effort, the head of the Cultural Committee gathered enough people with a carrot and stick.

This matter originally had nothing to do with Ming Shu. But when they were going to rehea.r.s.e, the head of the Cultural Committee called Ming Shu.

Ming Shu looked at the head of the Cultural Committee with confusion. “Me?”

“Mengmeng, when did you sign up?” Ye Miaomiao was confused too. She sat next to Ming Shu and never saw that Ming Shu had signed up.

“…” How could I know. Maybe I signed up when I was dreaming , Ming Shu thought.

The head of the Cultural Committee nodded. “Yes, you.”

Ming Shu looked at Jin Yuqi, who was watching her with a slight smile. Her resentment for Ming Shu was clear.

Ming Shu took a breath, then asked the head of the Cultural Committee with a smile, “What’s the role I’m going to play?”

“En… The witch who curses the princess.” The head of the Cultural Committee felt awkward. “Lu Meng, didn’t you fill in the form in person? In the past, you never joined us even when we called you. I didn’t expect that you would join us willingly this time.”

Lu Meng was quite odd recently. Now she had also joined the drama. It was unknown whether this was because she had been irritated by what happened on Postbar.

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